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An Exclusive Boxed Set Edition for The Strange RPG, bursting with over 20 stretch goals of amazing components and new content.
An Exclusive Boxed Set Edition for The Strange RPG, bursting with over 20 stretch goals of amazing components and new content.
1,011 backers pledged $162,819 to help bring this project to life.

ASB Replacement Boxes Are in the House!

Posted by Monte Cook Games (Creator)

Hi, backers of A Strange Box—

Huzzah! After their perilous journey across the ocean, the replacement A Strange Boxes have arrived!

If you have redeemed your A Strange Box but have not received a message telling you your order has shipped, your order will ship as soon as possible. Domestic (North American) orders have already started shipping. International orders will ship as soon as our warehouse in England receives the replacement boxes. Once your order ships, you will receive an email with shipping information about your parcel.

If you’ve not redeemed your A Strange Box, please do so through your account on the MCG Shop so we can ship your reward to you! Here’s a refresher on how to redeem your MCG Kickstarter rewards: Log onto your account on the MCG Shop, go to your Coupons page, and you’ll see coupon code(s) that make your reward(s) free on the MCG Shop. You then decide when to redeem your rewards, and—if your rewards include physical products—to what address to have them shipped.

If you need to reach us, the most efficient way is through the MCG Contact Us form. But here is an exception: if you have a damaged box, we need to see photos of it, and the contact form doesn’t allow attachments. So, if you’re contacting us about a damaged box, attach your photos to an email and send it to

In Other News

We’ve been playing Invisible Sun online—Monte, Shanna, Bruce, Sean, and Darcy. Plus Darcy runs a live Numenera campaign as well, with Monte, Shanna, Bruce, and Sean playing. If you’ve ever wanted to sit in as the MCG team plays our games, join us! Plus we’re live in the chat as well, so you can truly hang with us as we play.

Want more timely notifications on these and other online events? Subscribe to our Twitch channel and never miss a chance to hang out with us online!

Speaking of Invisible Sun

Mysteries. The secrets of reality itself. Magic that is truly magical. A surreal fantasy setting that is lush, constantly amazing, and unlike any other RPG. And gameplay that is sophisticated, character-driven, and deeply personal. Invisible Sun is coming—but will you miss it?

It's the biggest RPG we've ever published—one of the biggest RPGs ever—with twice the content of one of our big corebooks (like The Strange) and literally hundreds of other components. But Invisible Sun is already on the verge of selling out. Check it out now, and reserve your copy if you haven’t already. If you place a preorder, you’re guaranteed a copy of the Black Cube. But if you don’t preorder, all bets are off!


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    1. Martin Langfeld

      Could someone please contact me? I tried KS PM, Email to suppport@, ... and waited another week.
      I was hoping i would actually receive my 4 Replacement-Boxes automatically after reading the updates from January, February, April. My shop account has no box-replacement-coupons as well that i could redeem.

      It's mid of August now. So what do i have to do?

    2. Dan Maloy on

      I received one of the damaged boxes back in September. I have submitted a request for a replacement along with pictures on 9/22/17, resubmitted on 10/23/17 with pictures again, I sent a message to support when the update about the new boxes was posted here, but haven't received a response.

      Do I need to resubmit my request for a replacement box, and do I need to resubmit the photos of the damaged box. If I need to resubmit, can I reuse the photos from September, or do I need new photos? I taped the box I received so that it was somewhat presentable at a convention I was demoing The Strange at, so this is not an idle question.

    3. Eric J.

      Looking forward to finally getting mine. I claimed by pledge but it was on backorder when I placed my order.

    4. Brian K. Eason on

      I have the same question as Krzysiek Piwowarski.

    5. Demithyle the Exalted on

      Where do people who got the boxes in good condition but of insufficient size to fit hardbacks fall? Are we classed as having received the item damaged, or not received it at all?