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The AnZa espresso machine elevates an appliance to something you love. Turn heads and deliver cafe-quality coffee in your home kitchen.
The AnZa espresso machine elevates an appliance to something you love. Turn heads and deliver cafe-quality coffee in your home kitchen.
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Concrete Shell Progress and Corian Machine Production

Posted by Montaag Products LLC (Creator)

Hello, everyone!

Happy New Year from team Anza.

We’ve been receiving a number of questions these days. While we could deliver more frequent updates, we are busy working with our suppliers and distributor to ensure we deliver a quality product as quickly as we can. As mentioned in the past, we will provide new updates every 4-6 weeks. 

Corian Machines

As mentioned in the last update, the mass production of Corian machines is underway. Barring problems, the machines will be finished before the end of January. Following production will be a quality assurance test. Then machines will be shipped in containers to the distribution centers. Exciting times! 

Concrete Machines 

As we mentioned in our last update, the pre-production run of the concrete machines highlighted an issue with the production process that caused water marks on the edges and unacceptable surface finish problems.

The supplier responsible for the concrete shells has been working to solve this problem, and we think we are close now! The supplier has sent us images of two shells with different finishes to choose from, with more or less surface roughness and air bubbles.

As you can see in the enclosed images there is a significant difference. We favour the rougher  finish on the right and have asked the supplier to use this as the benchmark for future production.

Material changes

The bill of materials and development costs have risen for both machines, and our team has had to make some choices to keep costs under control. It’s difficult to reduce specifications, but as a few backers have noted, we have made some changes to the steam knob for the Corian machine. We have had to economise and use the same steam knob on the Corian and Concrete machines as a way to reduce costs parts complexity. This knob is ceramic with a brass shaft and an embossed “H” which is not ink filled. We didn't want to make this change, but feel that it's the best compromise we could make. Both machines now have a brass trim ring around the steam knob shaft which makes the hole look more finished and adds some brass to the machine. The grouphead on the prototype machines was copper, but we have since changed to an upgraded grouphead which does not have visible copper parts. 

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    1. Eugene Suh on

      Hi, is the top of the corian machine still brass?

    2. Montaag Products LLC Creator on

      @Robin Skibo-Birney Hey there Robin! Please send us a message to confirm you'd like to change your Corian order to Concrete! Thank you!

    3. Robin Skibo-Birney on

      Hi team,

      Could you please let me know how to change my pledge from the corian to the concrete model? I really don't like the changes made to the corian model but still love the look of the concrete one.

    4. Missing avatar

      Christophe Persoz on

      The lack of nuances in the grey of the rougher version is not really tasty and makes the concrète aspect less natural. Would that be subject to change?

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Funk on

      Thanks for the update, i prefer the rougher version too.