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A staged song cycle for 7 musicians & 1 actress written by Carla Kihlstedt & Rafael Oses, inspired by Borges’ Book of Imaginary Beings.
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Monsters and Rabbits

Posted by Carla Kihlstedt (Creator)

Dear Feeders of Monsters,

Here is a quick update on the status of Necessary Monsters and the many rewards coming your way. Creating and shipping such a large number of gift packages has been more time-consuming and labor-intensive than we could have predicted, both for myself and for everyone who worked on Monsters with me. But at long last we are almost done crafting, collecting and assembling the vast majority of them, and are prepping to send them down the shoot to you. Allow me to elaborate…

First off, you'll be happy to know,that it's finally here... some evidence of the Necessary Monsters performance that you helped create! Wesley Cabral shot and edited a beautiful 15-minute video of the piece, which you can watch below on Youtube: 

or Vimeo, if you prefer:


For those of you that are waiting for collages - The day that I started making them, I walked down to my local vintage bookstore and was given 2 enormous boxes of books to dissect, all of which were slated for the dump at the end of the day. Fortuitous, indeed! I’ve since spent many a night cutting and crafting their countless pages into a sizeable batch of collageable parts. Some I'm creating on my own, and some Rafael and I are sending back and forth between us via the old-fashioned U.S. Postal Service until we deem them complete!



In early November, I'm headed back out to the Bay Area to work on the recording of 3 of the 9 songs that make up Necessary Monsters. And I’m proud to say that we're lucky enough to be working at the legendary Fantasy Studios! I'm planning on release the songs in three sets of three: the first set is "An Animal Dreamed" (pure, unfettered expression), "The Squonk" (the embodiment of sorrow), and "Hochigan" (self-awareness and suspicion).

To those of you to whom I've promised a Necessary Monsters CD, fear not! I will indeed print it when all of the tracks are completed. Those of you who are receiving a package with both the CD and a Field Guide will get a special copy where the disc will exist in tandem with a gorgeous book containing the entire libretto for the show, all designed by our resident monsters graphic designer, Anna Singer ( 

This will be a longer process than I initially anticipated. I thank you for your continued patience and understanding! 


Rabbit Rabbit Radio

There is a tradition here in New England, inherited from Old England, that if "rabbit rabbit" is the first thing to cross your lips on the first morning of each month, you and yours will jump into the future with good fortune and a renewed sense of possibility. For as long as I can remember, Matthias and I have always adhered to this tradition. 

Rabbit Rabbit Radio is our musical manifestation of this monthly mantra. Each month's offering will contain a new wildcrafted song, notes from our quiet life on Cape Cod, stories from our adventures on tour, and short-lists of our current favorite music, books, people, and places.

Most of you are getting a subscription to RRR as a part of your Kickstarter package. Our first one goes out January 1, 2012. Subscriptions will be $1/month. The site is currently under construction, but stay tuned, and when the time comes, please help up spread the word!

(Illustration/Etching Print by MARIKO ANDO -

Thank you so much.

As always... yours,



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