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Monsieur. The Artificially Intelligent Robotic Bartender.'s video poster

Reinventing the social drinking experience. A personal robotic bartender that serves the perfect drink at the perfect time. Read more

Atlanta, GA Hardware
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This project was successfully funded on November 15, 2013.

Reinventing the social drinking experience. A personal robotic bartender that serves the perfect drink at the perfect time.

Atlanta, GA Hardware
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About this project

Monsieur is an artificially intelligent robotic bartender that serves the perfect drink at the perfect time tailored to meet the most discerning tastes. Monsieur learns its users and improves their lifestyles.

Monsieur has learned thousands of drinks and can expertly craft them at a touch of a button.

You can use the touchscreen to browse through the cocktail list with beautiful pictures and interesting information about each drink.

The precision of the software and pumps allows features like the strength slider: choose 'normal' or ‘lightweight’ or ‘boss’. Over time, Monsieur will learn your taste to pre-adjust your drinks so you don't have to.

Just like any knowledgeable bartender, Monsieur also makes smart recommendations based on your taste. But, if you are open to trying something new, you can utilize the 'Surprise Me' feature.

Monsieur can make 300 different cocktails out of the box. 

It can transform into any bar in the world by downloading a theme package.

A theme package includes a themed cocktail list and look-and-feel. In three simple steps your Monsieur can be an Irish Pub or a Tiki Bar in Hawaii. Monsieur can make 300 different cocktails out of the box. It comes pre-loaded with 12 different theme packages each containing about 25 drinks in each theme. Theme packages include: Modern, Tiki Bar, Sports Bar, Cigar Bar, Irish Pub, Cinco De Mayo, Classic, Girl’s Night Out, Happy Holidays, Mardi Gras, Non-Alcoholic, Modern.

Automatic Refill Delivery

Don't have all the needed ingredients? No worries! Monsieur can send (SMS or email) you a grocery list or you can enable the auto refill option, that notifies your local liquor store to schedule a delivery (location specific).

Monsieur Mobile App allows you to order your drink from your sofa.

Whether you are at home, in the hotel lobby, at an office happy hour or relaxing by the pool, you can skip the long line at the bar by ordering your drink on your phone. And you can share what you thought of drink with all of your friends.

Personal Butler and Home Automation

Monsieur is also your personal butler. He uses wifi, Bluetooth and Zigbee to know when you're home. Here are some examples of Monsieur's personal butler features: 

  • Long Day At The Office: Monsieur knows when you've had a long day at work and offers a double instead of a single. 
  • Date Night: Monsieur can determine that you have a date over and offer him or her a cocktail as well. 
  • Game Day: Monsieur can even be configured to offer a cocktail when your favorite team wins a game. 

But, we would not make it that convenient without being responsible.

Monsieur Promotes Responsible Drinking

Monsieur monitors your drink consumption, alerts when your blood alcohol level is high, and helps you get a cab.

What comes in the box:

  • Complete Monsieur Bartender Unit 
  • Monsieur User Guide 
  • Includes touch screen interface (10” on Regular and 7” on Mini) 
  • Wireless Communication: Wi-Fi , Bluetooth, GPS, and Zigbee 
  • Eight Monsieur Containers (Four for mini). Airtight containers, with easy open top and quick connection fittings 
  • Four Monsieur bottle closures with quick connection fittings (if you want to insert liquor bottles instead of Monsieur Containers) 
  •  110 Volt Power Cable

Your Monsieur will arrive COMPLETELY assembled. All you’ll need to do is, remove the packaging, plug in the power cable, turn it on, and follow the setup instructions on the screen.

Pouring your first drink.

Monsieur uses standard ingredients that can be purchased from your local grocery store and liquor store. There are no special beverage mixes or proprietary liquids that need to be purchased to load your Monsieur. You will simply pour in your standard liquors and regular ingredients into their separate Monsieur Liquid Container. ZERO pre-mixing required. When you choose a theme, Monsieur tells you the eight ingredients needed for theme and what position to install them. These are standard ingredients that you purchase from any store such as vodka, pineapple juice, cognac, peach schnapps, and triple sec. You can choose your favorite brand of each ingredient.

We recommend cleaning Monsieur once or twice a month and when switching to new ingredients.

To clean:

Clean Containers:

1. Place the Liquid Containers in your dishwasher, on the normal wash setting 

2. Once complete, return the (clean and dry) containers back into the unit

Clean Tubing:

1. Fill each container with warm soapy water (necessary to clean tubing) Snap on each fitting and press the clean button 

2. After clean cycle is finished, empty cleaning solution from containers and fill with hot water 

3. Repeat cleaning cycle to flush soapy solution

4. Now you are ready to load up your drink theme package.

Using original liquor bottles:

Although your unit comes equipped with Monsieur Liquid Containers, you have the option of using your own 750ml liquor bottles. Connecting your own bottles is a very easy process.

1. Remove the standard bottle cap 

2. Replace with Monsieur air tight bottle closure 

3. Insert the bottle into the Monsieur unit, in the specified position 

4. Attach the quick connect fastener to the top of the bottle

We envision a world where Monsieurs are in nightclubs, arena suites, hotels, and offices and many other places where you enjoy cocktails...and they will recognize who you are and your preferences via your mobile app.

With Monsieur, venue owners now have a robotic workforce that monitors, in real-time, the usage and needs of customers and uncovers opportunities for additional revenue by anticipating when customers will need refills or service.

Monsieur Control Center

Monsieur's Control Center offers high-level views so an owner can see a quick snapshot of how customers are doing, as well as very detailed information on consumption, profit and missed opportunities.

 The knowledge gap between anticipating the customers' needs and what is actually happening real-time is closed with the Control Center.

People are having more fun and business is better. Everyone wins.

We are thrilled about taking Monsieur to the public, and to show our appreciation to our supporters, we've created exclusive rewards and offerings to the Kickstarter community.

Please see the 'Rewards' section on the right hand side for more details about each reward offering.

Monsieur has a touchscreen user interface that is powered by Android and connected to a microcontroller that orchestrates thermoelectric coolers, peristaltic pumps, sensors, and other mechanical components to deliver precision mixology.

Monsieur can interface with your home automation networks via WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, or Zigbee to determine who is home and connect to users. Monsieur is connected to our cloud-based servers in order to receive new cocktail updates and theme packages and get recommendations from Monsieur peer network.

We are also considering releasing a 3rd party API to allow developers to extend Monsieur even further.

Some behind the scenes pics of the Monsieur team working on design and testing:


What we have done: We have developed and manufactured six different functional prototypes with each unit getting better in design and functionality. Up to this point we have done all design, manufacturing, assembly, and software in house. Now, we are on Prototype 6 which is the prototype for the production unit with manufactured parts. 

We started with pump selection, we chose peristaltic pumps that would dispense an amount over time that was comparable to most drink machines. We knew that since each postmix has its own container/pump, we would be quicker than most drink dispensers because we could pour multiple ingredients at the same time.

The next major development area was the user interface. With the recent emergence of tablets, that gave us a quick and inexpensive way to have prototype a high quality UI control our machine. We developed a custom PCB that acted as an Android accessory so that the Android tablet could ultimately control the pumps, sensors, lighting, etc.

What we have left: Based on your help with Kickstarter, we will reach a quantity that allows us to deliver at the Kickstarter pricing.  Currently, the pouring has more splashing than desired. We will work on improving the precision of the pour so that even shot glasses work well.  We will continue to work with manufacturers to test our components and to ensure they are of proper fit and quality. We are also working to improve the usability and maintainability of Monsieur. We are moving to liquid containers that are smaller to allow for easier storage and removal from the unit.


What we have done: We have completed both the embedded controller SW, main unit user interface, as well as the iOS and Android mobile app.

What we have left: We plan to add Zigbee integration so that Monsieur can be controlled by home automation systems. We have a working prototype of the business cloud management system. We have more work to do to scale that and ensure reliability for real-world usage in demanding  environments. We still have work to do on our recommendation algorithms.

We are also working on an auto-clean feature that will allow easier cleaning by creating cycles for the pumps to run a cleaning solution through the lines.

Kickstarter will help fund:

  • Design for Manufacturing completion
  • Capital expenditures such as tools and molds
  • Bulk purchase of components at quantities to receive necessary volume price breaks
  • Manufacture, assembly and shipping of the first production units


We have partnered with a manufacturing consulting company based in the US with dozens of employees in China. This company has delivered over 500 products to market in the last decade.

We are preparing to have a limited number of units shipped out in Holiday 2013 and the rest of the units will be spread out across the first half of 2014.

  • 15th November: Final manufacturing design verified 
  • 1st December: Sourcing Plan complete 
  • 15th January: Production Prototype complete 
  • 1st March: Manufacturing starts 
  • 30th April: Delivery of early production units


We are working with manufacturers to ensure our design is completely optimized for a cost effective manufacturing process. We are also stress testing certain components and assemblies for operation.


The next steps are to pay for and set up for mass manufacturing runs of each component. We also need to complete design of our exterior packaging.

A mechanical engineer and a computer engineer came together to co-found Monsieur after a friend complained about the lack of bartenders for a private event and the lack of consistent quality when hiring one. The idea then blossomed from there. Here's a closer look at our team:

  • Barry: Mechanical Engineer. Developed the original concept for a robotic bartender. Responsible for overall industrial design and mechanical engineering.
  • Eric: Electrical and Computer Engineer. An embedded systems geek that has developed embedded software and hardware for some of the largest electronics companies
  • Mario: Project Manager. A proven product and project manager that helps Fortune 500 companies deliver products on time and on budget.
  • Paul: Business Advisor. A technology visionary that saw the original prototypes and became determined to re-invent social drinking.
  • Greg: Manufacturing Advisor. Manufacturing guru that has built products internationally for over a decade.
  • Part-time Contractors for data mining for cocktail recipes, graphic design, iOS development

Risks and challenges

Challenges are very common with new projects so we have prepared for months to be ready for this moment. We searched for and found the right advisors and partners to ensure that we can bring Monsieur to life and into the hands of everyone. We have teamed up with a manufacturer consulting company that has successfully delivered hundreds of products to market. This relationship will help ensure that Monsieur can be produced at the quantities desired after Kickstarter is completed. There is work left to do but we have high confidence in our ability to get there with your help.


Our challenge now is to ensure our design is optimized for manufacturing, so we can offer Monsieur to consumers at a reasonable price, as well as keep margins at high enough to operate the company.


Taking an idea from prototypes to production is no walk in the park. We are also working with several shipping companies to ensure that Monsieur can be shipped to our customers at reasonable rates and in reasonable times.

With these strategic partnerships, we are confident in our timeline above to make and distribute Monsieurs across the world.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • The retail price will be significantly higher after Kickstarter. As of right now, we're forecasting our full production home units of the 8-container Monsieur to retail between $4,000 - $5,500 USD. Kickstarter is the best way to secure a unit at the lowest cost.

    Last updated:
  • To clean, you would empty the containers out and put them in your dishwasher. Fill each container with cleaning solution and snap on each fitting and press the clean button. After clean cycle is finished, empty cleaning solution from containers and now you are ready to load up your drink theme package.

    Last updated:
  • Go to settings, edit profile, and choose the profile you want. Once you select your profile, Monsieur tells you what ingredients you’ll need to realize that profile. They can be sent to you via SMS.

    Last updated:
  • Monsieur comes fully assembled.

    Last updated:
  • Yes, but standard shipping fees apply. Unfortunately, international shipping is not as easy or cheap as we would like it to be. Prices vary by country and what taxes and other regulations your government has. If you order a Monsieur and/or a Monsieur Mini unit through Kickstarter to be delivered outside the USA, we ask that you assume responsibility for all these charges. After our Kickstarter project ends, you will be asked to log into our website and pay the appropriate shipping charges.

    Last updated:
  • We have taken the guess work out of it for you and provided several themed drink packages that allow you to realize a themed cocktail menu such as an Irish Pub or Cinco de Mayo. Once you fill your Monsieur with the proper ingredients, you will have all the drinks for that package available to you.

    Last updated:
  • Of course, we will have an option where the user can create and store their own drinks and even upload them to the Monsieur network for everyone to try.

    Last updated:
  • No, we use postmix, which is basically the same juices, soft drinks, and liquors you buy from the store. No need for special concentrates etc.

    Last updated:
  • Yes. Depending on the model, there are 4 or 8 custom, air sealed containers enclosed with an easy to open top access point. Carbonated beverages will go flat in the same time frame as a normal sealed carbonated bottled drink.

    Last updated:
  • No, the Monsieur intakes standard liquid ingredients that can be purchased at any grocery or liquor store.

    - Liquor
    - Wine
    - Beer
    - Carbonated beverages
    - Juices (Low to no pulp)
    - Simple Syrups
    - Mixes
    - Water
    - Milk

    Last updated:
  • No.

    Last updated:
  • No, there are no CO2 canisters in any of the Monsieurs, the units utilizes standard peristaltic pumps and tubing to deliver precision drinks.

    Last updated:
  • We aren't looking to completely replace utilizing a bartender's services, only make their job easier. Drinks that require additional additives outside of the liquids, such as sugar, mint, bitters, etc...are added post Monsieur pouring the drink.

    Last updated:
  • No, currently Monsieur is not equipped with a shaker. Rather Monsieur creates drinks mixing them perfectly through synchronized pouring.

    Last updated:
  • Without refrigeration, approximately 90 watts of power, or about as much as a standard light bulb. Only 15 watts in standby mode.

    Last updated:
  • Yes, the International Monsieur and International Monsieur Mini can operate on a 220V power source.

    Last updated:
  • Shipping cost will vary based on the final destination's distance from Atlanta, GA. As an example, shipping a Monsieur (8-container unit) from Atlanta to San Francisco cost around $100. Shipping a Monsieur Mini the same distance is around $50.

    Last updated:


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