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Ascend the ranks of the NSA-like Department of Liberty. Will you stand up for privacy, or help create an unstoppable police state?
Ascend the ranks of the NSA-like Department of Liberty. Will you stand up for privacy, or help create an unstoppable police state?
Ascend the ranks of the NSA-like Department of Liberty. Will you stand up for privacy, or help create an unstoppable police state?
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    1. Kelson

      @John - I understand it can be frustrating not to get an on-time fulfillment, but that does happen with Kickstarter campaigns more often than not. But if you're going to be critical, try to be accurate. The estimated release was December 2016. Thus, delivery hasn't been pushed back by 2 years. At least not yet. Not even a year and a half at this point. I've received other rewards more than a year and a half late. It's not unheard of, especially with technological or digital endeavors. You have to be patient when it comes to Kickstarter campaigns. It comes with the territory. Monomyth Games has kept us in the loop with detailed updates along the way, which I appreciate. It's more than I've gotten with some campaigns here. Hang in there.

    2. Monomyth Games Creator on

      @Chris Z.: We can take you off the key list to wait for a potential Switch release if you like, but just so you know we're in the very very early stages of thinking about port releases, so as you mentioned ports might not happen at all!

      @Ed Lopez: We've sent you a message to try and work out what going wrong. :)

    3. Ed Lopez on

      Still getting a unityplayer error. Can’t figure out what’s wrong. Can someone please contact me?

    4. Tracey Craig


      Lol! Clients? We are not clients!!!

    5. Chris Z.

      By chance, can I hold off and receive a Switch code. Willing to wait and even risk not getting a code if it never makes it =P

    6. Missing avatar

      John on

      @Monomyth Games congratulations on the “May” release date. It’s not like you have been pushing this back for 2 years now. Thanks for being fair and reliable with your clients.

    7. Monomyth Games Creator on

      @Lord Soren & @John: We’ve been working out some final logistics for release, and have been holding off so we can announce a specific date - we're excited to say that we’ll be announcing a full release date this week. Thanks to everyone for your patience, we’re nearly there!

    8. Missing avatar

      John on

      Well, It is half way through May and still no news. Are you planning on surprising us or is it not going to be released this May?

    9. Missing avatar

      Lord Soren on

      Well, its next month... *rubs hands together in anticipation*

    10. Layton Funk on

      Alright, thanks for letting us know! Keep up the good work y'all.

    11. Monomyth Games Creator on

      @Layton Funk: We're still confident about a May release - we still have a number of things or organise in the meantime though, so we won't have a specific date until next month.

      We're full steam ahead over here, and are excited about getting the game into your hands!

    12. Layton Funk on

      So, what's the release date?

    13. Stéphanie Leder on

      @monomyth game
      Ok thx

    14. Monomyth Games Creator on

      @Iván Dasilva: Unfortunately not - early access is only available for backers from Clearance Levels 9 to 0. You'll get a Humble link for the full game closer to the full release, which is planned for May :)

      @Trystan Rufford: Good to hear it's working!

    15. Ed Lopez on

      Doh! I just saw it in the downloaded files.

    16. Ed Lopez on

      I keep getting a unityplayer.dll error. Has anyone had this problem and a fix? Thanks!

    17. Missing avatar

      Iván Dasilva on


      With the "CLEARANCE LEVEL 10", do I have access to the beta?

      Thanks in advance! :D

    18. Monomyth Games Creator on

      @Stéphanie Leder: As a CL10 backer, you'll get a Humble link for the game closer to release, which is planned for May - you'll be able to download it there!

    19. Stéphanie Leder on

      Hi, i didn't come here for a long time, is someone can tell me how can i download my pledge ?
      Thx :)

    20. Monomyth Games Creator on

      @Wesley Blackwood - we'll have a Kickstarter update out in the next couple of days, and we have already released a new version o the game (v0.8.2) in the meantime!

    21. Missing avatar

      Wesley Blackwood

      Anything for mid month ?

    22. Monomyth Games Creator on

      Whoops, accidental ‘Post’ click!

      @Eric Shook: Good to hear - we’ll still keep an eye on it just in case.

    23. Monomyth Games Creator on

      @Eric Shook: Ah, good to hear - we’l still kee

    24. Eric Shook on

      Strike that... It's working...

    25. Eric Shook on

      V.8.2 only allowing you to mark 1 piece of evidence per suspect with Blacksheep... Causing regularly missed evidence.

    26. Missing avatar

      Wesley Blackwood
      on here’s a game that’s very similar to hold everyone over

    27. Monomyth Games Creator on

      @Wesley Blackwood: We’ll be releasing another update to the game in the coming week, with with a new Kickstarter update incoming too. We’ve been working on more bugfixes and improvements, as well as adding a bunch of new content; we’ll have more on this in the update! 😊

      @Dimitrios Tsaknakis: Hi Dimitrios, thanks for your bug reports, and apologies for the delay in responding! We’ve now fixed the crashing issue (in v0.8.2, which is coming in the next week).
      As for the conversations in home mode – you should be able to access different dialogue options when you’ve seen the information you need to answer the questions. We’ll have this fixed in the upcoming update!

    28. Missing avatar

      Wesley Blackwood

      Any updates ?

    29. Dimitrios Tsaknakis on

      Another thing that is very confusing is when ur access the network at night, and you find information about relatives etc that could be relevant to help them.

      Are you supposed to do something with that?

      Like when you can find Alanna for example, you later get a text from your aunt asking if you know where she might be, which you do, but there was no option to answer that?

      Or when you find that your sister needs money to pay her rent or she will get kicked out, again no option to do anything? Like is there a point to finding this out if you cant do anything with it?

    30. Dimitrios Tsaknakis on

      I keep getting a crash after I played for about 30-40 mins, it says "too many heaps", it gives me a crash log and offers to open a directory, but even if I click yes the directory wont open.

    31. Monomyth Games Creator on

      @Wesley Blackwood: Absolutely - we're working as hard as we can towards a May release. You can read more in our latest Kickstarter update:

    32. Missing avatar

      Wesley Blackwood

      Is this game ever coming out ?

    33. Monomyth Games Creator on

      @patrick bakker: The flickering in the prologue scene is intentional - we'll have to make this clearer/less distracting in future releases. Thanks for the bug reports - we'll get those issues fixed!

    34. Missing avatar

      patrick bakker on

      - the flickering is still there but only in the intro when clicking thru 2034
      - also when using the magnifying tool in the game you cannot use blacksheep anymore, it says the person has already been found.
      - when using the blacksheep tool on one suspected hit or person, you cannot use it again as it is only applied to the last one.

    35. Monomyth Games Creator on

      @Daniel Csvany: Yes, feel free to report bugs here! You can also send them to

      Thanks for that report - we'll look into the problem.

      As for the logo image, we can easily sort that out - cheers for letting us know about it!

      @Dirk Schoeters & @Helge Rasmussen: No worries - we've re-sent your Humble links through a Kickstarter message.

    36. Missing avatar

      Helge Rasmussen on

      I missed the beta mails I think or maybe its not available for me? I am a backer at level 8.

    37. Dirk Schoeters on

      Hi, I would like to know where I can download the game as a backer?

    38. Missing avatar

      Daniel Csvany on

      Is this the place for reporting bugs? The music cannot be turned down nor adjusted on this new 0.8.1 release. Secondly, I know I'm asking alot from you on this. But Can you complete this for I do not want to get into trouble with you on adding this to the game directory and have it screwed up.

    39. Missing avatar

      Daniel Csvany on

      Is this the place for reporting bugs? The music cannot be turned down nor adjusted on this new 0.8.1 release

    40. Monomyth Games Creator on

      @Ben: Just for clarity, our original expected release was December 2016, just over a year ago, not two. But it’s a fair point – the problem for us is that some backers have paid extra to try the game before the full release, so we need to be fair to those backers, while getting the full game to remaining backers as soon as we can. We’re really sorry for the delays, and we’re trying our best to get the game to you as quickly as possible, without compromising quality unnecessarily.

      @Kris: The links were sent out before the alpha release in 2016, and some seem to have been caught by spam filters and lost! No worries though, we’ve re-sent your link to you – check your Kickstarter inbox 😊

    41. Missing avatar

      Kris on

      Hi. I have clearance level 8. How do I access the beta download? Is there an email link I missed? Thank you for the help in advance

    42. Missing avatar

      Ben on

      Yeah, but Clearance Level 10 backers were also told the game would be released _two years ago_ at this point. This is ridiculous!

    43. Paul Toderas

      Thank you

    44. Monomyth Games Creator on

      @Paul Toderas: As a Clearance Level 10 backer, you unfortunately don't receive access to the beta, but you'll get a Humble link to download the full game as we get closer to release.

    45. Paul Toderas

      Can you please send me the code as well?

    46. Monomyth Games Creator on

      @Joel & @Anton Vinchel: We've re-sent your links to your Kickstarter inbox. :)

      @Patrick Bakker: Thanks so much for that - we'll look into the issue!

    47. Missing avatar

      Anton Vinchel on

      Never received the email with the code or instructions how to download the early release. Please provide one.

    48. Missing avatar

      patrick bakker on

      Send you an email to the contact adress on your monomyth games site with a video of the flickering, its from the moment you press any key to continue

    49. Missing avatar

      Joel on

      Can you re-send my link, can't find it.

    50. Monomyth Games Creator on

      @Matthew & @Adam Smillie: Re-sent! :)

      @Patrick Bakker: That's not too good - which parts of the screen are flickering, is it the map or other parts of the UI?

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