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$885,236 pledged of $50,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$885,236 pledged of $50,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Missing avatar

      Simon Boudreau 2 minutes ago

      @kim will I be able to add the anchor in the PM of I have not added the 25$ now?

    2. Missing avatar

      Simon Boudreau 4 minutes ago

      Just add 25$ or wait for the pledge manager

    3. Kristian Sig about 7 hours ago

      How do I get my hands on the outdoor anchor with my pledge?

    4. Dan Vinson and David Hunt 3-time creator about 8 hours ago

      @Kyle our last post must have gone through at the same time as your comment, sorry that we missed it! I didn't see a message form you yet, so if you give me your pledge # I can look you up (I checked already but we have multiple Kyles to choose from). You can also email at (just make sure your phone doesn't autocorrect .co to .com)
      @Julius What Stuart said :) You can just add the funds to create a credit, and when you do your BackerKit survey, you can add the anchor then.
      @Grayson, nice!! Thanks man!

      Hope you are finding a way to get outside and increase your wild time this weekend!

      -monkii Kim

    5. Grayson King
      about 10 hours ago

      Here’s a 24 second tutorial video I quickly made for contacting creators using the iOS app, and I assume it works the same for Android.

      Grayson King
      ( ར ₹, ཬ )

    6. Missing avatar

      Stuart Brierley about 12 hours ago

      @Julius - there is section on the FAQ that explains this and the steps. Short version, add $25 to your pledge and then add it to your order when the campaign finishes.

    7. Júlíus Arnar Björnsson 1 day ago

      How can I order the extra suspension strap to train outdoors?

    8. Missing avatar

      Danielle 1 day ago

      @Kyle - Not sure about phone, but from a desktop go here: ...aka the projects you backed, click the blue circle/white "plus" for the campaign you want to contact (right side), then click the Messages tab to send your message (it defaults to "Reward" tab)

    9. LocksmithArmy
      2 days ago

      Thanks so much for that info.

    10. Dan Vinson and David Hunt 3-time creator 2 days ago

      @Martin it really depends on the door. It is ideal to have the door pulling "closed" towards you when you work out, so that the pressure isn't on the latch itself but more on the door frame. But some sturdy doors can work either way, especially exterior doors. You always want to test any door you try before putting your full weight on it.
      @Randall You can add the funds to your pledge, and then when you get your BackerKit survey you will be able to add a second pocket monkii at that time.
      @Michael thank you!
      @Shawn There will be an update coming in the fall along with the pocket! monkii Dan is still working with developers on all the features, but tracking workouts and favorites are something highly requested so those are a priority for sure. I will pass along your comment!
      @LocksmithArmy some of that info is in the FAQ. I will add some more. The length with the handles is 7 feet. Without, the webbing between the handles is about 6 feet. The width is half inch for the webbing. Pocket monkii handles are 4.75 inches long and 7/8th inch diameter. The outdoor anchor will be the same thickness, but the details of the length aren't finalized as monkii Dan is still testing it out.
      -monkii Kim

    11. Kyle
      2 days ago

      Hey Monkiis, can you send me a dm please? It there is a way to initiate private messages via a mobile device. Though I may be wrong

    12. LocksmithArmy
      2 days ago

      Can we get some dimensions?
      what is the width & length of the straps,
      what is the diameter of the handles.
      thank you

    13. Missing avatar

      Shawn White 2 days ago

      @Dan Are there any plans to update the app? A few ideas: 1. Select "favorite" workouts so that I don't have a remember which ones I like and how to find them; 2. Option to open the "Last workout" to make it easier to start it up; 3. Workout tracking (which ones, frequency, etc.); 4. Training program where a progression could be done where the app opens to the next work out vs. me having to find and remember where I am; 5. Add timers so that there can be scheduled workout and rest times between exercises and sets. These are my top five but I have a bunch more that would really make the app as awesome as the Monkii Bar itself. I love the app and love the workouts even more...just giving ideas to make it EVEN BETTER, like the reason I train! :) Monkii on!

    14. Frantz Domoison 3 days ago

      I want a second but it's impossible to order

    15. Michael Tighe 3 days ago

      It's better if the door closes toward you, but a strong door can handle either side.
      Add however much it costs to your pledge.

    16. Missing avatar

      Randall Wo
      3 days ago

      How do I order a second Monki for the wife?

    17. Missing avatar

      Martin Dubois 3 days ago

      Hi Monkii’s Team, i want to know if we can use it on the booth side of the door?

      One side have more strenght than the other when closed.

      That will be ansées to the question do we buy or not.

      Really nice product by the way.


    18. Dan Vinson and David Hunt 3-time creator 3 days ago

      @Simon Yes, you will be able to do it as an add-on.
      @Ashton Thanks, man! We monkiis certainly enjoy a good time regularly when we are "working" ;)
      -monkii Kim

    19. Missing avatar

      Ashton Ryan Jenkot 3 days ago

      By far the best advertisement video I’ve seen on kickstarter! Great writing and acting all the way. I can’t wait to become a Monkii!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Simon Boudreau 3 days ago

      Will we be able to add the outdoor anchor accessory on the pledge manager?

    21. Dan Vinson and David Hunt 3-time creator 4 days ago

      @Locksmith Amy It should be, we are going to try to integrate as much into the app as possible going forward!
      @Lisarte The society-only pricing for the Ultimate bundle is sold out. If you want to upgrade to the Ultimate, you can, but it would be at the early bird pricing. You should be able to change your pledge if that is what you prefer to do. The color choice options will be done within the BackerKit survey at the end of the campaign.
      @Chelsey When the campaign ends, shortly after you will receive a survey from BackerKit that will ask for color choices as well as allow you to update your address/contact information up until the point your pledge is prepared for shipment. So you will be able to update it at that point.
      @Alex awesomesauce! It's a great update!
      @Hanako As long as you backed before last Friday (which you did) you will be able to make the choice.
      -monkii Kim

    22. Missing avatar

      Hanako Raku
      4 days ago

      I just read the update. Do I receive Charcoal Grey x2 and Heather Grey x1?
      That is what I want.

    23. Alex Collins 4 days ago

      Welp, I looked at my finances for when the Kickstarter ends, and I was able to add the $25 for the Outdoor Anchor, so yay! :-D

    24. Chelsey Archer 4 days ago

      My address has changed. Should I send the new one through here?

    25. Lisarte Barbosa 4 days ago

      Hi team monkii,
      I've the POCKET MONKII (Society Only) pledged but I also have two questions:
      - How can I choose the Charcoal Grey color?
      - Is it possible to upgrade from my 89$ pocket monkii Society Only to the Ultimate Society Only?

    26. Missing avatar

      Ashton Ryan Jenkot 4 days ago

      Since you guys decided to start manufacturing a little early, will we get them earlier than November? Thanks for your time!

    27. Missing avatar

      Jerry C 4 days ago

      I wonder how many people would object if the outdoor accessory were available ONLY in black. I’m not a tactical backer for the PM, and I don’t really care if the accessory is black or gray.

    28. LocksmithArmy
      4 days ago

      Will the 35 day challenge be on the app?

    29. Dan Vinson and David Hunt 3-time creator 4 days ago

      Hey @Roland and @Joshua We agree on the aesthetic part! It's not a lack of willingness on our part, but rather the requirements of the manufacturer for being able to do multiple colors.
      -monkii Kim

    30. Kyle
      4 days ago

      In terms of app updates, I think having the ability to change the number of sets and reps from your original default would be a big bonus

    31. Missing avatar

      4 days ago

      Agreed with Roland, would love to have a black out anchor seeing that it would totally suit the tactical Monkii Bars 2 or Pocket Monkii.

    32. Missing avatar

      Roland 5 days ago

      I know you have already answered several times that the outdoor anchor will be only available in grey. Nonetheless I want to emphasize that it would be VERY NICE to be able to get an all black version of it too. I personally am a former tactical MB2 backer and do appreciate design which fits together. So would I appreciate a well designed Pocketmonkii too. Hopefully you could think about that again... For sure I would not be the only monkii beeing happy about this ;)

    33. Dan Vinson and David Hunt 3-time creator 5 days ago

      @Shinya The shipping is not included in the pledge amount. So for your international order, you'd add $99+$25+$9. There is no extra shipping cost for the outdoor anchor!
      -monkii Kim

    34. Missing avatar

      Shinya Nawa 6 days ago

      Is the delivery fee included in the amount displayed on the pledge? Or is it necessary to add pledge to the displayed price and pledge?
      I would like POCKET MONKII ($ 99) + Outdoor Anchor Accessory ($ 25) for international shipping. How many dollars should I enter for the pledge amount in total?

    35. Dan Vinson and David Hunt 3-time creator 6 days ago

      Good morning monkiis!

      @Daniel For true pullups, it is best to have an overhead solution. In the app videos (and the indoor YouTube videos) monkii Dan is using overhead ceiling beams. Tree branches are another good option with the added benefit of getting outdoors! Hard-mounted pullup bars are another option, and we've seen monkiis install hammock anchors and O/D rings into studs in their homes as well. As far as the doors go, it really depends on the door. We've yet to have a monkii break a door! But the hollow core doors do sometimes see wear or fraying along the top edge. A sturdier door that pulls closed towards you while you are working out is the best option, as it ensures the weight is against the door frame rather than the latch. Exterior doors are another option.
      @Emily He's definitely still working on it! He is testing different things to determine what is going to work the best.
      @Kat Congrats on the little one about to join your family! It's always great to hear from original monkiis. Pocket will definitely be easier to set up and use, and then when spring comes around again, perfect to take along to the park!
      -monkii Kim

    36. Kat Ferr 7 days ago

      Very stoked to receive this! I'm due in July with my first child. I'll be off a whole year and what better timing for the winter months approaching then to get back in shape! I own the original monkii bars and have loved them, but this system just looks so much more easier and user friendly!!!!!!!

    37. Missing avatar

      7 days ago

      Hello guys, so you said a few weeks ago that monki Dan was working on a storage solution for the outdoor anchor. Update?

    38. Missing avatar

      Daniel Lim Kee Meng on

      Hi sorry if I missed this. I'm wondering how the set up will work if the doors I have at home are not the sturdiest and how to set up the system for pull ups (saw it as an exercise on your app). Thanks!

    39. Dan Vinson and David Hunt 3-time creator on

      @Loke forgot to respond to you, sorry! We don't have the size of the isocore ball finalized yet, but somewhere between baseball and softball sized is a fair estimate!

    40. Dan Vinson and David Hunt 3-time creator on

      @Chris Bell pocket monkii is way more versatile. It's just as strong, with straps a fraction of that size. It folds up into a package so tiny it literally fits in a pocket. You can put it in a backpack, briefcase, desk drawer etc. It is designed to be easy to use indoors and out, so you can take it camping, on trail runs, the playground, whatever floats your boat. Plus, when you are part of the monkii society you get awesome emails from monkii Dan every week with new training tips and work out moves that he invents while he works out in his sleep.
      @Nastacia Isocore has to be done with a bundle. You are certainly able to change your pledge if you would like to upgrade it, but the society pricing for the isocore bundle sold out.

      Go out and make it an awesome weekend!
      -monkii Kim

    41. Nastacia Lee on

      Will Society backers be able to add on the Isocore thingy?

    42. Flush on

      Chris Bell: That looks very portable, but I didn't see that it's adjustable. With Monkii bars, I can extend it out so I can do stair climbers, etc. I can throw it over a tall limb, and I can change the intensity of my exercises by extending our spending the length.

    43. Missing avatar

      Chris Bell on

      I am a big fan of this but just wondering how this compares to competitors like Jam Gym?

    44. Dan Vinson and David Hunt 3-time creator on

      Those are some of the updates we are working on with developers! Thanks for the input!
      @Janss The specialty training that comes with Tactical and Isocore will be accessible by those who have paid for it. Part of the extra cost associated with those bundles is the cost of producing the training materials.
      @Ingrid the colors will be the same options (other than Naked color) as the monkii bars 2 have, if you'd like a better idea you can see them on our website… (You can change which color is showing by clicking the color circles below)

      Keen eyes, Jerry, Ingrid and Mark! More info coming on that very soon. Hang tight!

      -monkii Kim

    45. Missing avatar

      Jerry C on

      Curious about the Charcoal Gray color as well. That was my choice as well, given that the Tactical black wasn’t offered without a lot of extra stuff I don’t need. If only offering one color, make it the darker one, less likely to show scuffs an wear.

      And I was just about to suggest a stretch goal of a black option....

    46. Missing avatar

      Ingrid on

      Seconding Mark James Ivory - it looks like the Charcoal Grey option was removed from the campaign. Is there a reason why? Wondering because 75% of people had chosen it in the "Pre-survey survey".

      Also, are there any closeup pictures of the handle colours we can see before making a choice?

    47. Mark James Ivory on

      Did you remove the Charcoal grey option?

      It seems to have dissapeared from the campaign section.

    48. Missing avatar


      @ Kyle Great idea! Also the question: Is the Premium 35 day Core workout & Tactical Training available for everybody or only for pledges with Ulitmate/Isoore Bundle? It would be really great if the progress will be saved. Best regards

    49. Kyle

      So I've been using the app in a gym, using their TRX setup. And wow. What a workout.

      I'm glad you guys are updating the app though... A few suggestions, if I may, would be:

      1) Have a system like a ✔️ to show that that one particular workout has been completed
      2) allow us to 'save' our current workout program. Program meaning like the 21 day challenge, for example. That way we are not having to search out what program we are on. It is already in say our favourites. And with #1 we can see which workout we are on.

    50. Dan Vinson and David Hunt 3-time creator on

      @Loke I will see if I can get a measurement on the ball for you. The accessories are really just meant to add some challenge to the workouts, they weren't intended to keep that part of the pocket monkii system to be quite as portable as the main component, but of course that depends on what your packing style is for trips!
      @CYW Right now the plan is to have the training mostly converted over to the app. It just is much easier to manage and has been highly requested by the monkiis overall. I will definitely share your comment though, and totally agree it isn't ideal for every situation!
      @Kelly the app is free, so you can download it on both!
      -monkii Kim

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