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Shoot amazing cinematic video on your iPhone, Galaxy, or Pixel device. Now you can make your small camera as good as your big camera.
Shoot amazing cinematic video on your iPhone, Galaxy, or Pixel device. Now you can make your small camera as good as your big camera.
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Today’s The Day - Campaign Ends At Midnight

Posted by Moment (Creator)

Procrastinators unite, tonight is the last chance to back the campaign. If you have any procrastinator friends who didn’t back the project after you told them the first three times, please don’t give up on them. They will appreciate you looking out for them.

Please tag, RT, and share with your video loving, procrastinator friends.

RT and tag this tweet.

Heart and comment on this post.

And if you're still on Facebook, share this. ( anyone still on facebook?!)

What Happens Tomorrow 

Kickstarter charges your credit card.

This is VERY important, but Kickstarter didn’t actually charge your credit card when you backed the campaign. Instead, they charge your card now and they give you 14 days for the charge to work otherwise they drop you from the campaign. Yes, your pledge gets dropped.

Therefore please, please, please make sure your credit card on your Kickstarter account is accurate and ready to be charged.

What Happens The Day After Tomorrow 

It’s the weekend, so nothing. ;-)

We know everyone is excited, but please don’t be the person who emails us on Saturday asking about their pledge, when their order ships, or just to brag about needing their gear first for an upcoming ‘trip of a lifetime.’ Unless you’re inviting us, we just get jealous that we aren’t going with you.

When we get back Monday, we’ll start working on the staging of backer surveys. We send them out in waves over the coming weeks so you can complete your order, update shipping details, select and pay for any add-ons, import taxes, and shipping upgrades. We will email the email address you use for Kickstarter and don’t worry if you don’t answer the first time we’ll be sure to annoy you until you do. Please also whitelist in your email provider to make sure you don't miss your survey email.

Once surveys are complete, we will begin shipping based on who backed the project first. Assuming we have everything you ordered in stock we will ship your order. If it’s missing something we won’t until that item arrives. And no, we don’t split orders for partial shipments. It becomes a logistical nightmare not to mention that we’ll be out of business for 2x the shipping costs.

How To Message Us.

We love Kickstarter. We don't love their messaging tool.

Instead of messaging us through Kickstarter, please hit us up at It's much faster and we can see your entire email history. When you use the KS messaging we can only see one message at a time. Same goes for KS comments, we try to check in on these as often as possible, but email is the best way to get ahold of us.

We generally reply to emails within a few hours, M-F from 9am-5pm (PT time zone).

International Taxes 

Hi, we’re back with another international backer special paragraph to remind you that when you complete your survey we may ask you to pay import fees. Yes, those annoying fees that get charged at the price you paid and no we can’t reduce the price of what you paid to $0 because the penalties for tax evasion are really high. Like put us out of business high. Sorry.

We really, wish that Kickstarter made this easier. We aren’t a fan of international taxes but we also aren’t one to get around the rules. When the campaign is over, we’ll send out your Kickstarter surveys where you will enter your shipping details. Depending on what you have in your cart and where it’s shipping, we will calculate the import fees required for that country and charge you for them.

A long story short but we tried a lot of combinations to charge this upfront with the pledge but it was just impossible. So we just want to give you a heads up now, if you hate import fees like us and want to bail on the project we don’t blame you. We’d rather you get mad at us now than when we’re ready to ship.

~ Team @ Moment

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    1. George Lowe on

      So it appears I unfortunately backed the basic case for the iPhone X when I though I was backing a battery case version (as was the original case for the iPhone6). My wife and I have been awaiting a new case for the iPhone X. Is there a way to update my packing to shift to the battery case vs the plane case? I have no use for another basic case. Thanks-

    2. Moment 4-time creator on

      @Nick - You can add all of your products to a cart on our website and enter your address to see what taxes will be for your specific order.

      @Yusuf @Benjamin - Absolutely, there will be a tracking number on your order.

      @Paul - You are correct! It's first sorted based on pledges, then by the order it was placed within that pledge.

    3. Missing avatar

      Paul Evans on

      Sounds good. But clarification needed: you say “... we will begin shipping based on who backed the project first. “. However some pledge levels are due to ship before others. Are you changing that or do you mean perhaps “we will begin shipping based on pledge levels followed by who backed the project first. “?

    4. Missing avatar

      Benjamín Lavena on

      @Yusuf every order from the moment website, has an international track number, i assume this will be no different

    5. Yusuf Kudsi Koc on

      I am an International backer, I would like to know will we get tracking number when our orders are shipped and what happens if we don't receive the package "like if it gets lost in the shipping process" ? :3

    6. Peter Callow

      On a £160 GBP Pledge does anyone know what the UK taxes will be please? Thank you in advance.