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Shoot amazing cinematic video on your iPhone, Galaxy, or Pixel device. Now you can make your small camera as good as your big camera.
Shoot amazing cinematic video on your iPhone, Galaxy, or Pixel device. Now you can make your small camera as good as your big camera.
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We’re giving away $15K in gear and travel

Posted by Moment (Creator)

We launched a film festival.

Well, we actually announced it back in February...but just today the filmmakers published their work. Eleven films, all shot on a phone, blowing our minds on what you can do with the camera in your pocket.

Now they need your help. The filmmaker with the most views, wins $5K to fund their next project. And to say thank you, you can win up to $15K in gear and travel for your next adventure.

You vote, they win, you win.

Kickstarter Live #1 

Come hang out with us Thursday, April 5th @ 12 pm PT for our first Kickstarter Life. We’ll have an engineer and a filmmaker online so you can ask them anything...except for designer questions...designers like to answer those on their own. ;-)

Sign up here for the KS live.

(don’t worry Asian time zones, we’ll have some live events next week for you guys/gals.)

Making Enough Anamorphic Lenses 

It turns out making 7K Anamorphic Lenses at the same time is really hard. Our supply partners saw the campaign after day one and are going "WTF just happened?!", in a good way of course. It’s just that no one makes that many cylindrical lenses at the same time. Needless to say, the next several weeks are going to be a lot of work to get enough parts made to assemble to ship in time.

You’ll notice on the campaign that we already closed July shipping windows and are now in August for new pledges.

Lots Of Filter Mount Questions 

The filter mount in the campaign and the filter mount on our website are the exact same mount, and it’s adaptable with rubber adapters for different lenses. The current pre-orders on our website will ship without the anamorphic adapter since they won’t be finished yet. But if you back the Anamorphic and the Filter Mount you will get the adapter, and by that time we will include the anamorphic adapter with Filter Mounts on our website as well.

Yay, Filter Mounts for all!

International Taxes

Just putting this into every update so when it comes time to fulfill pledges and we get angry emails about taxes, we want to be able to link to at least 10 updates where we had this paragraph.

We really, wish that Kickstarter made this easier. We aren’t a fan of international taxes but we also aren’t one to get around the rules. When the campaign is over, we’ll send out your Kickstarter surveys where you will enter your shipping details. Depending on what you have in your cart and where it’s shipping, we will calculate the import fees required for that country and charge you for them.

A long story short but we tried a lot of combinations to charge this upfront with the pledge but it was just impossible. So we just want to give you a heads up now, if you hate import fees like us and want to bail on the project we don’t blame you. We’d rather you get mad at us now than when we’re ready to ship.


If it's not covered here, we have a lot of great answers in the FAQs. :)

~ Team @ Moment

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    1. Moment 4-time creator on

      @Josh: Absolutely! If you back the campaign and get the filter mount as an add-on it will come with everything you need for the Anamorphic Lens.

      Our current pre-orders on the Moment Marketplace will not include the Anamorphic adapter since it won't be ready by the time those ship at the end of April, but by the time Kickstarter orders are shipping this summer we will include the Anamorphic adapter. And we'll also offer all of the adapters separately in case anyone needs replacements.

    2. Missing avatar

      Josh Spyker-Elias on

      Alright. I’m trying to wrap my head around this, it’s been a long day for me, my heads a bit cloudy.

      If I want to get the filter mount and adapters for all the current lenses, I can pre-order from the website right now.

      I’ve backed the Anamorphic Lens. I’d also like the parts necessary to be able to use the filter mount with the Anamorphic Lens.

      So. The parts necessary to be able to use the filters on the Anamorphic Lens, would that be included in the backing of the Anamorphic Lens? If I pre-ordered the filter mount, would the Anamorphic parts be sent with the Kickstarter shipment?

      Just wanted to clear up a bit more so I don’t confuse things for myself again. 😬🖖🏼🍻