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Shoot amazing cinematic video on your iPhone, Galaxy, or Pixel device. Now you can make your small camera as good as your big camera.
Shoot amazing cinematic video on your iPhone, Galaxy, or Pixel device. Now you can make your small camera as good as your big camera.
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One million thank you's

Posted by Moment (Creator)

This just is unbelievable.

When we started the Moment journey 4.5 years ago we never would have dreamed this could happen. We just wanted some lenses for our phones and never, ever, ever did we envision a day when 6,563 people would vote with their dollars to support us.

We are incredibly grateful for your support. You have us motivated to ship the best work of our lives.

Thank you!!!

We Won Product Hunt 

Your support made us the #1 product on product hunt. We just checked off another bucket list item. If you want, you can still vote us up here.

Maybe one of you knows Adam and can get us on Oprah’s list?! ;-)

30 Moment Invitational Tickets

Reserved For You If you live in NYC, we have our mobile film festival coming to NYC tomorrow (3/31). It’s 11 films, shot by some amazing filmmakers, all on their phones. It will blow your mind what they captured on a phone.

We opened up 30 last tickets for Kickstarter backers.

Get Your Ticket

(It’s only $10 and all the money goes towards a good case...100 Cameras who works with disadvantaged kids, teaching them how to tell stories with a camera.)


We’ve been getting a lot of questions about counterweights the last few days against what case and lens you have. We’d love to build a simple webpage where it tells you the right combo based on your inputs, but for now we built a nerdy google docs table. It tells you what you need based on device and lens.

See Our Nerdy Google Doc


(in case you missed this in the last update)

The most questions we got today were about add-ons. As much as we love Kickstarter they make merchandising really difficult. We aren’t sure why, but that just seems to be the way.

If you want gear beyond what is in the backer levels then you visit the “add-on section” on the page. Mentally select what you want, get out the calculator, add up the total, and place that on top of your backer level amount.

Once the campaign is over, we will send out a survey where you can make your final selections (color, device type, etc) and even add more gear to your order. The premise is we’ll try to make it easy so you have one order that ships at the same time.

International Shipping & Taxes 

(in case you missed this in the last update)

For most major countries we offer a $9 shipping option (~80 countries). With the notable exception of the Battery Photo Case, they have recently cracked down on batteries as dangerous goods so international shipping is significantly more expensive for those. If shipping is too much, we totally understand and would recommend starting with the Photo Case instead. We’ve been pushing hard to bring down costs on the Battery Photo Case shipping, so hopefully, this will be more reasonable in the near future.

We really, wish that Kickstarter made this easier. We aren’t a fan of international taxes but we also aren’t one to get around the rules. When the campaign is over, we’ll send out your Kickstarter surveys where you will enter your shipping details. Depending on what you have in your cart and where it’s shipping, we will calculate the import fees required for that country and charge you for them.

A long story short but we tried a lot of combinations to charge this upfront with the pledge but it was just impossible. So we just want to give you a heads up now, if you hate import fees like us and want to bail on the project we don’t blame you. We’d rather you get mad at us now then when we’re ready to ship.

~ Team @ Moment

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    1. Johann Nasir on

      Thank you for creating an anamorphic lens!

      As with Jamal, im also from malaysia. I have selected the photo case+lens option for second batch in hopes of getting a lower shipping fee. Is that going to happen? or will it remain at usd45 as per your reply to Jamal?

    2. Missing avatar

      Benjamín Lavena on

      @stephen in the campaign tab, almost at the end. Look for "Step 2"
      @moment congrats for 1M!

    3. Stephen Curtis Shutters on

      Well, I feel like a big derp. I can’t find the Add-on Section to calculate my add-on monies.

    4. SableFox

      Congratulations on surpassing $1m :-)

    5. Missing avatar

      Fauzi on

      Hi, i saw regarding the shipping to malaysia, and its the same to singapore too which is $45. Possible to get reduce the shipping cost?

    6. Missing avatar

      Jackson Tan on

      @creator can you work on audio next please :) rofl.

    7. Moment 4-time creator on

      @Jamal - Sadly that is correct for Malaysia. We've had a lot of issues with Malaysian customs in the past, so we need to change to a more expensive solution that was significantly more reliable and faster.

      @Harshavardhan - Certainly! It uses the same mounting interface as all of our other New Lenses, so they will all be compatible :)

      @Ed - It will! So far we've confirmed it works with DJI, Zhiyun, and Evo Gimbals.

      @Joel - Thanks for the love! That's the spirit :) We're excited to see what you create!

    8. Joel Barker on

      1 million?! Congratulations!
      I didn't even blink when I saw the $50 shipping fee to Australia, I just figured that's what it costs. I honestly just can't wait to get my hands on this gear.

    9. Missing avatar

      Ed Rambeau on

      Will the Universal Counterbalance work with a Zhiyun Smooth Q and an iPhone X with a regular moment case (not the battery case) the regular case?

    10. Randy Wheeler on

      Looking forward to your product. Heard good info about this on and again, thank you.

    11. Missing avatar

      Harshavardhan on

      I wanted to check if the wide angle moment lens(v2) is compatible with the new anamorphic lens battery case for IPhone X?

    12. JAMAL HARUN on

      Thank you to you too for this wonderful product.

      Regarding the International Shipping fees, really appreciate if you guys could check my pledge. I’m from Malaysia and the shipping fees is $45 and I only ordered lens with the photo case (not the battery case). Thanks.

    13. Missing avatar

      Nathan Hobbs on

      Absolutely love it 🙏🏼

    14. Russell Harrison on

      rooting for the moment team here in Texas looking forward to using the lens and filter to make an only mobile video with it all