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Shoot amazing cinematic video on your iPhone, Galaxy, or Pixel device. Now you can make your small camera as good as your big camera.
Shoot amazing cinematic video on your iPhone, Galaxy, or Pixel device. Now you can make your small camera as good as your big camera.
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The best 41 minutes... ever.

Posted by Moment (Creator)

That’s how we feel right now. Just a whole lot of wow, thank you, and awe.

We have been working on this new Filmmaker Collection for over six months. We had no idea that all our hard work would come down to 41 minutes, which is how long this project took to fund.

To everyone who is new to Moment, welcome. We are excited to have you join us.

To all our existing Moment customers, thank you for your continued support. You are the reason we get up every day and do what we love. It’s a lot of hard work, but you make it worth it.

Now begins the best phase of the journey….delivering a product you can be proud of.

Help Voting Up

If you aren’t familiar with Product Hunt, it’s a rad community for new products. If you have 5 seconds, we’d love your help to upvote our product.

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Help Liking 

Our friends Peter Mckinnon and Matti Haapoja dropped two vlog reviews with our new gear. Please give those guys some love, their support means the world to us.

Peter’s Video 

Matti’s Video


The most questions we got today were about add-ons. As much as we love Kickstarter they make merchandising rather difficult. We aren’t sure why, but that just seems to be the way it is.

If you want gear beyond what is in the backer levels, you visit the “add-on section” on the page. Mentally select what you want, get out the calculator, add up the total, and place that on top of your backer level amount. You can also go edit your pledge amount if you've already backed the campaign and wanted add-ons.

Once the campaign is over, we will send out a survey where you can make your final selections (color, device type, etc) and even add more gear to your order if you'd like. The premise is we’ll try to make it easy so you have one order that ships at the same time.

International Taxes 

We aren’t a fan of international taxes but we also aren’t one to get around the rules. When the campaign is over, we’ll send out your Kickstarter surveys where you will enter your shipping details. Depending on what you have in your cart and where it’s shipping, we will calculate the import fees required for that country and charge you for them.

A long story short but we tried a lot of combinations to charge this upfront with the pledge but it was just impossible. So we just want to give you a heads up now, if you hate import fees like us and want to bail on the project we don’t blame you. We’d rather you get mad at us now than when we’re ready to ship.

Product Questions 

Let's roll through some quick production questions we got today…

Q: Do anamorphic lenses come with a lens cap? 

A: Yes

Q: Which devices does the Anamorphic work on? 

A: Any phone that has a Moment Photo Case or Battery Photo Case. Those would be iPhone 6/6+ (and newer), Galaxy S8/S8+ (and newer), Note 8, and Pixel (1 + 2). All of our lenses are universal, you just change the case to change the phone it works on.

When Does It Ship 

Different from previous campaigns we already started manufacturing all of the products we debuted today. That means we are closer to shipping than any of our previous campaigns. But no matter how experienced you are, manufacturing is still very hard. It’s full of ups, downs, and “you’re not going to believe this happened” types of stories.

You have our promise that no matter what happens from here until shipping, we’ll keep you updated on our progress.

All we ask in return is you be kind as we work through the struggle of delivering a product that you’ll be proud of.

Thank you!!!

~ Team @ Moment

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    1. Moment 4-time creator on

      @tristan - Thanks for choosing us as your first Kickstarter! All of that will be covered during the kickstarter survey after the campaign is over. We made our own tool for this and have been working on making it better and better this year so should be one of the best Kickstarter ordering experiences possible :)

      @John - that is correct! It's the same case and it will support the New Anamorphic Lens with the same mounting interface.

      @Justin - It does indeed! We've confirmed it works with DJI, Zhiyun, and Evo gimbals. It may work on others, but we've only been able to test those 3 so far.

      @Merv - You can add $31.99 onto your pledge as an additional amount and during your KS survey we'll apply that to a filter mount for you. Definitely use the add-on dollars rather than placing separate orders or you will need to pay shipping twice.

      @Chris - Hopefully! We're focusing on the video features first and foremost, but in theory we should be able to use the same software for still desqueezing that we'll use for video desqueezing.

    2. Missing avatar

      Tristan Nicart on

      This is my first time backing anything on kickstarter so I'm not sure where to put my shipping address and what phone case to choose. Any help?

    3. Missing avatar

      Richard Cockrill on

      So excited guys! This looks fantastic!

    4. Missing avatar

      John on

      Hello, super exited about this!
      One question I haven't stumbled on an answer yet.
      Is the current Moment Case for the Pixel 2 XL exactly the same as the one being offered in here?

    5. Missing avatar

      Justin on

      Super stoked to have this lens soon.tou guys are doing great work. Just one question: Does the gimbal counter balance work with the Zhiyun Smooth Q? Looks like the attachment point on the Osmo is similar to the Zhiyun.

    6. Missing avatar

      jeff.magee on

      Amazing! Thanks for the response on the PXL 2XL

    7. Missing avatar

      Deniz Kodorgu on

      Awesome guys, keep on going !
      Will be my first lenses from you guys and I can't wait to test them.
      All the best for the future !!

    8. TristanErvin on

      Incredible guys! This has been such an exciting day!

    9. Luca Conzadori on

      great !!! then I'll wait for the email so I'll add the other products later. thank you for what you do

    10. Luca Conzadori on

      great !!! then I'll wait for the email so I'll add the other products later. thank you for what you do

    11. Merv Low on

      1) It will be great to have the filter mount for the new lens. When will that be available for order?

      2) I am considering getting an additional battery case in addition to lens + case set. Will shipping be consolidated or each order is treated with separate international shipping?


    12. Missing avatar

      Chris Lynch on

      Moment app for Android?
      De-squeeze for stills?

    13. Eric Pease on

      I wish we could order and receive the add on's now! great prices!

    14. Sean Thomas Dugan-Strout on

      I am visiting Chicago at the end of June... I am HOPING that it will come by then! The lens flare... cheers and thanks for making the amazing products!

    15. Jonathan Vaca on

      This will be my first moment lens! I’ve been fascinated by anamorphic lenses for quick some time but they are so expensive! Glad to see this for mobile devices! Can’t wait to get mine later this year! :D

    16. Andrew Rabon on

      I remember asking about an anamorphic lens on Twitter months ago, and you guys said you were looking at it haha. I'm so glad this is real and happening so soon! Congrats everyone on the Moment team.

    17. Moment 4-time creator on

      @jeff.magee - Yes! Select the Anamorphic and Photo Case level and you'll be able to choose Pixel 2 XL as your device during the survey.

      We support Pixel 1 & 2, Galaxy S8 & S9, Note 8, and iPhone 6 / 7 / 8 & X. And the plus size versions of everything in that list.