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The world's most powerful 10 year old superhero is comic book superstar Jamal Igle's new creator owned graphic album series.
1,240 backers pledged $50,329 to help bring this project to life.

New Campaign

Posted by Jamal Igle (Creator)

Hi Everybody,
 As you may now, the next Molly Danger Kickstarter campaign begins on Friday, June 19th. When the last campaign didn’t meet its goal, I took a few days to assess what I needed to do in order to go forward. Molly Danger is very important to me and I thank those of you who pledged previously.

 With that said, I’ve decided that the best way to have the series become what I hope will be a long and successful run is to make the series an ongoing venture. I’ll be producing six issues of Molly Danger per year, every two months beginning in July of 2016. The idea is to produce the issues, have them ready for solicitation before hand and ready to print so that they ship on time. I’ll continue to produce the hardcovers after every two issues, in the same format as Book One. Action lab Entertainment will continue to act as the publisher for the ongoing series.

 I’ve also teamed up with and we’ll be offering a special subscription to the series for backers. You’ll receive your issues before they’re available for purchase on Comixology to the general public, months before they hit comic store shelves. If you’re able to pledge to the campaign, I thank you one again. If you can’t contribute to the campaign financially, but can spread the words about what I’m doing, I thank you as well.
 One of the ways we’re trying to spread the word is through THUNDERCLAP. It's the world's first crowdspeaking platform, and over 3 million people have donated their social reach for ideas and causes that matter. If you go to the thunderclap Molly Danger page at and hit think, you’ll add your social media contacts to the campaign. If I can get 250 people to join this launch, it will automatically share the campaign through your social networks. As always, I can’t thank you enough for your support.



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    1. Andrew Hayford

      I'm going to come out and say it...the reason I didn't back your second campaign is the way you treated your backers. Many of us didn't get our rewards until months (half a year?) after the book was publicly available both digitally and physically. When questioned about it, you seemed genuinely puzzled that we would request that we actually get what we pledged for to help you make your comic. If you had some kind of plan or guarantee this time that you could work into your publishing deal them actually handling the distribution of your KS rewards, I would consider backing you again.