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The world's most powerful 10 year old superhero is comic book superstar Jamal Igle's new creator owned graphic album series.
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The Molly Danger Book Two campaign needs your help.

Posted by Jamal Igle (Creator)

I’m writing you today because I need your assistance. I’m currently running a Kickstarter campaign to produce the second book in the Molly Danger series. This is the link:

The campaign is entering it’s second stage and I’m trying to raise the money, $50,000 to produce both the actual book, but record a full cast audio companion similar to the one we created with The Audiocomics company for Book One. It’s a massive undertaking, one that I’m very excited about. However, the campaign isn’t making quite as much money I need it to at this stage, and here where you come in.

Kickstarter, as some of you may know is an “All or Nothing” proposition. If the campaign fails to reach its goal, no money exchanges hands. If you’re already aware of the campaign and have pledged, I thank you. If you’re just hearing about the campaign, I’d love for you to take a look at what I’m doing and if you’re so inclined to pledge, I’d appreciate it more than I can say. However, that’s not really why I’m writing to you.

What I need, more than anything else is for you to tell people about my campaign. To share the links on your social media links, with your friends, family or anyone else who may be interested in Molly Danger. The more eyes I have on the campaign, the more likely it will be that I meet my funding goal and that I can make this project a reality.

Molly Danger is a project I care deeply about. It’s become my most personal work as a creator and I have a vision for the series and it’s potential. I like to say that “I believe in Molly Danger” and it’s true. I believe that Molly can be for young readers the type of character that Superman was for me as a young comics fan. The type of character that inspires readers and transforms those readers in a positive way.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this. I know nowadays, you’re probably inundated with theses types of messages and I appreciate you taking the time out of your schedule.

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