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The world's most powerful 10 year old superhero is comic book superstar Jamal Igle's new creator owned graphic album series.
The world's most powerful 10 year old superhero is comic book superstar Jamal Igle's new creator owned graphic album series.
1,240 backers pledged $50,329 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mike Campbell on

      Hi Jamal, I tried to message you about not having received my book yet. Four years in, I would just like to have a refund. Can you please get in touch so we can settle this?

    2. Allison Milwid on

      I got my book on Saturday. Thank you!

    3. Allison Milwid on

      I still haven't gotten my book. My boyfriend received his early in the shipping.

    4. Chris Buchner

      Correction, the print fell out of the book as I flipped through it...static clung to a page. All is good, and it looks great.

    5. Chris Buchner

      Finally got my book, now just waiting for the extras as part of my pledge.

    6. LateToTheParty7

      It's been a long time coming but got it in the mail today and it is truly gorgeous. Can't wait to read it. :-)

    7. LateToTheParty7

      I guess I'll give it to the end of the month.

    8. The Lurker formally known as Mrs. S.D.

      So excited for Book 2! Thank you for sharing your dreams, skills, and dedication with us! Go Molly!

    9. Jamal Igle 3-time creator on

      Yes, the last of the rewards will be delivered in the next few weeks. I've been working very hard to complete it. It hasn't been easy and part of the reason I delayed Book 2 was so that I could make sure everyone got their rewards.

    10. Missing avatar

      RD on

      I received the e-mail for the next Molly Danger Kickstarter. Will those of us still awaiting our items from this one receive them before the next one starts?

    11. Missing avatar

      flamebird on

      Book showed up this week. Looks beautiful. Sadly my niece (who I wanted it for) has discovered boys and doesn't seem interested anymore. She still wears the shirt, so I assume she'll get around to reading it sometime. That's kids for ya.

    12. Allen Nilles on

      It arrived today. Yay!

    13. LateToTheParty7

      So what's the word?

    14. Jamal Igle 3-time creator on

      No one has been neglected or forgotten. No one will be happier to complete this process than me. I thank you all for your continued patience as we make the final push for fulfillment.

    15. Allen Nilles on

      I still haven't gotten my copy, so I'm hopefully in the remaining 148.

    16. Alex Johnson on

      Any news? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    17. Alex Johnson on

      Looking forward to it Jamal and ready to back the next book when this KS is complete.

    18. Jamal Igle 3-time creator on

      @RD, Yes that's the plan. and Coniah is close, there's 148 rewards that need to be sent of the original 1200, Including commissions.

    19. LateToTheParty7

      @RD: If that's true, per Update 64, the second Kickstarter won't happen until all rewards have been delivered from this one. There should be around 200 or so left.

    20. The Lurker formally known as Mrs. S.D.

      February? Really? Cool. I'll start saving up! :)

    21. Missing avatar

      RD on

      I understand you announced on your Facebook page today that byte second Molly Danger Kickstarter will be in February. Does that mean everyone currently awaiting items for the first Kickstarter will have them before then?

    22. Missing avatar

      flamebird on

      Okay, the book is now a year late. Should I even pretend I'm gonna receive it, anymore?

    23. Jamal Igle 3-time creator on

      TQ: your book was put in the mail last week. You should receive it very soon.

    24. TQ Broens on

      Are there any further updates on when the rest of the books will be sent out? It's hard to believe that this project was funded over two years ago and I still haven't received a copy of the book.

    25. Kofi Jamal Simmons

      Sorry for the delay, but Noah and I enjoyed Molly's adventure!

    26. Kofi Jamal Simmons

      Awesome, thanks Jamal!

    27. Jamal Igle 3-time creator on

      Kofi, yes you may.

    28. Kofi Jamal Simmons

      Hey Jamal, I know you are busy but I never recieved my book. I wanted to see if I could just get a copy at the comic-con this weekend? Thanks and stay amazing.

    29. Missing avatar


      I backed at the $100 level and haven't gotten my book. Can I expect to get it soon?

    30. Jamal Igle 3-time creator on

      @Allen Nilles:

      You are still on the list and will receive your copy ASAP.

    31. Allen Nilles on

      I backed at the $50 level and haven't received my book yet. I don't think I'm supposed to get a signed copy, did I get missed or am I on the list still?

    32. Missing avatar

      RD on

      Thank you for the info!

    33. Jamal Igle 3-time creator on


      I'll have some time after SDCC to start working on more commissions. A survey will be sent soon.

    34. LateToTheParty7

      Glad to hear that more books are coming in.

    35. Missing avatar

      RD on

      Is there a guesstimate on when those of us who backed at a level involving a commission might receive our pledge items?

    36. Octavio Arango on

      Goy my book! I like the large format

      It did get banged up a bit during transit. Has a nasty bump on the bottom of the covers.

    37. Missing avatar

      Anthony Arevalo on

      Got my Copy on Sat 6/28 (Texas).

    38. LateToTheParty7

      Glad to hear it to both comments.

    39. Michael Gonzalez on

      Got my copy today! SO AWESOME!

    40. Jamal Igle 3-time creator on

      Yes, Shipping has begun again. ABout 3/4 of the backer rewards have been delivered.

    41. LateToTheParty7

      Is there any progress to report?

    42. Missing avatar

      Michael A. Burstein

      He's not leaving people with nothing; he's just getting the books out more slowly than he had originally anticipated.

    43. Missing avatar

      Mark Duell on

      I want my money back. 9+ months and no book, just excuses. I don't want sob stories. When you collect money from you people, you provide a product or service in return. You don't leave people with nothing.

    44. Genre_Fad on

      Patience: DEPLETED

    45. Jason Hall on

      Hey Jamal --- Still patiently waiting for my copy, any updates on when it will be shipped?? Thanks.

    46. Missing avatar

      James Tichy on

      My book arrived the other day. It looks great and I hope to sit down and read it this weekend. Great job!

    47. Jamal Igle 3-time creator on

      It will still take time to transport the books here, sigh the 500+ copies before they can be packed, labeled stamped etc. I do appreciate your patience, however.

    48. Joey Oakes on

      How about a packing party - get everyone you know, some takeout and cold beverages and they help you package and label after you sign? A fun productive way for you to get this done, please those of us who are growing impatient, and getting this monster off of your back.

    49. Andrew Hayford

      "Your" was suppose to be "and have y remaining"

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