Custom Cans!

While the kickstarter was not successfully funded, I have had many of you (backers and non-backers alike) requesting my headphones.  If you are interested in ordering a set (either from the kickstarter, or of your own design) BEFORE the website is relaunched, please contact me via kickstarter with your headphone details.  Many of you have already done this (and since it is fair to say that you are all registered with Amazon Payments, that is how I wish to process payment)...

Thanks again for your support, I learned much throughout the duration of my first  campaign (ie, make more demo models, and ADVERTISE...)

That said, I have a card project in the works for kickstarter, and am planning a headphone relaunch once the website is fully functional!

Thanks again, and I'll talk to you all again real soon!

\m/ -|- \m/



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