Packaging, reviews, and (oh my!)

   I will be revealing some great packaging designs for each headphone here in the coming days, so watch for that! Additionally, I would like to note, that MANY people have inquired about receiving a sample set to review (for youtube, blogs, and the like). I originally made (2) of each prototype for my kickstarter campaign, and sent ALL but 1 out to bloggers and potential reviewers within the first 48 hours of launching the project!

   However, I have only heard back from TWO of the dozen or more reviewers regarding the headphones! While I assemble the headphones myself, the neodymium magnets and much of the wiring components come from (where else)... CHINA!  Because of this, it is going to take QUITE awhile for me to get started on another round of viable prototypes for testing (and given the slow start this project has seen.. I may have to just HOPE that those bloggers and musicians who have received the headphones will have posted a review by then!)

  I hope to reach the $5,000 goal soon. Doing so can get me a headstart on ordring components for actual production early (for I have secured a loan, assuming this gets funded to get a jump on things). I am currently "revamping", so (in the event of failure OR success via kickstarter) I can offer my headphones there AND allow people to design their own set from scratch to be customized (from the speaker to the housing)!

  I invested much into the original prototypes (nearly needed a kickstarter to fund my kickstarter), so advertising is being reserved for the final week.  If I can hit that $5,000 early enough I can easily secure the funds to start pre-production AS WELL as issue more protypes for review, and advertise the product... much is riding on an EARLY realization of the funding goal! Here's hoping! ~Molech


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