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A rogue-lite river journey through the backwaters of a forgotten post-societal America. Forage, craft, evade predators. For PC & Mac.
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Update #13 - Counting Down

Posted by The Molasses Flood (Creator)
Hello Friends, 

We’re counting the time remaining on the campaign in hours now. We’re just about at a day and a half remaining. We’ve got a couple updates for you all as we sprint to the finish. 


Thursday night at 6 PM EST we’re going to be doing a livestream of the final hours of the campaign. We understand that a critical component of a Kickstarter campaign’s success is the inclusion of campfires, so we’re upping the campfire ante! We’re going to be streaming from a campfire as we cook up some survival foods. It’s supposed to be rainy, so viewers may get an extra treat as they watch us struggle to keep a fire going in the misery of New England fall rains. 

Tune in here: 


We have another sweet crossover to announce. The team at Zpocalypse: Survival reached out to us with this image their artist made of Scout & Aesop in their world, with a cool proposal. Anyone who backs them and us at any “get the game” tier will be able to unlock and play as Scout in Zpocalypse, with Aesop at your side. Getting in on this is simple… just back both projects. Our teams will compare backers lists after the campaign & send keys to people who are on both lists. You don’t need to do anything fancy. 

Aesop means business
Aesop means business


We also wanted to plug a couple projects by friends of ours. First, Rogue Wizards! It’s another game in the realm of “rogue-likes”, so if you’re into that, give them a peek. 

These wizards... have gone ROGUE.
These wizards... have gone ROGUE.

We’ve also given a few mentions of this project in the past, but we wanted to give one last mention as we’ve got a lot of backers on board since our last shout out. It’s The Black Glove, it’s being made by a whole mess of former Irrational colleagues, they’ve got the endorsement of our former boss Ken, and they need help in their last couple days. So go check out their project, and if you like it, help #savetheblackglove! 

That’s all! 

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible tomorrow as we struggle against the elements. It should be fun (for viewers)! You can see what a bunch of hopeless soft city people we all are. 

Thanks so much everyone who’s backed and spread the word. You’re the life blood of our studio, and we are in your debt. 

-Forrest & the team


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    1. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Oh nice, free bonus. :D
      Already a return backer of Zpoc since their relaunch.

    2. zeeparkes (GBG Web Guy) on

      Wow! Super psyched for the crossover with Zpocalypse!

    3. Kirk Brownridge

      Guess I'm all set to go then.
      Already backed them (again).