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A rogue-lite river journey through the backwaters of a forgotten post-societal America. Forage, craft, evade predators. For PC & Mac.
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Update #12 - New Tier, Add-Ons, gameplay video, reward preview, more!

Posted by The Molasses Flood (Creator)
Hello Backers!

We have so much to cover today, we need to include an index. We just have a few short days remaining, and would love to get as close to our stretch goals as possible.


  • New tier 
  • Add-on pledges 
  • Gameplay preview 
  • Backer rewards 
  • DRM Free 
  • Live stream
  • Dog Gif 

New Tier! 

First, a new tier! We’re adding a new $25 tier, that includes a Kickstarter exclusive new hat & staff for Scout! This will apply to the new $25 tier and above. When you start a new game, you will be able to select these items for a different look for Scout. 


We’ve had a few requests for the ability to get a 2nd key for the game*. We’ve decided to bite off the management of that on our side. It’s a bit more paperwork, but we think it’s a good idea regardless. So, you can get a 2nd copy at a discount. If we hit the PS4 version, you can use it for that. If not, you can gift it to a friend to get them in on early access. The 2nd copy will be completely eligible for the backer beta. We’ve whipped up this graphic to explain how to do it:

  • $15 - An extra copy of the game 
  • $20 - An extra copy with the exclusive hat & staff 
  • $30 - An extra copy with ALL the Kickstarter exclusive items: Hat, Staff, Backpack, Dog, & Raft 

*Did you already pledge on PayPal for a 2nd copy? Send us a message via Kickstarter & we'll sort out how to handle it.

Gameplay preview! 

Damian has been working on a video & blog post to help explain the gameplay that occurs when you’re exploring and predators are about. We’ve not talked about this much yet, but we wanted to give you an idea about the types of interactions you can have, and how you might use your wits & tools to deal with wild animals. Check out the video, which is taken from a simplified 2D test that we’ve been using to prove out gameplay: 

Backer Rewards! 

We held off on working on the backer rewards until we knew we’d need them. Well, thanks to you all, we do! So here’s a preview of a couple of the rewards that Sinc has been working on. Right now, these are sketches, but give you an idea about what’s to come. This is the art print (the the $250 tier) and t-shirt: 

We’re going to be making these as high quality silk screens, as we’re sticklers for high quality stuff and prefer that sort of handmade look and feel. 

DRM Free Announcement! 

We’ve got one that we’ve been asked about a bit. DRM free! We’re planning on focusing on Steam initially, but have cleared for release via Humble, and will be offering a DRM free version at final release. We plan on using GoG as well, but can't be 100% certain until much closer to release.

Live Stream! 

We’re planning on a countdown live stream for our final hours, on Thursday night. We’ll be streaming a campfire as we cook up some survival foods as we count down to the end. Former Irrational Games producer Adrian Murphy has generously donated the use of his yard for this endeavor. If you have any suggestions for weird survival stuff you want us to try eating, let us know. We aren’t going to promise we’ll ingest everything suggested, but we’ll give it a shot. 

Dog Gif! 

As promised, we’ve not inundated you all with dog pics, but for this, most likely our penultimate update, We present you Forrest’s 2 dogs, in a state of extreme cuteness. Ruby licking Lou’s head clean, which happens after every walk in the rain. 

So that’s all for today! It’s been a long update, as we’ve been stacking up various last minute bits. Thanks so much for the support, and keep making noise on our behalf for the next couple days. We’re almost to the end of the campaign, and can’t wait to see exactly what we’re making for you all. 

-Forrest & the team

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    1. Christian on

      Hope we can achieve the endless mode :-)

    2. Beat Darwin on

      Just kidding, folks! You can fake it! :-D

    3. The Molasses Flood Creator on

      We'll see if we can find them. One issue with wild edibles is that they tend to suck up all the contaminants in the soil in which they grow, and the greater Boston area is filled with in-fill and other sketchy sources of ground contamination. We'll see what we can find that seems safe :)

    4. Beat Darwin on

      Looking forward to the live stream!
      And since you've mentioned cattails in quite a few interviews, I'm going to nominate cattail pulp as a survival food for all of you to try... on camera, of course! :-)

    5. The Molasses Flood Creator on

      @William - if we hit the PS4 goal, you can pick whichever copy you prefer with your existing pledge. If you wanted a 2nd copy with all the extras for PS4, you could add $30 for that.

      Does that make sense?

    6. Missing avatar

      William on

      so, I may be over thinking this, but want to make sure I understand how it works. I am presently at the $35 pledge, and want to be able to play on PS4. Would i need to get a second copy in order to make this happen? if I want to play on PS4 with the Hat, Staff, Backpack, Dog, & Raft I'd need to add $30?

    7. The Molasses Flood Creator on

      @Contemplar - Haha... clever thinking. We did specify that the add-on is for a 2nd or extra copy. Otherwise people could get the base game for $16 instead of $20. If you know someone else who backed, you could get them to buy you an add-on for the $30.

      Also... no problem being scrooge-ish as you say. It's a fair question. Thanks for checking. :)

    8. Contemplar on

      Also : DRM Free? Hell yes.

      Didn't even notice that due to d'awwing at the dogs.

    9. Contemplar on

      Hnnngh. Okay, so I have an awkward question to ask that's going to make me feel like a horrible scrooge of a person, but my poor tortured wallet demands that I show mercy in the form of budgeting~

      What's to stop a person from pledging $1 and then adding $30 for a copy of the game and the digital exclusives? Is there a minimum ante of one copy pre-order before those extras take effect? The raft, hound and backpack exclusives are in the $50 tier onwards, and as far as I can tell the main thing you miss out on by using the add-ons like I mentioned, is that delicious soundtrack.

      I ask this because I'm interested in the kickstarter game-content exclusives, but not a fan of physical media (postcard), and I can settle for the audio-candy in the game itself.

      So yeah, sorry about getting all scrooge-ish about this. I just need a little clarification so I know how much I'm increasing my pledge by. I can't let at least the staff and hat slip by after all. :3

    10. Missing avatar

      matty on

      Thank you very much for the DRM-free release!! I'm looking forward to playing this great game!

    11. The Molasses Flood Creator on

      You may feel differently if I posted a gif of them battling, which occurs on about the same frequency as cuddling.

    12. Jesse Dylan Watson on

      Awww, your dogs are such sweet creatures!

    13. Eric on

      The truth that this update reinforces: all wolves are jerks and guard loot!