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A rogue-lite river journey through the backwaters of a forgotten post-societal America. Forage, craft, evade predators. For PC & Mac.
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Update #6 - Party Time!

Posted by The Molasses Flood (Creator)

Hello Backers,

Everyone may not be aware, but we aren't the only small studio Kickstarting a project in the fine city of Boston. There are a bunch of campaigns running currently or launching soon by friends of ours in the area.

If you’re local, read on. If not, skim for a couple cool other projects, but this update probably isn’t for you.

We thought it would be fun to host a little meet up, so people in the area can come out, meet the developers behind the games they’re supporting, and have some fun.

Thursday night on the 23rd from 7 to 10, us and a bunch of our friends are going to be hanging out at Aeronaut Brewery, a new craft brewery in our neighborhood. We’d love to meet some of the fine folks who’ve been helping out, and Aeronaut has been kind enough to set aside a bit of space for us. Aeronaut typically has live music and food trucks, so it’ll be a party! It is a brewery, so this is a 21 and up event. Our apologies to our younger backers. We hope to see you at other events in the Boston area in the future. 

We’ve added an event on our facebook page, if you want a handy reminder. You don't need to join the event to come by, it will be open to all.

We’re going to be joined by our friends behind The Black Glove, Elegy for a Dead World, and OBEY (which will be live on Kickstarter on Monday).

Boston Kickstarters

Boston has a great little game development community, and the number of indie studios is on the rise. Check out their projects!

The Black Glove is being made by a bunch of former colleagues from Irrational Games. If you like David Lynch, surrealism, and Space Minotaurs, check them out.

Elegy for a Dead World is a game we’ve mentioned in a prior update. It’s not quite like anything we’ve seen elsewhere, and looks awesome if you have any interest in writing.

OBEY is being made by a single guy, an old friend who Forrest worked with years ago. It’s a multiplayer game featuring a giant chain-gun wielding robo-monkey vs. a bunch of cute bunnies.

There’s one other game running right now, but unfortunately the folks behind it won’t be able to attend. I’d still encourage people to check it out. It’s called That Which Sleeps

They KILLED their target, and are closing in on their stretch goals. Give them a look before their campaign ends.

For those who aren’t in the greater Boston area, we’re planning on starting to show up at festivals and events next year, so we hope to see you all at one of the many industry events we’re planning on attending.

For those who made it all the way to the bottom... a surprise! Sinc has been working on taking some shots from the trailer and figuring out how we're going to be refining atmosphere and color. Here's the result of one of those explorations:

Thanks as always!  

Forrest & the team


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    1. Beat Darwin on

      Thank you for a sharing some additional context about the image and your design process. I love the way this is going!

    2. The Molasses Flood Creator on

      As is always the case, look and feel will evolve, and we'd like to have all sorts of different atmospheres that you move through as you play. It's just a look at refining one specific environment and moment within the game.

    3. Beat Darwin on

      First, I have to say I love Sinc's art style, and as many others here have said, I was simply blown away by the trailer and the other assets the team created to launch the KS campaign. AMAZING WORK!

      But I'm not sure about this surprise image at the end of the update. Is it representative of a special mode in the game, or more of a shift in the overall look and feel? Not to be critical, since this one image is being taken out of context, but I am more drawn to the original art that was shown.