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A rogue-lite river journey through the backwaters of a forgotten post-societal America. Forage, craft, evade predators. For PC & Mac.
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Update #2: All sorts of stuff

Posted by The Molasses Flood (Creator)

Hello Friends,

Thanks so much everyone for backing. The support so far has gone way beyond our expectations. We’ve had a crazy week and it’s thanks to you all. We’re glued to our screens, responding to questions and fielding emails… it’s the best kind of busy to be.

First, let me say that although we’re bursting with a desire to constantly send out updates, we’re trying to not spam everyone too much, so these may run a bit long.

If you do want to see the most frequent updates, check out the comment thread. We’ve been trying to respond to comments in a timely manner. You could also follow us on Twitter, @molassesflood

News & Coverage

Everyone has been doing amazing work spreading the word about our project. The video has been viewed over 80,000 times on our Kickstarter page alone, and who knows how many times on other sites. We’ve been covered by Game Informer, Kotaku, Polygon, Destructoid, The Onion A.V. Club, PC Gamer, IGN, Gamespot, Rock Paper Shotgun, and a whole bunch of German sites. Thank you, we love you Germany! Herzlichen Dank! (I really hope that's "thank you")

FAQ Updates

We have updated the FAQ with a bunch of answers. Hopefully it helps clear up some confusion. As more information comes in, we’ll keep updating the page and FAQ. Some of the questions addressed include: Linux, controller support, localization, early access, console versions, DRM free versions, and system requirements. Take a look if you were wondering about any of those topics. Some answers are still pending, but hopefully we're being transparent about what we can and can't say for sure.

The Song

“The Flame in the Flood” (the song) By Chuck Ragan will be on iTunes any time now. We’ll send out a link as soon as it’s available.

Stretch Goals

We have been asked quite a lot about stretch goals, but haven’t wanted to talk about anything until we were close to our base goal. We seem to be approaching it very quickly, and hope to be talking about them soon. There have also been reservations in the comments about stretch goals and how they can scope a project out of control. Our general thinking is to avoid goals that put major amounts of additional work on the core team, and instead focus on the sorts of goals that can be provided by contractors or outside help, that additional money can help fund. 

This includes things like content that an additional artist could help provide, support for additional languages, and additional platform support. Hopefully we'll have more on this soon.


Finally, I’d love to spread some backer love around. Check out Elegy for a Dead World. It’s being Kickstarted by our friends Ichiro & Rohit at Dejobaan. They’ve been extremely gracious and helpful with us leading up to our launch, and we can’t thank them enough for the advice and guidance they have lent us from their years of experience as indies. Take a look at their video, and consider backing if it seems like something you would enjoy

Thank You

Thanks so much everyone, we really can’t state that enough, and please, keep spreading the word. The first few days were amazing, momentum remains, but we still have the better part of a month ahead of us. All of your continued support and enthusiasm will be what carries us through.

To indulge myself & all the dog lovers who backed us, here’s me and my dog Ruby in her favorite place. She’s more burdensome beast than a beast of burden. If she understood anything beyond “ALL SQUIRRELS MUST DIE” I’m sure she’d appreciate all the support everyone has given, too. (I promise not to subject you all to dog pics all the time).

Thank You,

Forrest & the team

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    1. Dmytro Prokopchuk on

      The song about Desperatiooon is the song about my life! Love you guys! May your success be (at the very least) huge!

    2. Missing avatar

      3watches on

      More cat pics please!

    3. The Molasses Flood Creator on

      @Jane Thank you! I've most certainly read her posts. Love them.

    4. Jane Ryder on

      You are smart and funny and obviously kind to neurotic dogs. (Have you read Allie Brosh's posts about her dogs? I think you'd dig.

      I'm just happy to be contributing to such cool people with so much talent. You go, Molasses Flood!

      Thanks for the update, man. :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Esett on

      For the record i hate dogs. They are dirty and stupid. And if you leave them alone in the yard they destroy everything. Dogs are good only in the form of gloves or women's bags.

    6. Kimberly Mallas on

      So pleased that you'll be offering the trailer song ahead of time :) It's got wonderful atmosphere, as does the theme of the game itself. Excited that you guys are receiving great support here and looking forward to playing!

    7. LordCrash on

      Nice update and good strategy for stretch goals imo. Can't wait to hear more about them soon.

      And "Herzlichen Dank!" indeed means "Thank you!" ;)

    8. Stephen Nasrat on

      Thanks for the update :)