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pledged of £95,000pledged of £95,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Tue, November 11 2014 1:09 PM UTC +00:00
pledged of £95,000pledged of £95,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Tue, November 11 2014 1:09 PM UTC +00:00


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    1. Smiles on

      Is it still possible to get a key?

    2. Daniel Miller

      Still alive, and looking forward to April!

    3. Arturo Marín Alegría on

      Been out from KS for moths! I'm actually catching up all the mails I've got. It's nice to finally know that the project will be a real thing. Keep working on it!!

    4. Missing avatar

      Gareth Hughes on

      Nice to hear you're getting a release, all the best!

    5. Jan Egil Bjune

      Still alive and kicking

    6. Nikky Bottomley on

      will this ever be on mac/console? :)

    7. Onesite on

      Awesome to hear the game is strongly in process and on track for a 2017 release + Amazing to hear "all you original Kickstarter backers will be getting a FREE digital copy, regardless of whether you buy the final game" = WOW! Deeply appreciated and absolutely a reason to then buy a copy for a friend and spread this games love that much more :)!

    8. Missing avatar

      Edgar Vasquez on

      still here and its great that the game got made. looking forward to it.

    9. Amber Kathleen Gonzales on

      Im so excited for this game!

    10. Missing avatar

      reallocky on

      yeahhh... a dream comes true =)

    11. Akule

      I am still here as well. :D

    12. Missing avatar

      Rianne Campbell on

      Still here, still excited!

    13. Sengo

      Awesome, really excited to see the game!

    14. Nikky Bottomley on

      Ahh when do we get a release date?

    15. Miguel A. Romero on

      Wow! Congratulations! After playing Siesta Fiesta on my 3DS, I had no doubt about backing this project and it was so sad when it didn't attract enough backers. I'm really glad you found a way to make it happen. This is great news! :D

    16. Lars Erik Johnsrod on

      Yes, I'm still hanging on.

    17. Missing avatar

      Karl Manning on

      Still here - glad you persevered to the end. Cant wait to play!

    18. Jasper Barreveld on

      Pretty much in awe that toughed it out and finally managed to get this far. Kudos!

    19. Atle on

      Good job hanging in there in face of trouble, and keep working towards your dreams!

    20. Missing avatar

      Nathan L. on

      It was nice to see that you guys kept on trucking along, even when your initial funding failed :) I'm glad things are working out well!

    21. Dean Thrasher

      That's such great news! I'm glad you were able to push on and make the game. I'm looking forward to playing it.

    22. Buckthestar on

      I can't believe it's been so long!

    23. Missing avatar

      T on

      Has it been that long?

      Glad to hear you're still moving forwards with the project. I can't wait to get lost in the snow myself!

    24. Joonyoung Ahn on

      Wow, congratulation!
      Can't wait to play it.

    25. Missing avatar

      James Ingold on

      Great news and nice trailer! I'm really glad you guys were able to keep working on the project and we still get a chance to see the idea come to life.

      Stay warm.

    26. Marco Piccinini on

      Great news! :D Keep goin'!

    27. Missing avatar

      B on

      Really looking forward to it!!!

    28. Novakane on

      Congrats on surviving your own apocalypse.... Winter is coming!!!

    29. Novakane on

      Congrats on surviving your own apocalypse... winter is coming!!!!

    30. jctwood on

      Still looks beautiful, very excited to play this. Good luck!

    31. Michael Chorlton on

      Congratulations guys, good to hear you've found a solution that allows you to release thus game. Will it be released in steam?

    32. Missing avatar

      Lukas Daniel Klausner

      I'm still here. ^^

    33. Missing avatar

      JennyW on

      Yay can't wait!

    34. Daniel Kovacs on

      I'm happy for you guys :)
      The game looks greater with every day and it would have been a shame if it were left unfinished. I really appreciate the free copy offer cause i can see you still haven't forgotten about us but like in the beginning l'm still determined to support you guys cause you deserve it so I'm gonna buy the game :)
      Good luck to you all and i hope the game will be a big hit :)

    35. Missing avatar

      Jonas on

      Good job guys!
      Glad you're able to do the game you wanted to do!

    36. Missing avatar

      Florian Otti on

      Wow... that's pretty amazing. Congratulations :D

    37. Missing avatar


      Yooooo, I'm so glad you made it! I'm glad you stuck with it and kept us updated over the years!

    38. Thomas Haynes on

      Brilliant news, can't wait to play it. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait... Looking good.

    39. Aaron McCaskey on

      Glad to hear ypu guys are still alive and kicking

    40. Aaron McCaskey on

      Glad to hear ypu guys are still alive and kicking

    41. Missing avatar

      Chris W

      Congratulations!! This is one of those projects that I think we all had high hopes for and I am glad to see you all make it this far. Looking forward to playing when it comes out and am wishing you all great success when it releases.

    42. Missing avatar

      DuarteDF on

      Congrats guys! Really great news!

    43. Katherine Ray on

      I am so excited for you guys!

      It was disappointing to think we were missing out on such a potentially great game, when the project wasn't funded... and to find out that you didn't give up and are bringing it to life? Rock on!

      Congratulations and thank you for not giving up! I can't wait for the OST (thank you for sharing it with us backers!), and will keep hawk eyes on your site, ready to buy the game when it comes out <3

    44. Missing avatar

      Richard T on

      Thanks for the news, so good to hear! Have fun and good luck with the release!

    45. Jonas on

      Wow, I was surprised that this game is coming next year. I am really happy. Can’t wait for it to play. And the soundtrack by Mitch Murder sounds great in the trailer. Thanks for giving it to us and thanks for keeping us backers informed.

      Definitely will buy the game and I am so happy to be part of this success story even if the kickstarter was not successful.

      All the best for the team and the game.

    46. Timothy Casassa on

      I am both surprised and pleased that you're still in business.

      Even more suprising/pleasing is giving away soundtracks to everyone, even though the KS didn't fund. That is generous.

    47. Raphael S. Neto on

      Hey, that's great news!! I loved the way this game looks from the very start and it is even better now. Glad it will be released soon! =D

    48. Missing avatar

      Darren Foster on

      Still around, although I can't say I was expecting an update hearing the game had actually hit release, all to many of the failed Kickstarters I've backed have just vanished abandoned entirely.