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£4,006 pledged of £90,000 goal
£4,006 pledged of £90,000 goal


Hi everyone,

In the words of our favorite time-traveler Marty McFly... "I guess you guys aren't ready for that yet. But your kids are gonna love it." 

So... our GameTron Kickstarter has ended and as you already know, we were a long way off our target. To be honest, we always had a feeling it was going to be a tough goal to hit. However, we still feel as though it's been a productive experience, and we now have to look at the positives/negatives and move forward.

The first - and most important - thing we'd like to do is thank all of our backers and supporters. We've received so many emails and messages of encouragement and we realise that not all of the support has been financial. Eveyone who's backed the project; everyone who's tweeted about GameTron; everyone who's messaged us with suggestions and encouragement... we can't thank you enough. Seriously. We're a small team - and even though we missed our target by a mile - we still got a huge buzz every time someone pledged, or a fan got in touch.

I guess the big question is: what's next for GameTron 1000? Well, the concept is still very much alive, we now have to evaluate our options and decide what's next (which is something we'll be looking at throughout 2013). It's hard to put an exact timeline/schedule on things, but we already have some options available to us.

We've invested a lot into the project and still wholeheartedly believe in it. Most importantly, we know from our inbox that the support is there. The financial results might tell a different story, but we know that a lot of people we're hesitant regarding our prices (which was perhaps one of our biggest mistakes). Ultimately, we know that the GameTron is something that people want to see brought to life and that's incredibly important - probably the most important thing of all.

We'll continue to use these updates (if they still work) to keep people informed of any news and developments (as well as our Facebook page).

Once again, we'd like to thank our supporters and we hope you'll be playing GameTron 1000 in the not-too-distant future.

Mojo Bones xxx


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    1. Litch on March 29, 2013

      I really hope to see this be started again some time not to far in the future. I'm going to pledge again thats for sure :) Please do keep us updated on anything like that :)

    2. Mojo Bones 2-time creator on January 24, 2013

      Hey Jonic, thanks for the encouragement. We're still hoping to get GameTron up-and-running. We'll keep you posted.

    3. Jonic Linley on January 21, 2013

      Sorry you guys didn't make it - it's still a rad idea, and I hope one day it becomes reality! Best of luck with it :)