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£4,006 pledged of £90,000 goal

Samurai Lobster (and other stuff)

Hi guys, it's been a while.

First up...


A few people have asked about an OUYA version. The GameTron would be a great fit, and given that we already plan for an Android release, it should be pretty straightforward to create (especially if planned in advance). So consider this a priority format for us following launch.


The GameTron concept is all about striking the perfect balance. Obviously we want lots of exciting combinations and variations, but at the same time, breaking the world record for 'most games in a single game' wouldn't be productive for anyone ('Action 52' *cough).

So although we want lots of interesting genres and objectives, it's just as important to focus on the quality of each individual game. Our aim is to make each experience feel like a standalone game in its own right.


This stage on any project is always fun. As much as we have our game design ready to go, it's a time for coming up with new ideas and generally getting excited about the possibilities of what we're about to create. One of the the great things about the GameTron 1000 is the scope for expansion.

In a recent meeting, one of the ideas we discussed was the inclusion of a metagame. We talked about the possibility of players earning 'PixelPoints' as they play (awarded for earning high-scores, sharing games, conjuring specific game combinations etc.) and using them as an overall ranking system and currency. We also discussed the idea of allowing players to gamble these PixelPoints against their friends.

Be great to get your thoughts and suggestions.


Our artist Mark recently designed a new boss for the game: may we introduce 'Samurai Lobster'.

We wanted to show you the 'before & after' shots. What started as a simple sketch, soon became a fully pixelated monstrosity!

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    1. Mojo Bones 2-time creator on December 16, 2012

      Hey Colin,

      Yeah, we'd love the 'friends' functionality to be included in all versions. Glad you like the PixelPoints concept too. There's so much cool stuff we could do with them: different retro skins for the reel system anyone :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Colin Kidwell on December 15, 2012

      Great to read updates, and for the chance to feedback on new decisions; so here it is.

      Love the idea of these pixel points, it adds some continuity to the whole game instead of a random mess of levels/challengers (you know what I mean). Also, would you make this friends idea multi-platform?


    3. Mojo Bones 2-time creator on December 15, 2012

      Hey Jose,

      We also had the idea of awarding points for managing to luckily spin matching combinations. For example: you might get a game that's set in a Japanese castle, with Karate Robot enemies whilst having to destroy the Samurai Lobster boss. Because each of the elements have a matching theme, you'll get bonus PixelPoints. This is just a basic example.

      Love your idea for unlocking content too. Spending your points to unlock new elements is something we also discussed and would be easy to implement. Extra content - like the 'packs' you suggest - is definitely a big part of the concept. We'd love to keep adding, to keep things fresh.

      Cheers for posting, and supporting the project.

    4. José Ángel Lara
      on December 15, 2012

      The PixelPoints sound like a nice idea. They could be used to unlock "new functionality" for the GameTron, allowing you to widen the options for bosses, environment, etc. you can randomly get. For example, with PixelPoints you could buy a "Super Villain Pack" that gives you access to a certain group of bosses that aren't available or rarely appear on the roulette. It could enhance the playing experience even more, just knowing that you'll have a chance to fight against some badass monsters you don't normally see.
      P.S. The Samurai Lobster looks pretty cool!