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Help make Jenny's story possible in a beautiful exploration based adventure game focused on story, character & mystery!
A handcrafted, exploration based, adventure game focused on story, character & mystery!
A handcrafted, exploration based, adventure game focused on story, character & mystery!
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    1. David Montero on

      2 years after the campaign... nothing yet? No final release yet?

    2. Missing avatar

      Madeline on

      How about giving a revised release date on your next update. This is ridiculous. I want to play the game already.

    3. Mografi 2-time creator on

      Just posted the latest update:

      Planning to do bi-monthly updates for the final stretch of the project.


    4. Ryan Mrochuk

      Almost 2 months worth no update. Everything ok?

    5. Torsten Stelling

      Any chance for a new Update after 6 weeks? Thanks. :)

    6. Mainon Schwartz

      Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for the consistent and informative updates. I've been happy to wait because it's been clear you guys were working hard, and I'm certain it's going to pay off. :)

    7. Mografi 2-time creator on

      I just posted the May update!

    8. Bob Keifer on

      I for one don’t mind waiting as long as needed for the game. Am I anxious to get my hands on it? Of course! Am I frustrated that it’s been so long? Of course! But the professionalism a team of 2 has shown is beyond compare. Consistent, regular updates that always have a detailed list of what they’ve been working on, along with being at all of the developer events to publicize the game I’m sure is no easy feat. Bravo!

    9. Ralph Miller

      Every time I get an update showing a booth at yet another publicity event, I get a little angry. I’m a patient person, I’m a superbacker. This kinda campaign is par for Kickstarter. I’ve had other campaigns totally fail and lost all my money.

      But I have to admit, I don’t care about this game anymore. It’s fascinating what a 2 year delay can do to a person’s interest. I don’t want to see more updates; I don’t want to hear about this or that. Just send us the game or tell us it was a waste and there is no actual game, cause my apathy grows by the minute.

      I’ll probably just unsubscribe...

    10. Eduardo Baraf on

      I don't believe I've commented here before, but this is easily the longest KS wait I've had. I do appreciate the reasonably regular updates from the team, but would love a comprehensive outline / plan of development. Perhaps I missed it, but it seems each update is an animated gif or two and event pictures.

    11. Melissa Finley on

      It will be Jenny LeClue Volume One! The story of Jenny has always been envisioned as a multi-part adventure with the fall launch being the complete first volume!

    12. Jens Ewald on

      Will you release the whole game in fall or will it be episodic? Just courios...

    13. Mografi 2-time creator on

      We’re launching this fall! Here’s the gameplay trailer! =]

    14. Freddy on

      i wonder if this game will ever be done

    15. wizzers on

      I have to agree that the team needs a hard deadline as you know by now that there are many really patient backers getting impatient.

      Sometimes it’s not always the longer you wait, the better the stuff gets. It has to go out and let the world to experience it to get the critics or compliments to be better.

      Really hope this can be a finished product soon.

    16. Jens Ewald on

      P.S.: Despite the fact that you claim to be a "2 man core team" on various ocassions, the original campain listet over 10 poeple under "Team", so one can think the backers could have been fooled about the possible work-power behind the Kickstarter.

      At this point I am no longer patient and understanding. I really think, I can write off my money which ich pledged here. And please, don't bother yourself with any appeasing reply to my comment, I've heard enough of that.

    17. Jens Ewald on

      Another year, another expo, another "we are just 2 people"-posting. You are terribly late and other projects have been done by only one man. With all due respect, this is getting ridiculous. How are we supposted to think that this project will ever come to an end? So much time from the funding to now and still not much more than going from one expo to another...

    18. Rose Ludwig

      Just came here to say pretty much what others have. I'd sure like to see a finished project. This was one of the first Kickstarter projects I backed, way back in 2014!

    19. Mografi 2-time creator on

      We have been doing our due diligence to reign in and streamline certain aspects of the game. Honestly, it’s just a lot for a core team of two to do. At this stage we are working our way through all the content creation, playtesting and refining of scenes. As far as an updated timeline, we are targeting a fourth quarter release window and as soon as we have a firm launch date, we will let you know!

      Thanks for your continued patience and understanding! If you have any more specific questions, feel free to message or email me. =]


    20. Edward Petersen

      I would also love to hear what the revised timeline is at this point. And I agree with all the words about the "feature creep." It's very clear that you have a mountain of content. And I love seeing it. But I would love playing it way more. Please find your way to a deadline and release as soon as you can.

    21. Christina

      First, I do hope you are continuing to read the comments put here.
      Secondly, I really do think this game and your dedicated work on it is truly awesome. BUT... I fear that you have now entered a point of no return...of creating more and more great additions, but at the cost of a constantly extended deadline for completion. The problem is that you can continue to polish the first chapter forever...and it becomes an end in itself of constantly upgrading it.

      The only way to escape the trap of having a neverending project, is to impose hard deadlines on yourselves, and tell yourselves that once the deadline is reached, the polishing will cease — and you will accept that it is “as ready as it is going to be” because you need to move forward to the next step - PERIOD. No extending of the deadline, no wistful regrets that you need to continue to improve the existing work. IT IS TIME TO MOVE FORWARD..... This, I am certain, is the best way to move forward and to stop perseverating on how you can continue to improve and expand on the first chapter. Otherwise this project will not be completed in your lifetime!

      I really do admire you guys, and I know your heart is in this game. BUT you really must do as stated above — set that HARD DEADLINE and stick to it! For everyone’s sake, but most importantly to enable yourself to move on and not dwell on making more and more tweaks. You can become perfectionists about it all — and believe me, that is not a good thing.

      Now, set a realistic deadline and stick to it no matter what!

    22. Elizabeth Gustwick on

      What is the actual time line at this point? I am glad to see all the samples. It looks like it will be a great game, and I'm looking forward to it. Please take a guess at some sort of release date.

    23. Missing avatar

      stuart renz on

      I have had to change address due to the fact my dad's in hospital with terminal cancer to 25 coach road hamble le rice Southampton so314jw

    24. Missing avatar

      Gustavo Czobel on

      3 years in the making... I think that you need to start putting some real dates for the backers...

    25. Freddy on

      Any new updates ?

    26. Mografi 2-time creator on

      Meg: physical rewards will happen after the game release. As we've expanded the amount of content, the timeline is longer. So we'll have more info about a release window in a future update. =]

    27. Meg Jones

      Any word on progress? Also what about the physical rewards? Thank you!

    28. Tim Dale on

      Hi everyone,

      I am a long time fan of Lindsey Stirling and this video made me think of Jenny LeClue. Enjoy!…


    29. Mografi 2-time creator on

      @Yen: Great question. Due to the expanded scope of the game it's taking longer than originally planned, but we are aiming for a very loose release window later in the year. =]

    30. Yen Luong on

      Hi Mografi, I'm wondering when will the game be released? Kind of super eager to play it.

    31. Mografi 2-time creator on

      @Jens: we are working tirelessly to bring the game to completion. We covered this in a recent update. The game is progressing nicely, with the story mapped out. About half the levels built out and most of the dialogue written. We've been working on building all the characters, their rigs, and respective animations for the world as well as the other level art and layouts. As the amount of content has grown, and there are only two of us, creating all of that just takes more time to complete. Thanks for your understanding and patience. =]

    32. Jens Ewald on

      It's been over 2 years by now and I'm happy that you go to show up at all these fancy things like PSX and what else. Also I'm a very patient person but it would be really nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel... Updates are nice but how far is the work on the game?

    33. Missing avatar

      Pat Dietrich on

      Creepy guy B please!!

    34. Rose Ludwig

      Love the update! Great work!

    35. Mografi 2-time creator on

      Celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the Kickstarter campaign! Check out the details here:

    36. Missing avatar

      doublepayne on

      It's really cool to have all those updates but i must admit i lost track of what is happening, and my only concern is, when will'I be able to play ?

    37. Rodney Burton on

      Graveyards at midnight?
      Holy ground.

    38. Mografi 2-time creator on

      @ Yadu Rajiv: Hopefully! Don't have any specifics sorted yet though.

    39. Yadu Rajiv on

      I just happened to see Jenny LeClue listed on refinery. Any chance of getting access to the game there? I was just curious ^_^

      All the best!!

    40. Mografi 2-time creator on

      @Emma - thank you for the kind words!

      @David - We are hoping to bring the game to as many platforms as possible, and being a tiny team of three people we can only focus on a few things at a time. So we will have to see!

      So much scooter love!

    41. Ryan Abrahams on

      Cruiser. Not sure where you are located, but a Yamaha Virago 250 is a good starter cruise bike (unless you are a larger person like me!)

      They are pretty much the go-to entry level cruiser bike, at least here in Aus.

    42. Rodney Burton on

      Cruiser bike modified with a small motor.

    43. Emma Ridener on

      Looking forward to this very much! Sorry to hear about the family issues. That's awful. Good luck in the future! ^.^

    44. Missing avatar

      David Kusiak on

      Any chance that Jenny will come to the XB1?

    45. Hector Morales on

      Definitely excited to see Jenny on my PS4! Keep up the good work!

    46. Mografi 2-time creator on

      Jenny LeClue is coming to PS4! And we will be at Playstation Experience Dec 5-6! More at

    47. Mografi 2-time creator on

      @Hector - Be sure to check some of the recent updates. We discuss development progress each month! Some news coming tomorrow as well.

    48. Hector Morales on

      It's been awhile since we've heard anything on the progress of development. Any news?

    49. Mografi 2-time creator on

      @CBSwartz @inceptional Thanks for the kind words of support! It means a lot to us! =]

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