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Help us complete this beautiful and haunting portrait of life after land. The suspense, mystery, and struggle unfolds in FATHOMS!
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Posted by Mografi (Creator)

Below is an example of a mostly final frame! I'm going for moody and atmospheric, especially in the underwater shots like you see here.

I've started the 4-6 week journey that will be finalizing textures and lighting in scenes, setting them up, rendering, and compositing the shots.

Nerd alert ( check out now if you don't care about technical things ):

I've set up net render over wifi so I've got my laptop rendering during the day while I set up shots, and when I go to sleep I can add my desktop computer to the rendering. This way I can be rendering 24 / 7 and never reach a point where I have to wait for the renders to have something to composite. This is an ideal workflow as long as I can keep up with preparing shots. This makes me feel way more productive! And, since the laptop is rendering during the day, if I notice any renders that don't look right or I forget to turn on a render setting, I can fix it quickly, and re-queue the shot without having to wait 'til the next morning!

I've scheduled 4 weeks to complete this task, but there are a ton of variables, and something always goes wrong or breaks during this phase. So, I've given myself 1 - 2 additional weeks to be safe.

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    1. Christopher Jelle on

      I'm really excited for you to finally be coming close to the completion of this project. This is the first Kickstarter campaign that I ever backed, and to have other campaigns like OUYA come and go through my inbox shows how long this has taken. But the screenshot there shows a lot of work and dedication and I'm still glad that I backed this and really look forward to seeing your creation. Good luck and keep on truckin'.

    2. Mografi 2-time creator on

      Peter: 1080P version:

    3. Peter Holthaus on

      Nice to hear your work is going so smoothly.
      And: would you make that small picture to a wallpaper? Looks great even so tiny!