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Help us complete this beautiful and haunting portrait of life after land. The suspense, mystery, and struggle unfolds in FATHOMS!
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Posted by Mografi (Creator)

So, based on calculations, I need to finish a minimum of 28 seconds of animation a day to hit my deadline. This is working six days a week, with a possible seventh day if I don't hit my quotas. I'm wrapping up week one, with four more weeks to let's hope I can sustain that output and still sleep. Keep in mind, this is just polishing the it is probably possible ( fingers crossed ).

I'm updating the master edit with playblasts ( think sketch-quality renders ) as i complete the final animation for each scene. Sometimes this leads to another pass through a few shots, where I forgot something was in one shot and then disappeared in the next, or I realize a shot needs to be a beat longer to enhance the emotional impact.

I then need to sweep through every scene and tidy up my textures and lighting and hit the big red render button.Then on to compositing, my favorite part! This is where my magic happens, this is where I can make Fathoms shine.

Now, I consider myself a good animator, but I do very little character-based work for clients. This is part of my challenge for Fathoms, having complex character animation. Now of course, the strength of the final piece will not necessarily be about Pixar-quality animation, but beautiful composition and (hopefully) a haunting story, with all the visual and animation elements serving as support for the story.

More soon!

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      Dan F on

      I am more about story than compositing. I prefer charming to haunting, but it's your piece. :)

      I am looking forward to seeing the final product.