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Help us complete this beautiful and haunting portrait of life after land. The suspense, mystery, and struggle unfolds in FATHOMS!
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Posted by Mografi (Creator)

I want to start off by stating that the rumors of FATHOMS demise are greatly exaggerated. The truth is that the project is very big. And yes, I may have bit off more than I can chew, but that's my nature. The animation is currently around 17 minutes long. I have animated every shot, but I am going back and revising the shots and editing of several scenes to (hopefully) strengthen their emotional impact. I'm not saying I'm going to be coming out with an Oscar-worthy short, but I want it to the best I can make it without compromising my vision. Please keep in mind that I am doing the entirety of the production, from design, to modeling, lighting, texturing, animation, editing, compositing, sound design, etc, by myself. 

All that said, I'm aiming to complete the project by the end of September / Beginning of November if I can hit my quotas. Again, I greatly appreciate your patience and kindness with the project and rewards ( which will happen once the project is complete ).

Attached below is a final composite shot from the Scavenger Arken on the lonely sea at night. I've redone the water a few times and finally came up with a system that I feel looks very cartoon/comic-like while maintaining a fluid sense of aquatic movement...or basically, it looked like sh*t before, and now it looks cool!

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    1. Chris Waldrip on

      I'll second Mr. Jelle's comment. Thanks for the update. All I ask is an occasional "I'm still alive, still working on it" message. -grin-

      I for one liked your vision enough that I had no qualms offering to help finance it. And since my donation was in the sub-million dollar level seen in hollywood I don't expect to have much say in your production schedule.

      Take your time to turn your vision into reality and as good as you feel you can make it. :-D

    2. Christopher Jelle on

      Thanks for the update. I was beginning to wonder what happened, since you've been so quite on the project blogs. Glad to hear your nearly finished and I am still excited to see the final product. Good luck!