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Help us complete this beautiful and haunting portrait of life after land. The suspense, mystery, and struggle unfolds in FATHOMS!
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Posted by Mografi (Creator)

I just have to say that I am so thankful for everyone's continued support and patience with this project (and with me in general). I'm using the Thanksgiving break to crank out a few more shots.

The attached Image is a locked shot / final render from the final animation. I'm not sure how to make the image display larger here on Kickstarter, but it's a pretty big image, so if you save it (or open the image in a new window), you should be able to see all the magic happening in that shot. Pretty cool huh? 

I have an entire rough cut done with first-pass animation. I'm currently going through and doing second pass of animation for every single shot. This will take quite a while, as it should be the final animation, barring a few shots. I'm then rendering and compositing each shot as I complete the animation for it.

This process takes a while (the current cut is roughly 15+ minutes long), and the schedule has been pushed back as I changed careers and moved half-way across the country, but, it's still kicking.

I could post the rough animation, but a lot of people have asked me to keep the behind the scenes / work in progress stuff spoiler free, so, I'm trying not to post anything more than stills and little tests.



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    1. Mografi 2-time creator on

      Thanks for posting the link Norb!

      I'd love to be 80% done right now, but definitely not that far yet!

      Maybe, if enough people are interested, I'll post the first pass animation and put lots of spoiler warnings or password protect it so you have to really want to watch it.

      I wouldn't recommend it though, because it will ruin the surprise of some of the mystery / twists in the story!

    2. Norb on

      I am for the final animation. Thanks Joe!

    3. Norb on

      If it's up-to-date, Joe has a progress bar on the top right-hand side of

    4. Missing avatar

      Dan F on

      I am glad to see you still at this. I'm looking forward to the final product.

      I am neutral about whether you release rough cut or not. I know I would not look at it, because I want to be hit with the full wonder of the final product.

      In the same vein, I don't look hard at the stills posted. I like knowing it is progressing, but I want to preserve the experience.

      I'd be curious to know a "progress bar": "80% done" or "140 hours of work left".