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Help us complete this beautiful and haunting portrait of life after land. The suspense, mystery, and struggle unfolds in FATHOMS!
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The good news and the bad news

Posted by Mografi (Creator)

Hi all,

If you haven't been following my blog, I have been hard at work on turning FATHOMS into something beautiful and (hopefully) meaningful.

The good news is, I am moving in a few days, from NYC to Florida. I am changing my career path and have taken a position as a visiting professor at Ringling College of Art & Design. This is an exciting time and part of my bigger long term careers goals - which include giving back and finding more time to produce my own creative works (versus commercial art for someone else).

The sad news is that, all this life change stuff (packing, moving, changing everything, saying sad goodbyes) means FATHOMS is going to take longer than I expected. The film will still be completed, but, with the hectic schedule I have now and in the coming months, things will be pushed back.

All I can do is ask for your continued patience and trust. I can't promise that FATHOMS will be the greatest thing since submarines, but I can promise that I will complete it and deliver all the rewards that I promised along with the finished film.

Thanks, and keep on swimming!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Kendow on

      Have fun Joe. Say hello to Jill for me!

    2. Missing avatar

      Lachlan Church on

      Congratulations on the new job!

      I'm still very excited to watch this short. Good luck with everything and keep up the good work!

    3. Mografi 2-time creator on

      Thanks Lynnea and Dominique!

      Lynnea - What is your friend's name? What are they teaching? Maybe I'll run into them at the new teacher orientation in a few weeks and say hi! I definitely will keep updating things (especially on my blog). It just means my animation output will be very sluggish for the next few months.

      Dominique - It's a pretty amazing opportunity that came well before I was expecting it to. I figure I can do it now and see if it's something I will actually enjoy and/or am cut out to do. If I can inspire students half as much as you inspired me (and probably everyone else), then it will be a job well done! Any advice for the first semester?

    4. dominique elliott on

      I knew you would teach one day:). Congratulations for the best career in the world!
      Big hugs,


    5. H Lynnea

      Well, I'm sorry to hear that the film will take longer, of course. But congratulations on the new job! A friend of mine is also moving to FL this week to start teaching at Ringling in the fall - apprently this is where all the brainy and artistic people end up. =)
      I hope that, once you're moved and settled in and have your schedule worked out, you'll keep us in the loop regarding your new timeline and all that fun stuff.