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Mogees turns the everyday objects around you into unique and powerful musical instruments. Play the world!
1,641 backers pledged £96,338 to help bring this project to life.

Android backer update

Posted by Bruno Zamborlin (Creator)

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November update

Posted by Bruno Zamborlin (Creator)

Hello all,

Last week we shipped Mogees to over 1000 of our wonderful Kickstarter backers. While some of the units are still on their way from London to the far corners of the globe, you should all by now have received an email invitation to install the Mogees App via TestFlight. If you have not received this invitation, then please send us an email along with any other questions you may have to

We are already beginning to see videos streaming in of people’s first encounters with Mogees, including this beautifully shot piece by pro-user A Box in the Sea. 

If you have anything you’ve created that you would like to share with us, please add #mogees or share it on our Facebook page.

Our Android Developer is reporting good progress with low latency results on high-end Android platforms. He is currently testing the basic Mogees functionality on various devices, and will follow this with porting Apple-only frameworks over to native Android operations.

It seems that the vast majority of our users have switched over to iOS 8, but if you are still on iOS 7 and do not wish to upgrade, send us an email at

As always we would love to hear your feedback - jump onto our forum and share your thoughts with the rest of the Mogees community. Here you can find tips and tricks, the latest update news, as well as suggest future features - we’ve already received some wonderful ideas that have been integrated into the App from our beta testers and we hope to receive more.

We would like to say thanks to all our backers!

Important - iOS backers - check your address / answer our survey before shipping !

Posted by Bruno Zamborlin (Creator)
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For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

iOS update

Posted by Bruno Zamborlin (Creator)

Hi Mogees backers,

A few of you guys have been wondering…. Why is iOS 8 required?

So we’re using a system called TestFlight to distribute the application to all of you. TestFlight was recently bought out by Apple and is undergoing a major update which should be released in the next couple of weeks. One of the downsides of this major update is that Apple is only supporting their latest operating system, iOS 8.

This means you’ll have to install iOS 8 on your device in order to get TestFlight, which then gives you access to the Mogees app.

There is good news though - this new update will then allow you to install the Mogees app on more than one of your devices. So if you’ve got an iPhone and an iPad, you’ll be able to install the Mogees app on both.

Support for iPod and iPad is also coming along nicely and the anti-feedback algorithm we're working on is improving every day - we should have a version ready in the upcoming weeks.

Why not use the App Store?

Since we are not yet distributing Mogees to mass market, we can’t put the app on the App Store yet. We’re using TestFlight so that we can give it exclusively to you, our Kickstarter backers, who also have the necessary Mogees hardware.

Keep in touch for further updates.

Bruno and the Mogees Team

Mogees Classic, Pro and Pro KickStarter Edition are arriving, straight to your home!

Posted by Bruno Zamborlin (Creator)

August has been an incredibly busy month, but we are now proud to see our first units been received and used by our beta testers.

We shipped the 65 golden units about 3 weeks ago and the 79 red units for the other beta testers on the 1 of September. Our beta testers come from 19 different countries worldwide - Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zeland, Hong Kong, Japan, Russia. 

The forum is starting to get busier and busier with their invaluable feedbacks and we want to say a big “Thank You” to all of them. All of these responses are helping us to improve the app and focusing on the most important challenges.

We are attentively listening to the different opinions and implementing the changes, fixing the crucial bugs, in order to provide an even better experience to you all.

The most important topics we’re working on are the gesture recognition algorithm, the capture function, the anti-feedback filter and the compatibility with other apps.

What’s happening next?

We have received all the iOS units – Classic, Pro, and Pro KickStarter Edition - from our factory and they are all secured in our office and ready to be shipped.

Once the Beta Tester period ends, we will be able to send all of the Mogees to you. We reckon that in 2 weeks time we should be able to realise the first version of the app and decide how to distribute it to you (either via TestFlight or through the Apple store).

If all goes as we expect, we should be able to ship the units to all the iOS backers during the first or second week of October, about two months later then we originally planned.

This is the time to update your shipping address details if you need it, in order to avoid any mistakes.

We hope this update can be helpful for you and we really look forward to sending you all the Mogees we have here at the office.

So keep following us, contact us via the site, or via Facebook and Twitter if you need any further information. We are trying to answer to everybody as soon as we can.

Bare with us, Mogees is arriving, straight to your home.