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Mogees turns the everyday objects around you into unique and powerful musical instruments. Play the world!
Mogees turns the everyday objects around you into unique and powerful musical instruments. Play the world!
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    1. Amir Soltani on

      Very disappointed as the app from Appstore is asking me to register my mogees, but I only got the unit and it's case where do I get the working app for this? Why force the people to go through loop after they backed your project? currently the unit is useless without the app, where do I get the registration no of my unit?

    2. Alex Ritch on

      Hello any update for the windows VST please?

    3. David Hellam

      Why is my latest request for further information at… pending approval?

    4. Missing avatar

      Guillermo Pedraza on

      Hi guys,
      I'm having an issue with my Mogees app. I've used the app through Test Flight since I got the device, now it says it has expired. What can I do to fix that? I tried looking for the app at the app store with no luck, would that be beacuse of my location (I live in Argentina). I cannot use my Mogees!! I have a show by the end of the year please help me sort this out!! I've sent 3 emails to support already with no response.
      Please help!!


    5. Bruno Zamborlin Creator on

      Hi Mazdak,

      Please shoot a quick email to and we will get you sorted.

      Very Best,

      David @ Mogees

    6. Mazdak Farzone on

      I have the android device. Would like to get the PC version. What do I do?

    7. Bruno Zamborlin Creator on

      Hi @Kevin,
      Unfortunately we had to stop the development of the Android for all of the reasons listed in that recent email and summarised here:

      If you do not want to receive the iOS / PC / Mac version free of charge and none of the other options suit you, please get in touch with

      @Alex, the VST for Mac will be ready by mid November, and the Windows version a few weeks afterward.

      Conor @ Mogees

    8. BJ Tomiko

      Finally got a chance to try this out again after watching the tutorial videos and didn't have much more luck. I'm definitely taking the end cap off, so that's not the issue. I tried a glass jar and was able to get it to detect two different frequencies most of the time, but no more than two different ones. No matter what else I tried for a third or fourth sound, it overlapped with the first two. I tried a few more metal objects and there was no consistency in detecting different sounds at all on those.

    9. Alex Ritch on

      Hi there
      When could you sent the VST (for windows) please? The mogees doesn't work on my Iphone (4), and doesn't work on my 2 other android devices...
      Sorry to be really "impatient"...

    10. Kevin on

      What a pile of crap. I'm left with an expensive paper weight. When is the Android app going to work?

    11. Daver... !!!(⊙.⊙(☉o☉)⊙.⊙)!!!

      Another $90 of KickStarter $$$ down the drain. This is why after almost 400 projects that I have backed that I back almost nothing anymore.

    12. Missing avatar

      Phil Grossblatt on

      An invitation to give you even more money for version two? Thanks, but no thanks....

    13. Roger Jardine on

      Hi, I'm a Mogees first-edition owner - I understand and appreciate that the new Mogees hardware has a better sensor, but will we see any software improvements that are applicable released for our Mogees, or is it a case of Mogees 1 is now obsolete, please buy Mogees 2 for improvements (or wait for Mogees 3...)

    14. caleb wood on

      @Bruno Zamborlin thanks!

    15. Bruno Zamborlin Creator on

      Hi Daniel,

      Sorry for any confusion. We have just switched you over, from Android to iOS, on our system and we sent you an invite to the iOS version of our Kickstarter Edition app.

      The invite will come through as an email from the iTunes Store, so it may be worth checking your spam/junk folders just in case it hasn't made it through to your inbox.

      If you download the app using the invite in that email you will not need to enter a device number and you should be able to get going right away.

      If there are any other issue please get in touch directly via:

      Alternatively you can view tutorials and start-up guide here:


      The Mogees Team

    16. Daniel Rogers on

      OK..... So I put in my order. Waited forever... Than news that Android app was not working.... Waited forever. Here we are a year after the original date and I get the thing. At this point I can't remember if its ios or Android. I can download the app on ios, but it asks for a "device number" (?!?!). Not sure where that is, I have the crappy piece of paper with barely any instructions and a 5th world country zip back and the mogee. What's this "device number" and seriously, why is it even there? Is there a great mogee piracy threat in the world? A thriving under market that threatens to destroy the company? You guys can barely get the thing running, is this "device registration" necessary? Can I get this thing to work after a year+ delay? Thank you.

    17. Bruno Zamborlin Creator on

      Hi BJ,

      Perhaps the following video tutorial will be of some help?

      You may wish to refer to the support/trouble shooting section of our Zendesk where we have other tutorials and answer a bunch of common FAQs:

      Also you can direct any queries, questions, or concerns directly to our support team via:

      In the meantime, can you make sure you have taken the lid off your Mogees sensor when in use? We have noticed that some of our backers have been (mistakenly) applying the sticky pad to bottom of the sensor without first removing the lid (i.e., they are putting the sticky pad on the lid itself); obviously this greatly reduces the sensitivity (and volume) of the microphone as the lid would be getting in the way.

      It is a more common occurrence than you might think, which is why I flag it up.


      The Mogees Team

    18. BJ Tomiko

      Has anyone been able to get their unit to function as expected?

      I've tried with a bunch of different materials and I can never get it to detect different types of strikes. I can hit a metal pan lightly with my finger, tap it with my finger nail, bang it with the palm of my hand, or hit it with a pencil, and all of those different hits register as nearly the same vibration. I've found it pretty much impossible to play different sounds consistently. Am I doing something wrong, is there something wrong with the device, is the microphone just not sensitive enough?

    19. Bruno Zamborlin Creator on

      Hi Android backers, we're collecting as much feedback regarding the Mogees for Android app at the moment. It is still in beta as there are still issues with the audio on multiple devices.

      I've opened a post on our Help Centre:
      Where you can also see existing known issues.

      But please report any issues here:

      Any feedback at all will help us!

      Conor @ Mogees

    20. Kevin on

      So I can't even open the Android App. It goes to a blank white screen for about a second and then returns me to my phone's home screen. . .

    21. CL Turner on

      Ohhhhh...You guys just SUCK! Con artists? Grifters? I've been quite nice and very patient. Here, please (and with all due respect) have a finger!

      Folks, we have been *played*. BTW, I am getting negligible latency on my Android, but your software crashes every damn time I push a button and it's levels are so quiet I can hardly hear the output during use. I would put this in your support forum, but you don't HAVE ONE!

      What a damn rip off. Shame!

    22. Toni Korb on

      Hi Bruno! Could you leave an update about your new Kickstarter Mogees Project?
      As a backer for 1st series of Mogees I feel a bit cheated about missing Mogees App updates and functions and that the raised money from the 1st series was used to develop the 2nd series. Well, compared to other Kickstarter projects, this is not the philosophy to deal with 1st line backers. I would have expected to get access to the all new Mogees App on the App Store, missing a serial number this won't happen. The Mogees TestFlight App (which I consider a beta version) is really messy and not comfortable to use.
      I don't want to be too offensive, but after having read about your new Kickstarter campaign I feel like sitting on a "Perpetual Beta“ device and software while you grasp money for the "Release Candidate".

    23. Missing avatar

      Gleb Rimmel on

      I received that too.
      Here is link to register on beta testing:
      Sadly, but application crashes on startup on my Xperia ZR.

    24. Davin Meisch on

      I received my Mogees in the mail today, but there's no Mogees app on the Google Play marketplace? I see in the comments people are using a beta Android app? Where do I get that?

    25. MrClem

      I received my mogees yesterday. I have tried today with the android app (beta) : there are a lot of bugs and a lot of work to do.

    26. Missing avatar

      adam boxall on

      How do you sign up for the forum? No option on the website

    27. Kevin on

      Come on guys, please get the Android version up and running! I've had a Mogees for ages and as yet it has been a rather expensive paperweight. . .

    28. Bruno Zamborlin Creator on

      @Nelson, we've got a VST and AU version that will work on Mac/PC/Linux coming out by the end of the year!

      @Caleb & @reptiles, if you contact we'll be able to send you an invitation to the iOS version as well as details of the Android beta. We're doing a small beta test of ~12 devices at the moment but will then offer it to all kickstarter backers if it goes well.


      Conor @ Mogees

    29. reptiles

      Can I switch to the IOS version?

    30. caleb wood on

      Thanks for the updates :) happy to hear you are making progress on the android build - is there an official process for getting on the beta (running an opo at the minute) as well as temporarily running the iOS version until the droid release?

    31. Missing avatar

      Nelson Zornitta on

      Hi, Bruno

      Have you ever tested something like or ?

      It would be nice to run Mogees on Windows too !!

    32. Bruno Zamborlin Creator on

      Hi everyone, apologies for the late reply.
      Latest news on Android app -
      We've got the app running with low latency on high-end smartphones (Nexus 5s Samsung Galaxy S4s etc) however the OpenSL audio handling engine that is most common on Android has far too many issues to release a stable real-time audio application.

      The good news is that Superpowered recently released an alternative that has already given us promising initial tests ( We're currently adapting our code to work within this new platform and then if the alpha tests in house are promising, we'll send them to any willing beta testers from our Android Kickstarter backers to get some feedback.

      At the end of the day, iOS will always be the preferred platform for our app and any real-time audio applications for the foreseeable future. If you have access to an iOS device running iOS 8, we would be happy to send you the Mogees sensor and app right away. Once the Android app is ready, we would also send you that application.

      Conor @ Mogees

    33. caleb wood on

      hey there! two questions - how's it going for the android release? Would be interested to see how it functions on an OPO. Secondly, would it be possible to get hold of the iOS version still and get the android version when it's released?

    34. Kevin on

      What's happening with the Android app ;-( I want to be able to try Mogees out!

    35. Missing avatar

      Aladuino on


      I would like to know how it is going the promissed educational app for kids .


    36. Bruno Zamborlin Creator on

      We're having issues with a couple of Android devices (Samsung mostly) having particularly noisy jack inputs. Soon enough we'll be asking for volunteers to try it out on their own devices so that we have a wider knowledge of compatibility.
      We're nearly there!

      Conor @ Mogees

    37. Missing avatar

      D Panka on

      If the Mogees android version is not released July, could it be that there will never come a release for Mogees Android? What is the Mainreason this cannot be released yet. ?

    38. Patrick McKinley on

      Are you still on track for a July release of the Android app? Your last update said that you should be shipping right about now. Just anxious to use my Mogees.

    39. Federico Marescotti on

      I was able to read your update only today, forget the previous comment...

    40. Federico Marescotti on

      I'm waiting some news about this... i paid, please let us know something.

    41. Missing avatar

      Ken Cheong on

      Hi Sir

      I did not get Android ver Mogees.


    42. CL Turner on

      Still waiting for an update on Android Beta. Any word?

    43. Patrick McKinley on

      Hi Bruno! Any update on the Android beta app yet? Just anxious to finally be able to give my Mogees a spin. :-)

    44. Victor Chien on

      Hi Sir
      I did not get your product, why?



    45. Toby We on

      Hi, the Mogees iOS App for Testflight expired a couple of weeks ago. I did not receive another invitation, so I am not able to use it. Please send me an invitation. Thanks.

    46. Bruno Zamborlin Creator on

      Hi Lisa,

      Please contact with your current postal address and we'll be able to switch you over.

      Conor @ Mogees

    47. Missing avatar

      Lisa pratt on

      I can't see the link to change to iOS in the update on Android availability.

    48. Bruno Zamborlin Creator on

      Hi Nelson,

      The hardware is the same for Android and iOS. If you have an iOS device that can run iOS 8;
      (iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6 Plus
      iPad 2, 3, 4
      iPad Air, Mini, Mini 2
      iPod Touch 5G)
      We could send one right away.
      We would prefer not to ship the units unless we are sure that the recipient will be able to use it, otherwise its simply a fancy paper-weight!

      The iOS version will be compatible with all devices with iOS 8 and above, however we do not have specific specifications for Android - we are testing it across multiple devices, but will ask for beta-testers to try it out on Android platforms to which we do not have access. We are trying to make it as compatible with as many devices as possible without sacrificing the quality of the real-time interaction.


      Conor @ Mogees

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