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MoeTar is hitting the road and going on tour. Help us share our musical creations live with NYC, MD, OH, MI, PA and IL.
MoeTar is hitting the road and going on tour. Help us share our musical creations live with NYC, MD, OH, MI, PA and IL.
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Final Tour Wrap Up

Hey-O Kickstarter doners.

We want to thank you once again for helping us to get all the way to Baltimore and around the Eastern to Mid-Western US for our amazing tour just over a month ago. We have attached a few pictures and wrote our tour journal of events to give you a window into our experience that you helped to create. Enjoy...

SHOW 1 - in Baltimore MD at The Orion
Mike Potter is the very gracious host of the illustrious Orion which has several decades of prog history under its belt. Due to that fact there was a loyal built-in audience with ears attuned to liking our brand of proggy-pop.  With an abundance of jet-lag and copious amounts of sweat (the humidity was ungodly to us west-coasters) we played the best we could under the various forms of duress, which apparently was quite impressive to the Orion’s regulars.  It was an amazing tour kick-off evening complete with merch sales, new contacts for future gigs, a super fun time had by all, and new fans galore.  One fan by the name of "progmistress" even wrote a gushing review of the show which can be read here:

SHOW 2 - in NYC at New Spectrum
Ahh NYC how we adore thee.  With the warm welcome of a parking ticket within the first 15 minutes of arrival we were ready to soak in the sewer-soaked summer city air.  Both of our NYC shows were on Ludlow street and only a block apart from each other on the lower east side.  This particular show was at the "New Spectrum," which we were informed was a "Salon presentation."  No, we did not get our hair and nails done.  It just means that it is a small venue capable of having low volumes and enough high-end gear to record our 2nd album in HD 5.1.  We did our thang with the high end digital thingamajiggy’s and delivered yet another strong performance.  And once again, the humidity...ouch…but still a great time with great people! PLUS, we didn't have to drive anywhere the next day so we played hard that night in NYC and had the next day to play. We walked the Brooklyn Bridge together on a beautiful day and ate killer NYC food. It doesn't get much better then that!

SHOW 3 - in NYC at Pianos
This show was booked by another astounding musician by the name of John Ferrara of the band "Consider The Source."  Check them out now.  Be prepared to wipe up your drool and change your underwear.  With John in attendance along with many other NYC fans and friends, this night was truly a melt-your-face east coast style kind of night.  Opening for us were our friends in Audio Collision, a clavinet power trio that by sheer volume alone was astounding.  Imagine an instrumental Van Halen with a slick propensity towards memorable melodies and haunting harmony.  Our own performance felt particularly supercharged by the rawness of NYC, the crowd, and the slightly less jet-lagged condition of the band.  Oh yeah, we’re just starting to crush now...

SHOW 4 - in Sellersville PA at The Sellersville Theater
This was the most stunning venue of the tour for sure. The venue is a beautiful small-town theater that gave us the golden treatment with our own dressing room, a full catered dinner, ushers, killer sound engineer and even a lovely merch table. While we did not set any attendance records here, we pulled some loyal fans all the way from NYC, Philly and beyond, as well as making some new ones.  Luckily the venue AC kept that nasty humid air far from our delicate performing appendages.

SHOW 5 - Rochester NY at The Loving Cup
This is the show where we finally met the head of our label, Peter Morticelli and also Dan Hanley.  It was a great time having dinner, getting to know each other and having a solid hang. We played a great set for very few people but the people that were there really cared and were a great audience and we got to personally melt the faces of our label execs with a live show. The humidity was gone by this day, the jet lag a fading memory, and our set tighter than ever...

SHOW 6 - Columbus OH at Bernie's Distillery
MoeTar ---> miRthkon
“Hey guys, wanna play a dingy rock club just for the hell of it way the f#$k down in Columbus?  Okay!!”
Yep.  We basically just played our sets for each other but had a damn good time doing it.  The weather was lovely, humidity all but a fading memory at this point.  Our friend Alan Sholiton (clothing designer for Jay-Z and others...) came out and adorned Moorea and Matthew with some
super hip stage clothes.  And as always, we played as if the world was ending in the morning...and in Columbus it was easy to pretend...

SHOW 7 - Madison WI at The Wisco.
Can we just say that Madison is a delightful city???  We had some great food there and enjoyed the pleasant mid-west vibes and fresh lake air.   The Wisco has a great built-in crowd on the weekends and boy they didn’t know what they were in for.  We blistered them with our west coast angst and left them at the curb to go stuff our faces with Macaroni & Cheese pizza at 3am.  Madison? Conquered...

SHOW 8 - Chicago IL at Swerp Mansion
A cheeky name for a DIY music collective warehouse space. This was the perfect final show for MoeTar. We were road-worn, sleep deprived, and fed on some strange chemical shrink-wrapped midget fingers sometimes known as tamales from the near-by establishment.  Nourishment or not though, we were more ready than ever to destroy Chicago’s citizens with a balls-to-the-wall final performance...and that we did...and it was LOUD.  We captivated a whole new audience who stood steadfast for an hour of ear-splitting intensity daring to be contained by four concrete walls.  Take that mid-west.  We did not come for your acceptance...we came for your souls...

So, that's that. A quick recap of the tour. After the last Chicago show, Moe, Tar, Dave & Matthew had one extra day on our dime to hang and play in Chi-town. At that time, Lebofsky was on the miRthkon tour bus about to make it's way home after a long haul with their lead singer Wally in the Chicago ER with a nasty gall-stone that he had the entire tour that we did together. Wally made it through 7 of the 8 shows, missing only the Chicago show to finally lay up in the hospital and deal with the pain.

Overall, MoeTar had a stellar experience! Our live performance grew infinitely getting to play so many shows in a row and we are EXTREMELY excited to play locally and beyond very very soon.

If you haven't already seen the post on our website or on Facebook, we were asked to play RoSfest in Gettysburg PA in May of 2013 and that show came about from connections that we made on this tour. So thank you AGAIN for that! 

We love you very very much. 

- Moorea, Tarik, Matthew, Matt & David
AKA; Moe, Tar, Heulitt, Lebofsky (or Lebofsk) & Dave

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Tour Update for the MoeTarians

Hey amazing Kickstarter funders! 

 We wanted to send you an update from the road. We planned to do it earlier but there has been very little down time with internet access along our crazy journey. We’re just waking up at our hotel in Madison WI now and about to get out of here, head to sweet sweet breakfast and then Chicago. This will be our 8th and final show tonight. 

We’ll send a more detailed message to you with a review of the whole tour and some pictures once we’re home, but for now we just wanted to kick you all a message to say hey and thank you again. We are thankful for you every day on this tour: on our flights, when we check into our hotels, getting into our rental car, playing our music & enjoying the ride – we know that it’s happening in large part because of your support. 

 So far every show has been great, and all for different reasons. It’s an adventure of epic proportions. A lot happens when you’re out in the world, traveling, playing shows, meeting new people and driving all over the place. We'll give you the full story soon.

 For now, thank you again. We LOVE YOU!
- Moorea, Tarik, David, Matt & Matthew

We Did It and THANK YOU!

Hello amazing fans and friends. 

The Kickstarter campaign for our Eastern tour closed today and we did it!  Thank you from the bottom of our music making hearts! 

We'll be sending out surveys shortly in order to collect your info so that we can send you your donation gifts. We'll be shipping out the gifts as soon as we're back from the tour. 

While we're on the road, expect to see updates from us on how it's going. If you're not already a fan of ours on Facebook, "like" us there. We'll probably post tour updates from the road most frequently on Facebook.

Cheers. Happy days. Love to you all. 

- Moorea, Tarik, Matt, Matthew & David

Tour Poster!

Now that ALL SHOWS ARE BOOKED (Whew!) we have a tour posted designed by yours truly, MoeTar's Tarik Ragab.  He hand drew the background image which we all think is pretty neet-o. It's below...

We also want to let you know that we've booked our flights to Baltimore and back home from Chicago as well as our rental SUV for road travel and gear hauling. We've used a credit card and will pay it off with the Kickstarter money once it's all in (THANK YOU!).  

Here are the details:
Friday Aug. 10, JetBlue flight 311 OAK 10:52pm - IAD (Washington DC) 6:50am 
Monday Aug. 20th, Virgin flight VX201 ORD (Chicago IL) 7am - SFO 9:30am

Thank you again for all of your support. We have 3 more days left of the campaign. We've exceeded our goal but the more the merrier. Whatever we don't spend on this tour will go into making our second album which we think is also a worthy cause. 

Cheers. - MoeTar

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We're FUNDED!!!

Heavens to Murgatroid, 

Because of you, quite literally, we are now 101% funded with 18 days still to go on this Kickstarter campaign. This means that we can actually go on tour. We didn't want to sound bleak in our original text but the truth is that we could not go without this money. We're now all set to buy our flights, get our rental car booked as well as our hotel rooms along the way.

We're freaking out ecstatic to be able to pack our bags and hit the road, but the happy unexpected side of this experience is how supported and taken care by our community we feel. When we created this campaign we had no idea if we'd be able to make our goal, it felt like a possibility and we were hopeful. Not in a million years did we didn't think that we'd be 100% funded just half way through the campaign timeline.

Thank you from the bottom of our music making hearts. We're playing tonight in Sacramento (9pm at Fox and Goose Pub). It's our last show on the West Coast before the tour and we'll be celebrating for sure. 

We'll continue to keep you updated with where it's at along our tour journey. Let's see how far above our goal we get. If we make more then our goal we'll be able to buy food and gas without going out of pocket. PLUS Moe & Tar will have to board their big black love of a dog, Kadin, which will have a solid price tag for 10 days. All of that is frosting on the already baked and delicious cake.

So, that's it for now. We are in love with you. IN LOVE!

- Moorea, Tarik, Matthew, Matt & David