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With Modulos, you can customize your work surface to your own individual needs, then customize it again... and again... Get yours now!
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What is a prototype?

A prototype is a preliminary model of something. Projects that offer physical products need to show backers documentation of a working prototype. This gallery features photos, videos, and other visual documentation that will give backers a sense of what’s been accomplished so far and what’s left to do. Though the development process can vary for each project, these are the stages we typically see:

Proof of Concept

Explorations that test ideas and functionality.

Functional Prototype

Demonstrates the functionality of the final product, but looks different.

Appearance Prototype

Looks like the final product, but is not functional.

Design Prototype

Appearance and function match the final product, but is made with different manufacturing methods.

Production Prototype

Appearance, function, and manufacturing methods match the final product.

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Prototype Gallery

These photos and videos provide a detailed look at this project’s development.


Our concept allows you to change your desk surface
Our concept allows you to change your desk surface

A fully modular desk, designed to fit you. Forever.

Modulos is the only desk that gives you absolute freedom in organizing, upgrading and changing your workspace.

In our search for the perfect desk, we found it nearly impossible for one desk surface to be able to work perfectly in different situations and spaces while evolving along with your needs. Furthermore, for you to buy an expensive wooden desk and down the road your needs or the space to fit it in changes, you'd end up having to buy a new one. That not only costs more money, but is wasteful - just imagine how many perfectly good desks gets thrown away!

That's why we decided to re-imagine the concept of a desk all together. Up until now you could change the legs or accessories but the desk surface would always remain a constant. So we re-imagined the concept of the surface itself!







Timeless design, timeless usability.

Modulos is designed to be sleek and to easily blend into any environment. Its wooden surface becomes a design element of your interior as well with its timeless beauty and warmth that no artificial material can reproduce. Since the inception of the idea, our goal was to create a piece of designer furniture that doesn't scream "design", but rather blends into its environment and enhances it all together. There are many cool desks built today featuring add-ons such as device docks, USB hubs, and other unique elements. But the issue is - times change. Technology changes and your old built-in USB hub or wireless charger doesn't work with your newest gadgets. 

Modulos changes that. It allows you to upgrade your desk just as you would upgrade your PC's graphic card. Need a bigger desk? Add more modules to your existing ones. Desk too big for the new office? Rearrange it into a corner desk or build a smaller one and use the remaining modules to create a coffee table. Moving into a new apartment? No need for a truck - disassembled, your desk fits into your car trunk - with space left over.



Modular design philosophy - the module

Since Modulos is based on a modular design philosophy for the surface, we are able to make the surface not only a simple flat space but functional as well! This means you can order different kinds of modules with different functionalities. So far we have developed:

  • Basic module - a simple flat surface basic module - available immediately
  • Rounded module - a module used when you want to create a rounded edge on your Modulos desk - available immediately
  • Cabling hole module - a module with a cabling hole that enables you to handle that mess of cables that go through to the top of your work surface - available immediately
  • Pencil holder module - a module with neat grooves that prevents your pencils from rolling off your work surface - available immediately
  • iPad/iPhone dock - this module enables you to dock your tablet or mobile phone. It has a groove that fits your device and three strategically placed holes that lead your charger cable from below the desk - available immediately
  • Rotary iPad/iPhone dock - this module has a groove that fits your devices with a center hole for cabling and allows you to rotate your device. This works great when you're using your iPad as a second screen or want to keep an eye on your phone screen at all times. It is available as an upgrade over standard modules available for +$49 per module.
  • "Twist" power outlet module - a module that has a very stylish, high-quality and super-functional metal add-on in the middle, that holds two power sockets! It is available as an upgrade over standard modules available for +$79 per module.
  • USB Hub module - a module with an integrated USB hub. We have designed and produced a prototype that includes a quality Sabrent USB 3.0 hub. This module will be available shortly in production as well. We need to test out some more options regarding the best USB hubs to integrate. We would love to hear your opinions about it! Coming soon!
  • Wireless charger module - a module with an integrated wireless charging pad neatly engraved into the surface. The prototype is done with a standard IKEA charger. We are looking into better options and better charger models to integrate. Coming soon!
You will be able to select modules that you want to include in your set (and upgrade) in the backer survey that we will send after the campaign ends.
You will be able to select modules that you want to include in your set (and upgrade) in the backer survey that we will send after the campaign ends.


Modulos allows for numerous combinations for your surfaces, including some real cool ones such as the one above - enabling two people to sit opposite of one another.
Modulos allows for numerous combinations for your surfaces, including some real cool ones such as the one above - enabling two people to sit opposite of one another.


Combining a modern utilitarian paradigm with the beauty and quality of real hard wood material

It's not a coincidence that we decided to create a wooden product. Our CEO's father, grandfather and great grandfather were carpenters and from an early age, Matej began working alongside of them. His father Dražen, the chief of production in Modulos, stands behind this product with his expertise of over 30 years of experience. He checks each module we produce to make sure the wood and work quality are absolutely top class!

The desk functionality is definitely as in touch with the modern times as it gets, yet still gives the warmth and quality feeling attributed to time tested elegant wooden furniture. The Croatian wood, distinctively known for its quality and beauty, is the reason for this - it just looks gorgeous.

By combining modern design approach with a traditional material, we got a gorgeous combination with interesting patterns emerging below the surface.
By combining modern design approach with a traditional material, we got a gorgeous combination with interesting patterns emerging below the surface.

Croatian wood is well known for its high quality and endurance! As far back in history as the Roman times, it was highly valued and exploited and it has retained its value ever since.

You can find Croatian wood everywhere throughout the world and it's proven to retain its strength and beauty for years and years. From ancient Romans to Venetians, Croatian wood was adorned and highly valued!

Our story - how we combined generations of woodworking in the family with modern design

Like most of young people here in Croatia, our founder Matej doesn’t own his own apartment but rather rents one. He was in need of a desk but wanted it be a high quality. One that would hold his computer, iPad, and iPhone while also having some kind of cabling solution. The problem is that quality desks, like everything else of quality, have a high price tag attached to them. He had the option of having his father who is a carpenter, make one for him – but the real problem wasn’t the price tag. What would happen with the desk when he unavoidably moves to another apartment? Would it fit that new space? Also, the current apartment didn’t really have space for a normal sized desk, so he would need to shell out a lot of money for a desk that could potentially be unsuitable for his future apartment. And just like that – the idea behind Modulos was born.

Modulos is a product of generations of carpenters, with Matej's father providing his enormous experience to make sure we deliver only top quality.
Modulos is a product of generations of carpenters, with Matej's father providing his enormous experience to make sure we deliver only top quality.

Matej reached out to his father and they worked together, along with his brothers. They progressed from creating crude initial prototypes to evolving towards the final production ready product. We took our time testing each prototype to make sure all of the small quirks were resolved before launching our product.

Reusability - an eco friendly approach to furniture

Currently, there's a lot of material being thrown away due to getting scratched, broken, or not fitting in a new space. The Modulos idea of owning a desk is a solution to this wasteful practice. Why throw away good wooden material and then cut down a bunch of trees for the new one? What if you could replace only the part that you don't need?

Modulos represents a truly sustainable approach to furniture design
Modulos represents a truly sustainable approach to furniture design


Available perks

How does it work?

Each module can be connected to another module on any side. The connection is achieved by using a combination of wooden/metal pins and a high-quality connection screw. To make that possible, each tile has two pin holes and one connection screw slot on each of it's four sides.

To start, insert the pins into one module and slide the module towards the second module until the pins have docked into the other module's pin holes. Once the modules are perfectly aligned using pins, insert the connection screw into the newly formed slot between the two modules on their bottom side and lock it.

And that's it! Just continue this process until you've assembled your desk surface!

"How strong is the surface?" + other technical specs

A question we hear quite often is, "Can Modulos hold my computer?" Modulos surface, once properly assembled, is as solid as any regular desk surface and can hold considerable weight. The positioning of the connector screws ensures the downward force resilience, which was a conscious decision we made since force applied to a desk surface is exclusively downward.

We are also doing extensive tests using the most modern 3D scanning and monitoring equipment to get exact data. We will then use this data to create a cool web app which will allow you to input (drag and drop) your desired surface configuration, providing you recommendations for leg placement and warning about possible weak points in your intended modular configuration. We plan the app itself to be live by the time we start shipping!

A single module is 13.8x13.8 inches (35x35cm), so a standard 8-module setup would be 55.2x27.6 inches (140x70cm), or a 10-module larger setup would be 69x27.6 inches (175x70cm). A single module weighs roughly 7.7 pounds (3.5kg).

The assembled modular desk surface is as strong as any other standard desk surface.
The assembled modular desk surface is as strong as any other standard desk surface.

Our team



Shipping is never easy and more than once we saw people having issues with shipping because they tried to reduce expenses by using smaller and less reliable vendors. Modulos being a premium product, we decided to go with a global player (UPS) and cover part of the costs of shipping ourselves - meaning shipping is fast and affordable to you. For Europe, shipping for everything above a single module or a single module with four legs perks is free! We have also strived and managed to keep the prices of shipping for United States as low as we could!

Stretch goals

We have some stretch goals already in mind - they will be announced further down the campaign! For starters, we're close to having the USB and Wireless charger modules ready, and they will definitely be part of those stretch goals! But - Modulos can have cool addons for cable management as well - wink wink ;)

Last but not least

Developing a new product is never easy, especially when it comes to a disruptive physical product. It requires hard work and when you're bootstraping the development as we were, personal investments and sacrifices are part of the process. However, none of that would be enough if it weren't for a number of awesome people that recognized the potential of the product and our passion for it. We'd like to thank all of them!

Dražen, Ezra, Katarina - thank you for jumping blindly on board and for your energy and dedication! Vedran and Igor - your work on pics and the video is nothing short of amazing! Ivana and Denis from PDCK - your enthusiasm and professionalism gave us just the boost we needed to move this over the finish line! And to all other friends that pushed us - Filip, Marko, Mirta, Nina - thank you!

Now it's all in the hands of the Kickstarter community, but we are proud with where we took this idea that looked so crazy in the beginning and we're sure that this is just the beginning of an awesome story! 

Risks and challenges

Challenges and unforeseen events are part of every business, including ours. However, we have spent over two years painstakingly developing this product, giving our best to ensure every possible concern we can imagine is addressed. The first phase of production will not be fully executed in our own facility. We proactively established a great relationship with a professional facility that has some the most advanced tech available when it comes to furniture making.
Our finished prototypes have gone through several phases, so we made sure they are durable and functional in real world conditions. We have also ran a full production test with the final design.
We have contacted a lot of shipping companies in advance, and have vetted them to make sure the delivery is efficient and cost effective.
We will work hard every day to ensure that your Modulos pieces will be done to perfection and will arrive as safe and fast as possible.
We sincerely thank you for being part of our community and believing in us! We really mean it!

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