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A simple, modular solution for building powerful electronic devices.
A simple, modular solution for building powerful electronic devices.
A simple, modular solution for building powerful electronic devices.
315 backers pledged $51,104 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Alex Tutusaus on

      Thanks, that would help me speed up clearing them.

    2. Modulo Labs LLC Creator on

      Alex, yours is being processed by customs. I'll send you the tracking number.

      Ahmed, as we discussed over private message, yours was delivered according to USPS.

    3. Alex Tutusaus on

      Didnt get mine either.

    4. Ahmed Khalifa on

      i didnt get mine! also no tracking number yet!!!

    5. Chris Faix on

      Got mine today. Pretty exciting stuff.

    6. Modulo Labs LLC Creator on

      Yes, I'm proud to say that we are still on track! There is still a lot of work to do on firmware and software, but we should still be able to ship by the end of November. I'll send out a campaign update soon with more info about the work that's left to do.

    7. Alex Tutusaus on

      @Creator so are we on track for shipping dates?

    8. Missing avatar

      Chris E on

      we're just getting close and I can feel the ideas just itching around the inside of my skull. Will be worse looking at a box full of Modulos trying to decide which to start with first.

    9. Modulo Labs LLC Creator on

      Not sure if it's what you meant, Chris E, but I am. It's going to be really fun to see what everyone makes!

    10. Missing avatar

      Chris E on

      Anyone else having trouble containing excitement?

    11. Modulo Labs LLC Creator on

      Yeah! We did it! Thank you all so much!

    12. Modulo Labs LLC Creator on

      Thank you, Rukesh! And yes I agree, I think educational resources are a key part of making electronics more accessible.

    13. Rukesh Patel

      Yay! A hearty congratulations! Looking forward to the journey to November and beyond.

      Given your Pixar roots, one thing I'm really looking forward to is some imaginative educational resources. Modular electronics with memorable characters and stories would be quite a heady mix!

    14. Modulo Labs LLC Creator on

      Oops, that's cxl000. Who ever thought making lowercase L and the number 1 look the same was a good idea?

    15. Modulo Labs LLC Creator on

      Just crossed $50,000! A pledge from cx1000 put us over the top. cx1000, I'll send you an free extra modulo. Let me know which one you want!

    16. Modulo Labs LLC Creator on

      Thanks, Rukesh! I know, isn't it exciting?!

    17. Rukesh Patel

      Thanks Erin, have updated my pledge to add both. We're in striking distance of the $50k stretch goal!

    18. Modulo Labs LLC Creator on

      @Rukesh: I'm glad I could intro you to Flutter. They're all great projects. So much cool stuff happening in the space right now!

      Anyway, yes, you can add on the Blank Slate and IR Transceiver. If we aren't able to manufacture them we'll give you a gift card or refund.

    19. Modulo Labs LLC Creator on

      @Alex that's fine. Just add $10 to your pledge and we'll take care of it.

    20. Rukesh Patel

      Can we still add on the Blank Slate and IR Transceiver even though the stretch goals for them may not be achieved?

    21. Rukesh Patel

      Erin, am excited about what you're creating here. Had backed the Blynk and Bluz projects earlier but learnt about Flutter Wireless from your mentions and seems just the thing I've been searching for. Looking forward to using them with Modulo.

    22. Alex Tutusaus on

      So If I got the Tea Time, early bird special! @109 but want the spark base instead, I add $10 to my pledge?


    23. Modulo Labs LLC Creator on

      Hi 1. I don't want you to have to loose your early bird discount just because you'd like to change rewards! So here's what I'll do:

      If you'd like to get One of Each, just increase your pledge amount to $234 (The One of Each early bird special price + your current shipping amount). When it comes time to ship I'll send you that package instead! That's an extra good deal because normally international shipping is higher for One of Each, but I really want to reward you for backing the project so early.

    24. Missing avatar


      @creator-Its looking like I wiil have drop my pledge for the moment. I will definitely be back once you guys go commercial.

      I did wanted to bump my pledge up to the one of each slot because the package had more functionality and options but was only willing to go as high the earlybird price because there is still $25 int shipping to add on. I wish there was more earlybird slots.

      Good luck and congratulations on a successful campaign. Very promising project.

    25. Modulo Labs LLC Creator on

      Hey everyone! Are you as excited about the Blank Slate, IR Transceiver, and Thermocouple Modulos as I am? What will you use them for?


    26. Modulo Labs LLC Creator on

      Hi Matt. Glad you liked the update. Aren't Flutter and Blynk awesome? There's so much cool stuff happening in this field right now.

      Anyway, great suggestions on improving the project writeups. Right now I'm just doing high level project overviews. Between the end of the campaign and our ship date, I plan to expand on the projects with detailed instruction and documentation.

      That said, I'm happy to answer any questions you have about it. Here are some answers to the questions you mentioned already:

      Wiring up the valves is really easy. The two wires on each value connect to a pair of terminals on the motor drivers. (so the first valve connects to terminals 0 and 1, the second to terminals 2 and 3).

      You can find the Open Sprinkler Pi software here:

      A plugin is just a small piece of code that runs inside a larger application. So in this case, it's a python script that we add to Open Sprinkler Pi so it can communicate with Modulo.

      Hope that helps!

    27. Missing avatar

      Matt Brown on

      Hey Erin,

      Loved the email update yesterday! Never knew about Flutter or Blynk but they both sound awesome, I'm researching them now.

      I also really like your Poseidon documentation, though I'll admit some of it's over my head since I'm a newbie to Raspberry Pi and Python. For future demos, I'd recommend following the Instructables format with step-by-step instructions on exactly what to type in.

      For example "I used Galcon 3652 valves, but any DC latching solenoid valve should work." I'd love to see some pictures / schematics for how to set that up!

      Similarly "You can download Open Pi software from github. After installing it, you'll be able to connect to its handy and attractive web interface... I wrote a plugin using the Modulo python API to control the outputs." I'd love to know the Open Pi download link and how to install it. And what's a plugin? Just a python script that can live anywhere on the Raspberry Pi?

      Thanks again, great work, excited for the Modulo shipment!

    28. Missing avatar


      @ creator - Hi again I've managed to change it to the US option. That was the only other option on the page. Hope this helps.

    29. Modulo Labs LLC Creator on

      Hi, 1. We are working on getting that changed. Kickstarter doesn't let us change the shipping price if anyone has already selected that shipping destination. We've asked backers with international shipping to temporarily change their shipping to 'US' so we can make the modification and now we're just waiting for everyone to do so. If you could please also temporarily change your shipping to US we would really appreciate it.

      If for some reason we can't get it changed, we will find another way to get you the tea time early bird with $25 shipping. Thanks for your patience while we sort this out!

    30. Missing avatar


      @ Creator- Hi guys I just upgraded & snatched one of the early bird TEA TIME bundles. But my total is $199. That means the shipping has been calculated at $90.

      You've obviously got an error in the shipping on this option since the normal TEATIME is only $25 shipping and all the other bulk options were $40 max.

      I don't know if you're going to be able to fix this and obviously all the 20 backers probably are oblivious to this error unless they are just US backers and have a different shipping price!

      Definitely something wrong here!

    31. Modulo Labs LLC Creator on

      Brett, that's a great idea! Seems like a neat way to involve young kids, then they can explore a little deeper when they get older. I wonder what other ways we could make Modulo accessible to kids of different ages. Maybe integration with scratch?

    32. Modulo Labs LLC Creator on

      Hi Matt! Thanks for backing the campaign and for helping to get the word out! Hmm, I don't think I know Rachel. There are a bunch of people who have worked both places though, I bet we know someone in common!

    33. Brett Levin on

      So excited to try to build things w/ my daughter with this. I'm thinking I'll just have the joystick drive the color of the display to start... I'll handle software and try to get her to do hardware -- plugging things together and see things come to life...

    34. Missing avatar

      Matt Brown on

      Hey Erin, just want to re-iterate that this is an awesome idea! I've been talking to lots of folks about it here in Chicago over the past few days and forwarding around the EnGadget article. Btw, I used to work at DreamWorks Animation and I had an old coworker that moved over to Pixar named Rachel Slansky, wonder if you knew her?

      Keep up the good work!

    35. Modulo Labs LLC Creator on

      Thanks, Tim! I really appreciate your support and can't wait to get it built and shipped out to you!

    36. tinymill on

      So excited about this project! Hope to build a Penelope in November!

    37. Richard Thornton

      Ah, so its just a gimmick right now, you can't actually do anything useful with it unless your use case fits perfectly to one of the pledge levels. And you can't get it overseas unless you pledge more than $100.

      Well congratulations, IMHO you are the most disorganised campaign I have ever seen (I should know, I have backed over 100).

      Also Modulo is pricey, $89 for the display kit, look at, $40 for something very similar and they must be making a profit (Oh and you can get that now, no need to wait till at least November)!


    38. Modulo Labs LLC Creator on

      I'm sorry, Richard. We don't offer customized packages as part of the kickstarter campaign. At some point down the road we'll have an online store where you can purchase exactly and only the Modulos you want.

    39. Richard Thornton

      Thanks but I am not sure this helps me, I would like a Spark Base, no controller (I supply my own Spark), one display and two motor drivers, there is no pledge level that even comes close to that?

    40. Modulo Labs LLC Creator on

      Hi Richard. Just pick the pledge level you want (based on the descriptions above) and then select it at the right. If you'd like more than one reward (say, two motor kits), you can add them together and pledge that amount plus shipping.

    41. Richard Thornton


    42. Richard Thornton

      Thanks @creator, I don't think heat will be a problem, the motors will only run for 15 seconds at a time, if required I could I put a small heatsink on the motor drivers and even point a little 24v fan at them.

      OK, so how do I pledge for the spark base, display and two motor drivers, shipped to Australia?

    43. Modulo Labs LLC Creator on

      Hi Richard. With two Motor Modulos that should work. The chip we're using currently is rated for up to 1500mA (total, not per motor). Thermal dissipation may be the limiting factor, and until we do final testing we won't have a solid answer. The design may also change based on testing or feedback.

      We don't have a better solution for international shipping right now, I'm sorry.

    44. Richard Thornton


      Can Modulo drive 4 x 24v motors at 0.5a each?

      I'm in Australia, if the answer to the above question is yes, can you please figure out a way for me to get all the bits.

      I'm annoyed, I don't see what the issue is with shipping, you haven't taken a conservative approach, you have unfairly penalized international backers. Please make a list of the shipping countries that you can figure out and add them. Creators generally don't have a problem, dev boards generally don't weigh much which makes this even more annoying, perhaps talk to a company specializing in this sort of stuff?



    45. Modulo Labs LLC Creator on

      Thanks, Matt! Yes, we definitely want to have awesome example projects that are easy to get started with. I think having an example project that's close to what you want is a great way to learn and get going. Of course we'll also put together good hardware and API docs.

    46. Missing avatar

      Matt Brown on

      Brilliant idea! I can't wait to receive our Motor Kit. Will you be posting "instructables" for the various projects you did? I have some familiarity with Raspberry Pi but would love some step-by-step guides to figure out the new hardware!

    47. Modulo Labs LLC Creator on

      Thanks, Chris! Appreciate your support.

    48. Chris Faix on

      Excited to see where this goes.

    49. Modulo Labs LLC Creator on

      Larry, absolutely! We plan to have tons of new modulos in the future. We're just starting with a small set to get going. We might even have something new as a stretch goal, depending on how things go. ;-)

    50. Missing avatar

      Larry Jennings II on

      Are there any plans for additional modules?

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