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Modkit Micro is the easiest way to program a growing list of open hardware platforms from Arduino to Wiring.
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Keep the feedback coming!

So it's time for another update!  Last update we told you about opening Modkit Micro to the public via our blog as our holiday gift on Christmas eve.  We released what we hoped would be the final  Modkit Micro fixes before finalizing the Modkit Link updates and sending out the flash drives.  Since then, we've got a ton of feedback and have rolled about a dozen fixes into the live web version of the editor.  We know we need to finalize the Kickstarter campaign and are happy to be able to include this last fury of bug fixes into what looks like will be a solid release.

Next Steps..

While spending so much time in the editor codebase fixing the bugs our users have uncovered, we decided to take the time to tie up some loose ends in what we think is one of Modkit Micro's coolest features:  the ability to move between the growing list of supported boards with ease.  This feature would allow you to start (or find) a project using a Wiring board and move to a Lilypad or Sparkfun Pro, bringing together a whole world of microcontroller development platforms.  But what if the pin you (or the original authors) were using in the project is not available on the board you want to use? (eg Pin48 when moving from the well equipped Wiring1.1 to the more barebones Sparkfun Pro)  We've tightened up these edge cases by detecting when pins are not available and highlighting the pins that need to be tweaked (see screenshot below).

And while we're not quite ready to enable sharing, we have finished migrating online loading and saving of projects to our new datastore and will be releasing that along with a few additional fixes to Alpha Club members (Kickstarter supporters) in the next few days.  Then we'll be focusing on new Modkit Link and desktop releases for final testing. Thanks so much for your patience and feedback as we move this closer to the commercial grade product that you all believed Modkit Micro could be!


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    1. Modkit 3-time creator on

      Hi Tim.. The flash drives are at our supplier in Florida. They've been waiting on the final files from us so we don't have to flash all of them in our office. As you can see we've still been working out some final bugs but if we may just send them what we have so we can start getting those out. If we don't have a clear path early next week we may ask our backers what you'd like us to do. Please look out for our next update.

    2. Tim Davies on

      Hi there. When do we get the flash drives as per the offer