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Modkit Micro is the easiest way to program a growing list of open hardware platforms from Arduino to Wiring.
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Winter Wrap-Up - Update your address + help us test!

Posted by Modkit (Creator)

Hi All - While our goal was to have this whole Kickstarter campaign wrapped up well before fall, it looks like we'll finally have it all wrapped up by the first few days of winter (here in N. America).  Here's where we are in that final wrap up:

Web version and Desktop Downloads

Please look for a new release in the next days (RC5).  Your feedback is more important than ever as this will likely be the last release before final flash drive shipment and public release (see below).  Besides incorporating important feedback and bug-fixes over the last month, this release will focus on shrinking the download size.   The last release was bloated by packaging 3 different versions of the Wiring based libraries (Wiring1.0, Arduino17 & Arduino1.0) so we've moved everything to the single Wiring Framework.

Board (Hardware) Rewards

We posted about shipping the USA bound Makeys in our last update.  We just received the Wiring boards this week and will have all of them along with the international Makeys out by Friday.  That will wrap up all of the board rewards. Unless you get us an address update in the next few hours, make sure to forward your mail in case you have moved since you sent us the info.

Flash Drive Rewards

Thanks again for your patience on these.  It is critical that we get things right before offering these drives for sale and things have been really close to that point since our last release.  Unfortunately as we started to ready the drives for shipment we noticed some problems with drives randomly failing.  Our friends at USBMemoryDirect were very responsive in handling the issue and are currently replacing all USB media in the custom robot shaped drives.  We're told these will get shipped back to us by the end of next week (December 15) which makes pre-holiday shipment possible, but tight. Expect these to arrive shortly before the new year.

Public Release

And finally, what this Kickstarter is really all about - getting Modkit Micro out to the public. Expect Modkit Micro to go into "public preview" mode by December 21.  More details will come, but the idea is to make the web version of the preview (along with Modkit Link) available to the general public for free.  We've gotten so much valuable feedback from our Kickstarter and Alpha Club supporters and are excited to extend this reach to anyone and everyone! 


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