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Modkit Micro is the easiest way to program a growing list of open hardware platforms from Arduino to Wiring.
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Browser version launched + Alpha Club re-opens + USA Makeys shipped (pretty big update!!!)

Posted by Modkit (Creator)

Hi All,

We wanted to take the time to update you on some big progress over the last week.

  • First, we updated the web version of Modkit Micro and the Modkit Link downloads so that they are now in line with the desktop versions.  This is a big deal since all the delays over the last months were related to unifying the code for all platforms.  Now non-desktop backers can test the latest version of Modkit Micro and from now on, all platforms (Web, Mac, Windows, Linux) will be updated simultaneously.  Check out the web version and the Modkit Link downloads on our alpha page.
  • Next, we have re-opened the Alpha Club for new members.  This is also a big deal as many of you would have noticed the revolving door that was setup after our Kickstarter ended.  This is because you can't update your Kickstarter page after funding is complete, so we pointed our Kickstarter page visitors to our alpha page right before our campaign ended.  Since then we've been pretty much overwhelmed just supporting our many existing backers so we never got around to accepting new members until today.  We also thought this was the right thing to do since we didn't want to accept additional money from supporters until we had started making good on all our promises.  We have finally reached that point with all platforms supported and weekly releases and testing sessions (Google+ hangout).  Feel free to now send your friends and colleagues to our alpha page where they can signup for early access and and pre-order Modkit Micro on a flash drive.
  • Next, we shipped the Makey Makey rewards to all USA backers (unless we sent you a question about your address.)  While we feel we made the right decision to delay shipping the flash drives until we have everything properly tested, we are sorry that we overlooked shipping the hardware rewards.  Thanks to Ivan for following up on multiple occasions to remind us about this important reward.  The international Makeys will ship out soon since we didn't have time to fill out all the custom forms by hand today so if you ordered a Makey and you're outside the USA, just make sure to send us any address updates immediately.  USA backers should just make sure they forward or hold their mail since the Makeys were sent by first class US mail.
  • Finally, make sure to stop by our now weekly Alpha Club hangout to help test all the new builds.  Join us in person this Thursday November 8th at 353 Columbus Ave Boston, MA 02116 or online at our Google+ page
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    1. Missing avatar

      Stephen Kenney on

      Got my board today. Thanks for all that you are doing. I know it is a big task, but I am really pleased with everything that you have accomplished.

    2. Modkit 3-time creator on

      @Ken - yeah we had shield "profiles" if you will in the previous version. Our strategy has been to tighten up the basics and then add things like shields in the first quarter '13.

    3. Modkit 3-time creator on

      @Stephen - sorry for the extended delay. We just picked them up at the Fedex facility and will ship them out tomorrow. There was a last minute delay with the manufacturer but the bulk of the delay was on our end.

    4. Missing avatar

      Stephen Kenney on

      Any word on the Wiring microcontrollers? I could be probably be convinced to take a Makey Makey instead of the Wiring board, if they are more available.

    5. Evaristo Ramos on

      Thanks for all your hard work, I hope to start devoting more time to testing it all out. I appreciate all the efforts you all are making.

    6. Missing avatar

      Stephen Kenney on

      What about the Wiring S microcontroller boards? We actually pledged more than the Makey group and haven't received our hardware yet. Not mad, just wondering when we can expect our reward.

    7. Paolo on

      Got my Makey Makey too! Thanks! I probably got it way earlier than today, I just don't check my mail that often haha.

    8. Ken Purcell on

      Thanks for the update. Been using MKU for a week or so, love it so far. Not to add additional work to your plate but it would be cool to have some shield profiles already setup as a base projects for download. For example I have a Danger Shield and I set this up for my son so he could try out the controls. This could be a community effort.

      Also received my Makey Makey.

    9. Stacey

      My Makey Makey came in today. Thank you!

    10. Missing avatar

      Mark Evans on

      What's the latest on the USB drives?