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Modkit Micro is the easiest way to program a growing list of open hardware platforms from Arduino to Wiring.
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New Mac, Windows, and Linux Builds - Revisiting Browser version next!

Posted by Modkit (Creator)

We're excited to announce that we just made the first Linux builds available to Desktop backers.  You should have received a message last night with links to the latest Mac, Windows, and Linux versions.  (Actually we fixed a bug in the Windows build so if you grabbed that last night, please re-download today)

This is an important milestone because after significant work we can now deploy a single editor codebase across all three major desktop platforms with an increasingly native feel.  The next step is to bring the web version in line with the desktop versions and then automate everything so we can deploy for all platforms in a single step!

So if you're a Desktop  backer, please download the latest builds and fill out the installation survey to help us identify any issues ( ).  We've been overwhelmed with emails for support so these surveys are the best way to communicate issues you are having and to organize additional testing sessions. 

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    1. Modkit 3-time creator on

      Ivan - we think we've made the best long terms decision about getting the software right before shipping the flash drives but you're right we honestly should have just shipped the Makey's as soon as we got them. Sorry for the delay. We'll post an update when they are sent out.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ivan Hudson on

      You guys give other Kickstarter projects a bad rap. You have bad mojo for not delivering on the Makey Makey after numerous communications back and forth. Dont offer fake encentives for people supporting your project.