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Modkit Micro is the easiest way to program a growing list of open hardware platforms from Arduino to Wiring.
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Hey Modkit Friends and Family!

Today is a very important day for Modkit. We're excited to announce our new programming language for the Internet of Everything for Everyone -, which we believe will open up text based programming to a whole new audience of students and novices and will bring the simple yet powerful multithreading and event-based features that make Scratch so popular, to experienced programmers.  Most exciting is that we're back on Kickstarter where we initially connected with many of you, and like before we've set up our campaign to get rewards out (and in as many hands as possible) well before our campaign is even complete.  Visit our new Kickstarter campaign to get early access to a version of for the most popular microcontroller and Internet of Things platforms like Particle, TI Launchpad, and Arduino for just $1.

Back on Kickstarter again!

About a week into our Modkit Micro Kickstarter campaign back in 2012, I got a message from the president of VEX Robotics and a few days after that I was on a plane to Texas to talk about building a new programming environment for what would become the new VEX IQ Robotics platform. We agreed and while we were working to fulfill our Kickstarter rewards we were quietly building what would become Modkit for VEX including a powerful multithreaded and event-driven model adapted from Scratch that is still unavailable in any other text or graphical programming environment for robotics, microcontrollers, or the Internet of Things. Fast forward over two years later and after adoption of Modkit for VEX by thousands of schools and robotics programs, we are finally ready to bring this power and simplicity back to our core audience of makers and maker educators and the various platforms they use. Please meet our new programming language:

Anybody who has used Modkit Micro or any other graphical programming environment for microcontrollers understands that while we eliminated the syntax errors associated with text based programming, we had not alleviated one of the hardest parts of traditional programming: coordinating multiple actions. Blinking a single LED was easy. Blinking two LEDs at different intervals was difficult but not impossible. But coordinating three or more outputs along with two or three inputs became exponentially hard without learning new concepts not used when blinking the first LED. This is still true for most every programming environment for robotics and hobby electronics, but what real project doesn't have multiple inputs and outputs? We fixed this critical issue while building Modkit for VEX and now it's time to fix it for all the other hardware used by makers and maker educators. To do this we need a critical mass of makers, educators, students, and hardware manufacturers so that we can move beyond a single well supported platform to the many platforms in use across this space. That's what is all about.

We know that many of you would want to see us bring the power of Scratch-like threads and events to a graphical programming tool like Modkit Micro first and we're working on it! But the first step is to release the underlying text based language because the most important features of the many open source hardware platforms are the individuals and communities willing to build and support libraries for the growing list of inputs (sensors) and outputs (actuators) that the community wants to build into their projects. works with most existing libraries for each of the supported IDEs (Arduino/Particle Build/Wiring/TI Energia) and by allowing developers to add to what we can support, our next graphical programming tool can actually grow as fast as the community.

If you backed our previous Modkit Micro campaign, are using our Modkit for VEX tools, or are completely new to Modkit, please consider backing us at the $1 level so that we can send you a copy of to try out for yourself, with your friends or your students. We believe is an important path from Scratch or Modkit for VEX to learning text based coding without losing all of its power and it is a necessary path for us to build and grow our next generation graphical programming environment. And we won't forget our original backers. All original Kickstarter (or Alpha Club) backers of our graphical tools will receive a new version of our graphical programming tools based on for free when we get there! In the meantime, we need your help.

Thank you all so much for helping us get here and for supporting us as we keep moving forward. We have learned that we cannot please everyone all the time, but with so many Kickstarter projects that give up, go bankrupt, or simply disappear, we hope you are pleased to hear that we're still working as hard as ever to make programming accessible to everyone. We hope to see you at our new Kickstarter campaign soon!


Ed Baafi

Founder: Modkit

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