The Thunderbirds Co-operative Board Game by Matt Leacock

by Chris Birch, Modiphius

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    1. Jedra7609

      It all looks lovely! Looking forward to March! Thanks for the update - much appreciated!

    2. Alex

      It says the expansions are just coming in a cardboard box? Are they not coming in their expansions boxes or am I just reading it wrong?

    3. Alex

      So they're not coming in the retail boxes :( that seems pretty terrible to me. I like to have the boxes for a game when I buy it and to have the option of not having to keep every expansion if I don't want too. Very disappointed that backers don't get the full version :(

    4. Derek Mayne

      Looks fantastic - and I'm more than happy that its all going in my main box - particularly intrigued by the exquisitely described "hour glass thingy"... Bring it on!

    5. Missing avatar

      Louis Counter on

      Are you using a different company for shipping out the expansion sets? The quality of the packaging in the original game was awful.

      As others have said if I've read this right I'm a bit disappointed that you're not shipping us retail copies of the expansions.

    6. Darren Green on

      Wow! Can't believe we get all this stuff. Awesome. I'm happy to pick this up at UK Games Expo if it saves any time/money.

    7. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      Regarding the boxes. It's nice to have all the proper boxes, but I find it handy to have everything in the same box, takes a lot less space.

    8. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      And this is not the first time this is mentioned.

    9. Paul Davies on

      So instead of retail boxes that will look nice on a shelf and show off your collection we get a cardboard box of bits? Thanks, that's a cheap ass move that really and truely sucks.

    10. Chris Birch, Modiphius 7-time creator on

      @Paul you are getting the Thunderbirds game full of all the expansions just like everyone else. Those people with one shipment are getting it all packed nicely inside the core box as promised. Others are getting them inside a cardboard box because they decided to have the base game shipped earlier. The expansion packaging is not being produced for another couple of months and is not available in some cases until October this year when the Hood launches in retail. Providing expansions in the final boxes would have delayed delivery by another 3-4 months and increased the shipping cost for everyone which wasn't acceptable.

      @Louis we are resolving the problems with the shipping company and taking steps to ensure the correct packaging is used for the next shipment

    11. DimsumDad on

      Are one of these the rpg? Sorry I'm out of the loop, is the rpg add on also ready and shipping?

    12. DimsumDad on

      Just watched the videos, not the rpg. Is the rpg complete and shipping also?

    13. Chris Lank on

      This looks great - so much cool stuff!! Can't wait to play with everything, thanks for the update!

    14. Jedra7609

      To add an argument to the contrary, if all the expansions fit in the base box then I have no issue with not receiving retail packaging for them. It will save me an immediate trip to the loft, and in the longer term, the local recycling site. I only keep expansion boxes if I absolutely need them to store bits in.

    15. Ben McKenzie

      So exciting! Thanks for the update and all your hard work, I can't wait to play it - and it should arrive well in time for my birthday! (I backed it as a birthday present to myself. ;)

    16. Jeremy Commandeur

      I'm curious, does each expansion have separate rules or did you revise/expand the rulebook for the core game?

    17. Missing avatar

      Greg Maynard on

      Hi Chris. Just wanted to say thanks for the great job you have done. You always keep us up to date and have gone above and beyond when delays crept in. Your comments about the boxes and packaging make perfect sense.

      The videos are cool. I had a little chuckle with Expansion 2. All the disaster vehicles are nicely laid out - except for the poor Sidewinder which is lying on its back! Oh well I suppose that's appropriate. That's how it was for most of the episode. Can't see its arms but maybe its back to front as well. Doesn't matter, the models all look great anyway.

    18. lj on

      I do recall Chris mentioning that we would not receive the expansion boxes at some point earlier. I was disappointed at the time not to have known this during the campaign but I do understand their point about further delays and especially about shipping costs. As long as the core box and all the components arrive in new condition I don't really mind.

    19. Chris Birch, Modiphius 7-time creator on

      @Dim yes the rpg is complete and shipping as well - we have added a bonus set of dice to every rpg :-)

      @Jeremy - yes there are separate printed rule books for each expansion which list their components

    20. Steven Maier

      I'm quite happy that they are not shipipng us retail boxes for the expensions. I already have the core box from the first KS shipment, and I can tell you that there is more then enough room for another 10 expensions if need be. Individual expension boxes would require more storage space, higher production costs, delays and more waste if you decide to throw them away because of all that. One big box which fits everything inside is much nicer, cleaner and better to keep everything together, and has my preference!

      @Chris Birch,
      Many thanks for the update, and all the components of the expensions look amazing! Thanks for supplying us with the rules beforehand, it has me even more exicted about the expensions! The models look great, and will really enhance the overall experience of playing the game! We absolutely love playing the game, and diving back into our childhood memories!

      Really good job on every front of this KS and the Thunderbirds game development!!

    21. Missing avatar

      Louis Counter on

      I wasn't aware we wouldn't be getting retail boxes until this posted but I can see the sense in not waiting until October for them to turn up. Pleased that you're sorting out the shipping company.

    22. Jedra7609

      Extra dice with the RPG? Lovely jubley!

    23. Michael Botterill on

      The RPG is coming as well, awesome that is a nice surprise

    24. Adrian Smith on

      Is the option to collect these from your office still available?

    25. Chris Birch, Modiphius 7-time creator on

      @adrian yes you can arrange a pickup but less us know asap as we're building the fulfilment data at the moment

    26. Missing avatar

      Michael Taylor

      I am ridiculously excited about getting my International Rescue ID!

    27. Robert Mills

      I rather fancy a proper box option for my expansions [unless it all fits easily in core box]. Maybe get the alt art box from the copy i got via KS

      totally understand reasons but you should be more clear up front to avoid the odd KS rant

      great vids - thanks