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This is Conan roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it – savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age
This is Conan roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it – savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age
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    1. Samuel Webb Collaborator on

      Thanks for your comments, @Fierce Tiger and that's exactly what I am doing. The character sheet is our first priority, with art, NPC integration, and compendium development happening after. There's already been a little bit of progress in house with finding someone who could do that work, so I'm confident we can begin updating you all with what progress we make.

      For now, there is a fan-created Conan 2d20 character sheet available on Roll20 for free--I've tested it myself and its perfectly functional!

    2. Fierce Tiger on

      Really disappointed about the lack of support for Roll20 as that would garner so many new players to the game.
      I read that you looking into full integration of Conan 2d20, but really the immediate need is an interactive character sheet. I think you looking too far forward and need to concentrate on what is needed now. Conan 2d20 has been out for a while and you are losing momentum to attract and keep players with a lack of a specialized character sheet on Roll20.
      The compendium is a long term project and should only be actively pursued after a Roll20 character sheet is created.

    3. Kevin Miller on

      @Jason That's good to hear. Thanks for responding. I shall patiently await a retail release....

    4. Jason Durall Collaborator on

      @Morgan Emailing is the way to handle that.

    5. Morgan Stjernstrom on

      I would assume its too late to add some decks of cards? They really looked incredibly cool.

    6. Jason Durall Collaborator on

      @Kevin They will absolutely be available for purchase down the line - in physical and .pdf format - for folks that didn't back the Kickstarter.

    7. Kevin Miller on

      I did not get the card deck PDFs as part of my pledge (more's the pity) and, so, would like to know if they will be made available for purchase down the line. Hopefully in physical format. Can someone please tell me if this will be the case? Thank you!

    8. Samuel Webb Collaborator on

      @Gianna those cards, if part of your pledge, should be towards the bottom of your Pledge Manager account, you just need to scroll down to My Downloads. If they're not there, there'll be a red button saying "Claim New Downloads".

    9. Jason Durall Collaborator on

      The blank card is for credits.

    10. Missing avatar

      Anthony Emiliani on

      So where do we find the card previews in the manager?

    11. Gianna Masetti on

      Hi Sam, super-excited about the cards preview as I’m learning the system right now, but like Louis I can’t see it yet in the pledgemanager. Happy to wait a few days but I WANTS IT (gollum voice) :)

    12. Samuel Webb Collaborator on

      @Dustin please do get in touch with who will be able to discuss your pledge with you, shipping and fulfilment. There's nothing I can do, I'm afraid, not having any of your information to hand, and a KS comment.

    13. RDP

      Very happy about the Fantasy Grounds update, way long overdue.

    14. Missing avatar

      Rich Riddle

      This! This makes me happy!!! Let's get ready to rumble!!!! Let the blood flow like wine! Were going to play some Conan on Fantasy Grounds!!!

    15. Kickbacker

      Thank you for the long overdue update on virtual tabletop support. Also, thanks for beginning the licensing dialogue with Smiteworks.

      I hope that 2d20 will be on Smiteworks' new Fantasy Grounds Unity platform, which is due later this year and has a Kickstarter campaign going on right now. It modernizes the virtual tabletop and has many updates compared to the 15 year old Fantasy Grounds "Classic" platform. It uses the Unity engine, hence the new name.

      Please keep us informed.

    16. Nathan

      A big part of Roll20 is simply a good character sheet built from CSS code . A fan has already made one using the quick start but an "official" full featured sheet would have you 70% of the way there. Why not reach out to the Roll20 community and contract someone to code a sheet?

    17. Missing avatar

      Dustin Dennewitz on

      How in the hell is it, "That's all for now, folks."? I got an email last week saying the Conan Monolith sourcebooks are available for purchase. But I haven't received mine that I pledged for YEARS ago. How can you be selling these when you haven't even fulfilled the ones you owe us for our payment and pledge from YEARS ago?! This is BY FAR the worst Kickstarter I've ever been a part of. Your employees are very rude at Gen Con. This company will never get another single cent from me.

    18. Louis M.

      I don't see the card deck download in the pledge manager.

    19. Andrew Cole on

      Yes, Fantasy Grounds support will be great to have.