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This is Conan roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it – savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age
This is Conan roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it – savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age
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    1. Luca Cherstich on

      FoolsBane thank you for the offense. Civilized people offend (to quote REH and not the movie). I'm more tired of people who complain about delays. This channel is for backers' issues. Ignore me if you don't like it.

    2. FoolsBane on

      Am I the only one tired of Luca's whinnings? All I see in the comments are his long and boring lamentations, yes, like Arnie said..."lamentations of their women."

    3. Morgan Stjernstrom on

      Yet, I have not received any mail regarding shipment. :(
      I really would want this as well, I paid for 3 shipments.

    4. Luca Cherstich on

      @Lyman, I asked them by email and I got an email saying that many wave 2 things are now wave 3. On a second thought, this is maybe not an odd idea, since wave 3 has not many books so there should not be so much time between the two waves...but an open and explicit message about this in the last update would have been appreciated...while the last update did not talk about this movement between waves.

    5. Lyman Green on

      Wait, what's this about some Wave 2 recipients being moved to Wave 3?

    6. Luca Cherstich on

      My stuff arrived, thank you.
      And I'm also accepting the fact that you decided to move all the second half of Wave 2 will be delayed to Wave 3, without telling anything to the backers.
      I dislike it, but I cannot do anything else but feeling upset and accepting the situation.

      It's not that I do not like having half ot the books here, it's more about not having been properly informed before you made the decision of splitting Wave 2.

      Again, I feel Modiphius has a problem with comunication here.
      Look at the update above:
      "...heading to you if you're just waiting for Conan the Brigand or Horrors of the Hyborian Age to complete your order..."
      I'm not waiting for just those 2 to complete my order....
      So the update was wrong.

      I do not mind about having updates every 2 or 4 or 6 weeks, as far as those updates are sincere.
      If you would have been clear about saying Wave 2 is split "Half now and Half moved to Wave 3", I would have been upset but I would have been calm, since you were honest and open.
      And the update above is not...

      I frankly feel less enthusiastic about Modiphius than I was couple of years ago.

      The same problem was about when you deeply changed the nature of the Doom/Momentum deck (maybe taking the decision ages ago) and you never put an update here about it.
      Maybe you told it in forums, G+ or Facebook, but never here, in this place.

      In a few words: OK, thank you for the books, and I'll wait what I have to wait.
      But please, for the future write updates which are decently sincere and open.

    7. Morgan Stjernstrom on

      @Jason Durall, thanks for explaining. Maps in the books are great, so im fine with waiting for that mate. 😀😎

    8. Jason Durall Collaborator on

      @Brad HORRORS OF THE HYBORIAN AGE is the new title. This was communicated quite a while ago.

      If you have questions about whether your exact order is shipping, please check with, as I don't have that information.

    9. Brad Mitchell on

      When the project was first funded, one of the books was entitled "Beasts of the Hyborean Age". Was that title changed to "Horrors of the Hyborean Age"? When? Can you confirm that if our receipt in PledgeManager includes a physical copy of "Beasts of the Hyborean Age" that what we should expect is "Horrors ..."? Are orders only waiting on Beasts being shipped in this next pass?

    10. Jason Durall Collaborator on

      @Morgan SCOUT was waiting on a few maps (which we have now received) and some additional content being added to flesh it out. It's always a weird dance when layout begins trying to figure how a book will end up, and when additional content needs to be added it needs to go through editing/reviews before being previewed.

    11. Luca Cherstich on

      I'm a Yshma-level backer with 3 shipments , but I got an email that you are sending stuff...
      even if Wave 2 is not completed!
      This is certainly an error!
      Will I get a shipment FOR FREE of wave 2 adventurer/scout/wanderer/King when they will be completed? Or will I wait until Wave 3?
      I understand the Brexit panic....but I never asked for an anticipated partial shipment!

    12. Ron Niabati on

      You will never overused “By Crom”!
      I expect every update to begin with a recognition that Crom is allowing the project’s progress... even though Crom rarely listens ;)

    13. S Buntenbach

      It took so long time but i hope the journey ends before brexit Chaos kills all

    14. Lyman Green on

      So is the shipping of Wave 2 finally???????