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This is Conan roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it – savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age
This is Conan roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it – savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age
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    1. Frank Falkenberg on

      I would expect the card decks to have quite different numbers of cards of their respective types.
      I usually play with 5 players, so having a starting(!) number of Fortune points of 15 is a minimum, better have the maximum of 5 Fortune per player available just to be safe.
      So I would have expected the Fortune deck to have at least 25, better 35 or more cards. (The Chronicle deck for Mutant Chronicle 3 has 70 cards.)

      Doom you can never have enough. Despite having a decent mastery in spending Doom in my games, sometimes there will accumulate 30 or more Doom - especially with many players and depending on the luck of the dice at the current session.
      I would have expected at least 50 Doom cards in the deck. (The Mutant Chronicles 3 equivalent of Dark Symmetry cards have 70 in the deck.)

      Momentum cards are somewhat less useful, as Momentum is very volatile. I don't mind having more then the 6 cards for stored group Momentum available.

      The originally described numbers for Fortune and Doom cards were already on the lower end (34 Doom) or even too low (20 Fortune).

      Will there be more cards in the final version of those decks?

    2. Luca Cherstich on

      I can see:
      - 6 Fortune cards
      - 24 Momentum cards
      - 24 Doom Cards

      HOWEVER, if I check the original descriptions (when we, the backer, have money) there's something different:
      They promised:
      - 20 Fortune cards (with momentum spends)
      - 34 Doom cards

      Why did you change????
      I bought a second deck since I thought (using ORIGINAL description) that Doom/Fortune cards were equivalent of Doom/Fortune tokens ...
      But you changed!
      And added those (thus far unexplained) momentum cards with exagerated effects!!

      Cam you please, explain this situation?

    3. Luca Cherstich on

      Page 28 "Heave Ho"...if this is a Momentum spend, why it mentions a Fortune spend?

    4. Luca Cherstich on

      The same is true for many other momentum spends (e.g. page 29: This momentum spend has thesame value of 2 momentum spends!).

      Do we have special rules for using these cards?

    5. Luca Cherstich on

      How do these thing work? They seem to BREAK Conan 2d20 standard rules!!
      Momentum page 23 ("Bold Move") is STRONGER than a Fortune point!!

      Does somebody just draw a card and see what happens?
      PLEASE: give us instructions!

    6. Luca Cherstich on

      OK, just got the pdf (and I guess you should post-pone the deadline..)

    7. Mark T

      Yeah no card pdf in my pledge manager yet either.

    8. Jason Durall Collaborator on

      @Luca I'll let Sam know.

    9. Luca Cherstich on

      A whole week is passed with no Card pdf in the pledgemanager (and I'm sure I should have them, since I have a Ymsha level pledge + some additions).
      We are supposed to report errors by 8th Feb...