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This is Conan roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it – savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age
This is Conan roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it – savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age
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Tom Grindberg Cover! New Pledge! Cheaper Shipping!

Posted by Chris Birch, Modiphius (Creator)

Check out this fantastic cover for Conan the Pirate by Tom Grindberg (Conan, Savage Sword of Conan, Conan Saga, Judge Dredd, ERB's Back to the Stone Age). Most of the covers you see on our project page are temporary art only and so it's great to be showing off these masterpieces as they drop in to our inbox!

PRODUCT LINE UNVEILED! We've updated the Conan RPG Product Line Page with all the books currently on our development slate for this year and next - with more to be announced in the coming months as we're getting lots of incredible pitches. We wanted you to see what's in the offering once the PDF Subscription kicks in OR as potential Stretch Goals if we bust through these next goals. You can see when you can expect books when unlocked. Books marked for 2017 release would be Wave 3 Releases if they get unlocked. Books move to 2017 releases if not unlocked.  

NEW PLEDGE! We have added the CONAN RPG EXPANDED STARTER KIT at £180 Approx (€228 / $253) to give those of you who want to upgrade from the lower pledges a better deal on the books. It saves you £60 on the bundle!

This includes the 368 page Conan RPG full colour hardback core book in Print & PDF & all unlocked PDF's, GM Screen, PLUS SIX hardback supplements in print of your choice from all books unlocked, a set of 18 stone Fortune & 18 stone Doom tokens, 5 Phoenix d20's, 6 Combat d6 and 1 Hit Location d20.

✔Conan RPG core book in colour hardback ✔Six Hardback Supplements in Print (this can include the Player's Guide) ✔Gamesmaster Screen ✔36 Fortune & Doom tokens ✔Speciality Q-Workshop Dice (5 x d20, 1 x Hit Location d20, 6 x d6 Combat Dice) ✔ Conan RPG core book in PDF ✔ Art book in PDF ✔ PLUS Every unlocked book in PDF (RRP $300+ if all unlocked) ✔ PLUS Blessings of Mitra when unlocked ✔ Your name in the backers' credits ✔ Age of Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed of Pack

CHEAPER SHIPPING! It's taken a while but we finally managed to bring down the shipping prices - this will be using sea freight to the US and Australia so we can ship directly within Canada & the US and this means there will be no duties in North America or Australia! It will mean an extra 4 weeks on shipments to these locations but this will make massive savings on the original costs for you. We've reduced North America by as much as 40% for the bigger shipments. 

Sorry the Pledge Calculator will be live for tonight - it's taken longer to check it over. 

You will see savings in UK, USA, Australia/New Zealand, Austria, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Rest of Europe and World. All of Europe shipments are also TRACKED which is a great benefit too. If you don't see your country listed send us a message so we can check if we can get cheaper shipping for you. 

Get ready for our next big announcement at 3pm!!


Chris, Modiphius

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    1. Garry Harper on

      @Matias B I've spoken to many carriers over the last 6 months and this is the best we can get on tracked. We can do untracked, but at a high risk of goods not making it throw customs, which I find unacceptable. If this is an option you would like, drop me an email

    2. Missing avatar

      Edward on


      Not really. I'd be paying an incremental 90 pounds (vs the current core plus 3 supplements bundle) for just 3 more supplements and getting a gm screen, tokens and dice that I wouldn't want to pledge for. Plus I'd be missing 3 other supplements. What I was referring to was an all the core supplements (9 books) and core book in print pledge that Chris alluded to a couple of days ago. I

    3. Chris Birch, Modiphius 7-time creator on

      @Matias - sorry it's because we have to send tracked to guarantee you get the products. Too much is going missing with other projects. We've had three shipments to the same person go missing in customs.

    4. Missing avatar

      Eric Holweck

      @Chris: that's what I thought. Let's see how this works out, then. Like I said, I'm more than willing to be amazed. :)

    5. Johannes 'Waldgeist' Rebhan on

      A lot of effort in those shipping costs. Thanks for that. Most kickstarter projects have been really lacking in that regard. Often I had to add 40 dollars just for shipping. Great work!

    6. Matias B on

      The South American shipping cost is absurd.

    7. Chris Birch, Modiphius 7-time creator on

      @Eric - the cover is a wrap around - so the right half will be the front cover, the left the back cover

    8. Missing avatar

      Eric Holweck

      The full line of products is getting yummier by the day, though... :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Eric Holweck

      Looks like I may be in the minority, but at first sight, I actually like the "placeholder" cover better. Nothing against this one (which is really good), but considering its format, I fail to see how it will translate as a gorgeous book cover (using the right half only, it would seem to be a bit... dull (?) and we'd lose a lot of stuff, ie the pirate and the mast, and even the guys in the distance would probably be cut... besides, I liked the light blue background, it felt different). I'd be more than happy to be proven wrong, of course. :)

    10. Gary Downing on

      Look at all of the new products coming in 2017. I'm beginning to love my PDF subscription. :)

    11. Morgan Stjernstrom on

      @Edvard, the new pledgelevel can accomodate exactly that. The 6 hardcovers you choose will be Conan the... Sourcebooks.

    12. David Thomas on

      Totally agree with Doug, that cover is freaking amazing!
      Love the cheap shipping (sad my awesome stuff will take longer to get here, but it does mean more money for future Conan stuff)

    13. Phil & Amy Atherton on

      Now this new pledge looks like it might be perfect for us, will have to crunch the numbers.

    14. Godfather Punk

      's Cool @Garry. I could always try :^)

    15. Missing avatar

      Edward on

      @Chris. Are you still planning an "all the Conan the ..." supplements bundle. Was waiting for this to up my pledge as the new one listed above has stuff like the tokens I wouldn't need.

    16. Garry Harper on

      @Godfarther Punk, Sorry I've got Belgium lower as I can.

    17. Godfather Punk

      If Germany has cheaper shipping, is there any change for Belgium too?

    18. Douglas Bailey on

      That's a *great* cover.