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This is Conan roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it – savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age
This is Conan roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it – savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age
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Guide to the big Pledges & Pledge Calculator coming!

Posted by Chris Birch, Modiphius (Creator)

Hi all we're going through editing the pledge calculator at the moment to make sure all the weights and pricing is correct. The good news is there are about 40% savings for the pledges in the US and Canada as well as savings elsewhere across the board on shipping so it should be a nice surprise for a lot of people

I think realistically it will take today to make sure we're happy and we'll launch it tomorrow. Today I'm editing the audio from the game with Monolith's Fred & Leo vs Thog so hopefully will send out later!

In the meantime we've produced this nice graphic to help show off the main Print & PDF Master, Conqueror's Collection, Hoard of Yezdigerd and Secrets of Mount Yishma so you can see what you're getting more clearly (along with the options for swapping the Conqueror's Edition in those big pledges). Treasure of Tranicos of course get the same as Secrets of Mount Yishma but with art as well. 


Chris, Modiphius

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    1. Garry Harper on

      @J.C.L Its the country you are pledging from, so no you cannot pick the currency.

    2. The JollyGM on

      This is a dumb question, but I see the prices listed as both pounds and Dollars (assuming US dollars) Does that mean when the pledge comes through you may be able to choose what currancy I will get charged by?

      Like I said, dumb question. But if I had a choice, I could determine which gives me the best exchange.

    3. Morgan Stjernstrom on

      @Charity Tod,
      Yes, Hoard gets it in print and PDF. :)
      It has been stated in prior update.

    4. Charity Tod on

      The Hoard is looking great! Am I missing it, or is the Board game crossover book showing as being in both print and PDF for the Hoard? I didn't see it in the overall campaign grafic with an asterisk either, but I know it had been announced as now being in print and PDF for the Hoard in a previous update.

    5. Chris Birch, Modiphius 7-time creator on

      @Frits - no only once they are revealed as Stretch Goals - that's our deal, every single book showing in the Stretch Goals regardless of if it's unlocked. They are books currently planned for 2017 (that might change) so currently they're just in the PDF Subscription that you also have.

      @Slawick - the announced value was (RRP £600 / $877+ if all unlocked) - we've still got some to unlock but currently it's worth £490 with KS prices / £575 with expected retail prices so it will get a lot higher yet. We add in the best value lower details and the cost of upgrading or adding on the various items.

      So far:
      £90 - Print & PDF Master with 3 free supplements (Thief, Barbarian, Mercenary)
      £20 - 2 x Poster Map
      £15 - Player's Guide
      £60 - Upgrade to PDF Subscription (this gives the £30 PDF Tile set, £20 Card Deck bundle, GM Screen in PDF, Kull of Atlantis and Age of Conan Campaign in PDF and more)
      £40 - Art Book
      £100 - Conqueror's Edition
      £165 (£15 x 11 Books - Book of Skelos through to Conan the Adventurer)

      As we unlock each book it will add another £15 value to the pledge and there's some more unlocks to come so I'm fairly sure it will be even greater value by the end :-)

    6. Missing avatar

      Slawick CHARLIER on

      Very cool recap, it clearly helps understanding what we'll get for those pledges.
      Two remarks through.
      I've pledged the Hoard, and throught I'll get a huge bunch of books (that's what I'm primarly interesting in), It hardly matches the announced value (RRP £600 / $877+) to me - maybe if you add printed and PDF pricing of each book separately,which wouldn't really match the "real" value. No big deal however, I'm 100% confident of Modifphius product quality and I known I won't be disapointed.

      Other remark: it's cool you proposed to switch the collector edition, but that would be great to be able to rather switch the standard edition.

    7. Missing avatar

      Frits Kuijlman on

      So Yezdigerd will get Kull and Age of Conan in print once these are revealed as stretchgoals, correct?

    8. Jacques Evrard on

      Shouldn't the Player's Guide appear in some of the illustrated pledges ?

    9. Bill Winski on

      "...Fred & Leo vs Thog..."
      Love it - It sounds like a Monty Python skit! ; )

    10. Chris Birch, Modiphius 7-time creator on

      @cornelius - that's fixed

      @Julius - The PDF subscription basically gets what the Hoard of Yezidigerd gets but in pdf (and with everything for 2 years. I've just updated the graphic with the missing maps! You get everything from the Blessings of Mitra in PDF

    11. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      There seems to be a missing Hyborian age map for the Secrets of the Mount pledge, the total of the maps is 3.

    12. Julius Ter Pelkwijk

      Hmm, I have been thinking, and I have to say: The 100 "everything in PDF" pledge is the onliest one that is constantly overlooked with the "blessings of Mitra"... No map + not sure if the jungle ruins are also added as PDF, or is it the same as the 300 one minus the actual prints?

    13. Mike Watts on

      Great graphic. Explains the questions I had.

    14. Chris Birch, Modiphius 7-time creator on

      @Morgan - good spot we'll get that fixed!

    15. Morgan Stjernstrom on

      Looks great Chris! :)
      But I can see that the maps from Blessings of Mitra are not in the graphic of the Hoard pledge whereas it is in the other ones. I understand that it might have been forgotten in doing this superb graphic.