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This is Conan roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it – savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age
This is Conan roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it – savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age
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Fortune & Doom Tokens & Animated 2d20 Tutorial!

Posted by Chris Birch, Modiphius (Creator)

Hi guys lots happening this week with some REALLY big news tomorrow and then Thursday. We've got an incredible video put together by backer Waldgeist showing you how to play 2d20 illustrated with cool graphics from the Age of Conan game! 

But first, let's look at those fabled FORTUNE & DOOM Tokens for the Conan RPG Kickstarter!

These are 25mm x 30mm and cut from a soft dark grey marble to smooth pebble shapes, then printed with the Phoenix (FORTUNE) or Stygian Snake (DOOM) symbols. I wanted you to see how they're going to look as we develop them - we are chatting to the factory about printing in different colours and will show progress as we go, but I can tell you they are going to be really amazing. These feel weighty and smooth and will sit nicely with your Stygian Doom Tray! Please add them on if you like how they look! 

The Tokens come in sets of 18 for £20 each as Add Ons. Typically you need 3 Fortune tokens per player but maybe as much as 5. So a set of 18 should be fine for a group of 4 players with spares for anyone with more and at a stretch 5 players. 

A set of 18 Doom Tokens should be a good starter for any GM, but they can build up so a second set would never go amiss. 

You can simply increase your pledge amount to add the tokens. Pick the £40 set of both Fortune & Doom tokens (36 total tokens), or the individual sets of 18 tokens for £20 each. Remember Conan RPG Starter Sets, Conqueror's Collections, Secrets of Yishma and Treasure of Tranicos Pledges get these for free!

Now for that video - thanks so much to Johannes for putting in a lot of effort to create this - it's great seeing what people can do with 2d20 when inspired by Conan!

The dev team are preparing a particularly nasty cosmic horror to spice up your adventures, Thog! I hope we'll have that for you in the next few hours!

David Thomas has updated his follow up adventure to the Thunder River scenario in the Quickstart with some advice from our developer Benn. You can get it here. Please remember it's unedited. 

Finally i'm updating the Quickstart on DriveThruRPG with a version that is bookmarked thanks to backer Doug Bailey, and a separate rules only version for those who don't want their players to see the adventure. Expect a mail update when the files are loaded. You'll be able to turn off layers for a printer friendly version of it too. 


Chris, Modiphius

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    1. Aephix on

      Even if different color stones aren't an option, maybe dying and sealing would be?

    2. Missing avatar

      heath delashmit on

      just wanted to chime in i REALLY appreciated the video example. sometimes i dont always comprehend the way things are written and to see it happen really explains alot to me. thanks

    3. The JollyGM on

      This video is an awesome tool!

    4. Maguila Gorila on

      Thanks a lot for this video to the guy or girl who did it. Very good!

    5. Glenn Fleetwood on

      The best solution in durability terms would be to have different coloured stones for Fortune and Doom (perhaps a lighter granite for Fortune) and have the symbol thereon as an engraving which is filled with the lacquer or paint used.

    6. Chris Birch, Modiphius 7-time creator on

      Looks like we will be getting engraved stones, we're waiting on an update about the colour options. :-)

    7. Missing avatar

      Mark Buckley

      I too would prefer engraved stones, if possible. I like the symbol designs, but they look a bit too clean and bright in the images above against the stone background, IMHO.

    8. Johannes 'Waldgeist' Rebhan on

      @Starglyte You are absolutely right. I've missed putting in the TN value for the Observation check. Sorry for that. I hope the colored dice at least made it clear where she succeeded.

    9. Ed on

      Great video Waldgeist, thanks for making it!

    10. Starglyte on

      @Ron @Douglas Ah! I know I was missing something. Thanks!

    11. The Gleeful Grognard on

      @Modiphious:I cannot see these stones holding up in the long run. Intentional rubbing is not necessary to loosen paint bonds off stone such as marble or granite.

      Don't get me wrong, they will last a while, but at this price I would want more than two years of usage out of them.
      It wouldn't be so much of a problem except both stones are of the same colour.

      If it stays like this I would highly recommend anyone getting them do three things.
      1) Clean with isopropyl alcohol (shouldn't effect any paint that they will use)
      2) spray all of their stones with an even coating of matte lacquer based varnish
      3) after the previous coating has dried spray a polyurethane based satin or matte varnish.

      The first varnish is to give it a nice strong hard wearing core that has enough tooth to bond to, the second varnish is to give it more flexibility and a nicer stone finish.

    12. Ron Niabati on

      @ Starglyte: I back calculated her TN for Observation.
      She got 4 successes the first time she made a skill test (2, 7, 14, 19, 10) and she got 1 success the second she made a skill test (4,13).
      So, her TN has to be less than 13 and at least 10.

    13. Douglas Justice on

      Pt 2 : if you were making an athletics check, obviously :)

    14. Douglas Justice on

      @starglyte the TN is based on your attribute and skill. If your brawn is 10 and you have a 2 in athletics, your TN is 12

    15. Starglyte on

      Where does it state the TN is 10? I didn't see it in the video? Is 10 consider default?

    16. Ron Niabati on

      @ Starglyte:
      She rolled 2, 7, 14, 19, 10.
      The 2, 7, 10 are equal to or less than her target number for 3 successes.
      The 2 is equal to or less than her focus for another success.
      Total of 4 successes.

    17. Starglyte on

      How did Tina succeed her Observation check in the video? She needed four success, but I did not see a change in TN, so I only count three success when she tried seeing the beach.

    18. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      Great video explanation of the rules! :)

      Whilst the tokens look great, I too am concerned that the printed symbols might rub off if the stones are kept in a bag. Engraved would definitely be my preference.

    19. Johannes 'Waldgeist' Rebhan on

      @Belisarius No ressources whatsoever. All I could do is take screenshots and animate them. Because in the game several of things happening do not really happen and can only be recorded with looking over the shoulder of your character.

      There is no free camera. That was one of the reasons why I couldn't just use the game as a video. Also the characters talk a lot more and say things that collide with Howards Hyborian Age (they constantly talk about Hyboria for example).

    20. Chris Birch, Modiphius 7-time creator on

      @Belisarius - they will be pretty long lasting but if you decide to try to create sparks with them by rubbing them together a lot it won't help. Our preference would be engraved but were exploring if they look good enough

    21. Belisarius

      As the token symbols are printed, will they be susceptible to rubbing off?

      I love that your arrangement / collaboration with the Funcom team means you have access to their Conan MMO resources like the opening tutorial for the video. It will be a great way to make tutorials for the RPG, though it may be easier to use the game real time rather than animating frames.

    22. Jacques Evrard on

      Thanks Johannes, very helpful!
      And nice tokens, Chris.
      Golden Phoenix, maybe …

    23. David Thomas on

      Tokens look amazing!
      Video is really cool, and thanks to Doug for the bookmarked Quick Start!
      Great stuff! Looking forward to Thog!

    24. Chris Birch, Modiphius 7-time creator on

      @Rich yes we're looking at a red print for the Doom Tokens, the actual stone is limited to a few selections but we're hoping we can tweak the print colours.

    25. RDP

      @Douglas B- lol! Same thing happened to me during lunch! I had to cup my hands around my phone!
      Ah, I thought he meant the marble color, the I also agree with you guys too. :)

    26. Douglas Bailey on

      Hmmm. Perhaps I won't watch Johannes' video at work, where anyone passing can look over my shoulder and wonder why I'm looking at a computer-animated woman in minimal clothing. (Or perhaps not wonder.)

    27. Douglas Bailey on

      @Rich P - The update mentions different printing colours; I'm hoping for different colours of marble as well, so that (for instance) the Doom tokens are darker than the Fortune ones.

    28. RDP

      Chris mentioned working on different colors, so I can't wait to see them colored! Love for the Doom tokens to be Crimson or dark Orange. Great video too!

    29. Douglas Bailey on

      I agree with Kickbacker; the tokens are lovely, but will be better still if we can have different colours for Fortune and Doom.

    30. Ron Niabati on

      @ Johannes 'Waldgeist' Rebhan: Ah, yes... Thanks!

    31. Johannes 'Waldgeist' Rebhan on

      @Ron Niabati - It may got lost but the reasons why she got unconscious after reaching the beach was because of the tons of salt water.

    32. Ron Niabati on

      Don't get me wrong... It's a great video :)

    33. Ron Niabati on

      There was a complication (rolled a 20) with the Athletics skill check, which resulted in her swallowing salt water, but there was no consequence (no damage or ill condition). Did I miss something?

    34. Matthew Widener on

      I always have a problem remembering wound penalties and reminding players about their wound penalties, so for Conan I bought some skulls for players to put on their character sheets. Take a Wound, put a skull on your sheet so everyone can be reminded. It adds to the panic, too. I ordered the ones below and they're solid and detailed and look amazing. Highly recommended! I ordered 8 of them, though if my players are carrying that many wounds at once, they are in serious trouble.

    35. Kickbacker

      Nice update.
      Thanks for the Quickstart update. Also, thanks to the Backers that are helping out.
      I wasn't expecting the tokens to look so good and original. Multiple colors would make it easier to tell the difference between the separate tokens at a glance.

    36. Matthew Widener on

      Those stones look amazing!!!