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This is Conan roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it – savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age
This is Conan roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it – savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age
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Yaaaarrrrr! Conan the Pirate be UNLOCKED & Big Pledge Contents

Posted by Chris Birch, Modiphius (Creator)

Ahh me landlubbers! Now this be a book worthy of Conan! Now I'll tell ye a story of a time I was....

Anyway....! Thanks for everyone plugging away this week and helping unlock the Conan the Pirate Supplement! There's been so much buzz in the community with discussions topping the forums across several sites as people discuss the game. Big thanks to those who are posting examples of play - we'd love to see more!

The Conan the Pirate supplement is now available as a £15 Add On, or is free in PDF with pledges containing 'Every unlocked book in PDF' and in print with the Hoard', Secrets' and Treasure' Pledges. 

Sail the red-dimmed seas as a reaver or explorer, seeking fortune on the farthest horizon. This sourcebook covers Argos and Zingara, the Pictish coastline, and the coasts of Shem, Stygia, Kush, and the Black Kingdoms, as well as the Barachan Islands and the Vilayet Sea. Join the Red Brotherhood or prove your mettle with the Zingaran Freebooters. Character options include pirate-themed lifepaths and options, as well as expanded ship combat rules and guidelines for ocean-going adventure. Full-color hardcover, 112 pages.

This means we're now counting off the tooth and claws to the Beasts of the Hyborian Age

The core rulebook presents beasts, undead, demons, and supernatural horrors enough to overcome even the mightiest of heroes, but this sourcebook presents even more monstrous foes for gamemasters wishing additional challenges! Drawn from the whole of the history described in “The Hyborian Age” essay this catalogue also links Robert E. Howard’s lost prehistories with the dark cosmology of his good friend and fellow writer, H.P. Lovecraft. Full-color hardcover, 112 pages.

We've also unveiled the next Stretch Goal - Ancient Ruins & Cursed Cities which Hoard of Yezdigerd, Secrets of Mount Yishma and Treasure of Tranicos pledges will now be adding to their printed stash! 

The Hyborian Age is but a brief interlude in a cycle of geologic upheaval. Cataclysms, world-reshaping earthquakes, and floods have buried cultures and kingdoms beyond the memories of men. But their ruins remain, some long-abandoned by the living, and others still inhabited by their descendants. Some were places of strange magic and enchantments, while others saw weird science of a type the making of which is long forgotten. These lost and ruined places are brought to life with maps, descriptions of their mysterious inhabitants, and any secrets to be discovered, and curses that might still be in effect for those daring (or unwary) enough to trespass. Full-color hardcover, 112 pages.

SO WHAT ARE YOU GETTING? A few of you asked for confirmation so I thought I'd take a couple of the big pledges to show you what you're getting and the growing value. 

Hoard of Yezdigerd. This pledge gets all the books in print plus the PDF Subscription so what does that mean? Well so far it's getting you the following for £300 Approx €381 / $430 - which is already worth £460 / $654 - saving £160 and growing!

  • Conan core RuleBook 
  • Art Book
  • Conqueror's Edition
  • Double-sided Poster Map of Brom cover vs Map of the Hyborian Age
  • Double-sided Poster Adventure Map of Jungle ruins vs Forbidden Temple 
  • Player's Guide 
  • Conan The Thief 
  • Conan the Barbarian 
  • Conan The Mercenary 
  • The Book of Skelos 
  • Jewelled Thrones of the Earth 
  • Conan the Pirate 
  • All four Tile sets in PDF 
  • All four Card decks in PDF
  • GM Screen in PDF

Plus the following books regardless of if they are unlocked (we expect to unlock these and much more in the next 2 weeks!)

  • Beasts of the Hyborian Age
  • Conan the Brigand
  • Nameless Cults
  • Conan of the Mysterious East
  • Ancient Ruins & Cursed Cities
  • Age of Conan Cross-Over book in PDF (in print once shown in Stretch goals)
  • World of Kull - King of Atlantis in PDF (in print once shown in Stretch goals)
  • Plus other PDF's released for 2 years.
  • PLUS each extra book in print as it's unveiled in the Stretch Goals Graphic

Secrets of Mount Yishma adds the accessories below to the big pile of books in the Hoard' pledge. For £600 Approx €760 / $860 - and this is now worth £855 / $1216 saving £255 and growing!

  • Q-Workshop Dice Set
  • Conqueror's Bag
  • Stygian Doom Pit
  • Stone Fortune & Doom Token Set
  • Extra Fortune Token Set
  • Extra Doom Token Set
  • Satin Hyborian Age Map
  • 2 Poster Maps of the Hyborian Ages vs Brom
  • 1 Poster Adventure Map
  • Gamesmaster Screen
  • 4 sets of Geomorphic Adventure Tiles
  • 4 Card Decks
  • PLUS Any other new items made available as Add On's 

Hope that helps - both these pledges will continue to increase in value as the days pass with more reveals we have planned. 

And as classic Conan artist Tim Truman nicely puts it.....


Chris, Modiphius

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    1. Missing avatar

      Spence on

      Will Pirate have a more detailed treatment of the ships? Something that will assist in general gamers in visualizing the various types of vessels and their layouts? For pretty much every RPG I have ever seen that said it was seafaring based would simply slap on a rinky dinky mini-stat card listing for ships. And then mix type names from across centuries of history and then hide from the issue. I'm not looking for exacting minute details with architect level schematics and floor-plans. But general images and layouts of the various "common" merchant vessels and non-merchant vessels.

      A basic primer that would allow the player with no knowledge of the subject enough information to participate. Heck in many cases the difference between what a ship was called was imply sail arraignment and quirks of the nation/fleet in possession.

    2. Morgan Stjernstrom on

      So great to have the pirate sourcebook unlocked! :)

    3. KFC on

      Eww, sorry wanted to post it on the main section :/

    4. KFC on

      As we played MC3 beta long time ago I've also felt that a Detective character had a similar capabilities in shooting as a Sniper. But first of all they were a starting characters, beta rules, and if you think it's like the same in every so called mainstream system. Gurps, Savage Worlds, BRP... d6 in shooting is always d6 does no matter if you are librarian or merc, what makes a difference are talents, edges, equipment, etc. as guys already pointed here.