Robert E. Howard's Conan Roleplaying Game

by Chris Birch, Modiphius

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    1. Missing avatar

      David Di Muro

      Wow. How awesome. Didn't see that one coming.

    2. Jason Verbitsky

      Kull too -- Awesome -- THANK YOU!

    3. Peter Foxhoven on

      Wait, so Yimsha backers dint get this in print?

    4. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      Very awesome. Thanks you for much
      @Peter - Only when it's announced as a stretch goal on the campaign page.

    5. Chris Birch, Modiphius 7-time creator on

      @Peter - they do if it's unlocked OR unveiled in the Stretch Goals. We're just announcing that it's happening at the moment.

    6. David Thomas on

      I literally flipped out when I woke up and read this. It makes perfect sense, and yet I didn't expect it. Thanks so much!

      I read The Shadow Kingdom before bed last night too!

    7. Antonio Eleuteri on

      Awesome! Any chance we can get Bran Mak Morn, too, pretty please? :D

    8. David Drage on

      Hoard of Yezdigerd subscribers should get the print copy as well as the PDF.

      Are we getting it, or have you changed the rules?

    9. Morgan Stjernstrom on

      @David Drage,
      If you read Chris respons to Peter you can see that you will indeed get this if its unlocked or show in the graphic.

      Best regards.

    10. Chris Birch, Modiphius 7-time creator on

      @David - the rules haven't changed - Hoard' pledges get the print copy when it's unlocked or unveiled in the Stretch Goal graphics. That's our 'pledge' - that if we show the book in the Stretch Goal graphic then you're getting it in print. We've got more announcements like this coming for more books that will at least bump up the PDF Subscription value.

    11. Missing avatar

      Timothy Mullen on

      Oooooooooo! I just made a little water. Can Bran MacMorn or Solomon Kane be waiting somewhere in the shadows?

    12. Peter Foxhoven on

      @Chris Ah, I see. Thank you for clearing that up for me. This is super amazing!

    13. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      @Chris - hmmm... more announcements... I also hope that one will be Bran Mak Morn.

    14. Jason Durall Collaborator on

      No plans for Solomon Kane. Our friends at Pinnacle are still very much in possession of that licence and we have no plans to take it over.

      As for Bran Mak Morn, it's an interesting option, and it's been suggested in our writer's room, but it's not currently planned. We're so full up now that at best, it would be a project for later in 2017 (or beyond), but it's definitely worth considering.

    15. Glenn Fleetwood on

      Chris, after incorporating one or two observations my role play group made when we play tested into your innovative rules set, and THEN putting out his news, basically creating a sourcebook I always wanted to see done, but never in a month of Sundays thought would ever be made, I have to ask you to stop... because I don't have any more spare money to throw at you!

    16. Bill Winski on

      Thanks for the update, Chris. That is extremely cool news; can't wait...
      You guys are awesome!

    17. Chris Birch, Modiphius 7-time creator on

      @Glenn - dammnit just don't look at the next big updates then!

    18. 2Die10 Games on

      Will the art book contain art from Kull - King Of Atlantis as well as the other source books for the game?

    19. Lim Seng Kok

      I thought there was nothing else you chaps could do to entice me to up my pledge. I thought wrong.

    20. Chris Birch, Modiphius 7-time creator on

      @2Die10 Games - we're checking whether we can include Justin's art in the art book but other big name art drawn for the book will be for sure