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This is Conan roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it – savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age
This is Conan roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it – savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age
4,352 backers pledged £436,755 to help bring this project to life.

Gamesmaster Screen Add On, More Books Info & Fortune Add On

Posted by Chris Birch, Modiphius (Creator)

Hi we just hit £160,000 so it's great timing as we're unlocking the Gamesmaster Screen today - it's a £20 (approx €26 / $29). Add On and comes with a 32 page full colour bonus booklet inside containing an awesome Plot Generator to help you quickly generate extensive sword & sorcery plots for your games of Conan as well as guidance on creating adventures that are true to Robert E. Howard's writings. 

This sturdy four-panel screen contains all of the useful tables and charts from the core rulebook, as well as rules summaries for quick reference. Illustrated on the player-facing side with dramatic Conan artwork, this gamemaster screen may also double as a shield from arrows, thrown tankards or ale horns, and even hatchets. Thick cardstock, four portrait-oriented panels with 32-page softcover booklet of bonus content including Plot Generator.

Remember! Pledges including the PDF Subscription get this in PDF and the Secrets of Mount Yishma pledge gets this in print. Otherwise anyone can add this to their Pledge by just increasing their pledge amount by £20. We do a survey after the Kickstarter to find out what you chose. 

THE BOOK OF SKELOS! Jim Hague, part of the writing team on the Book of Skelos, the next book to be unlocked, had this to say over on the discussion:

One of the very first things we're going to introduce to readers is the elephant in the room - the many faces of Skelos, the eponymous author of the Book.

Alcemides, a noted scholar in the Hyborian Age, believes that Skelos may have be - or be - an Atlantean survivor of the Cataclysm...yet that alone does not illuminate the withered sorcerer's true origins. Could he have learned the dark arts at the feet of Yag-Kosha's people, as told in Tower of the Elephant? Was he one of the shadowy priests of lost Acheron? A serpent-man passing as human? There are even rumors that Skelos was not born in the Hyborian Age or even its cataclysmic past, but may be a traveler from some distant future epoch, thrown back through time and blending modern knowledge with ancient secrets.

What is definitively known is this: whatever Skelos' origin, the Book that bears its name contains fearsome secrets, unspeakable knowledge, and the very history of an age undreamed of. Those that seek to unlock its secrets are well-advised to proceed with caution, for the text is not for the weak-willed, let they be consumed by the very forces they seek to master.

FORTUNE STONES. We'll be showing off examples of these and the Doom tokens in the coming week but if you want to add an extra set of Fortune Stones use the same price as the Doom Stones - £20. We'll update the Dice & Tokens Add On on monday. 

BEASTS OF THE HYBORIAN AGE. When we unlocked Conan the Mercenary we revealed this next book. The core rulebook presents beasts, undead, demons, and supernatural horrors enough to overcome even the mightiest of heroes, but this sourcebook presents even more monstrous foes for gamemasters wishing additional challenges! Drawn from the whole of the history described in “The Hyborian Age” essay this catalogue also links Robert E. Howard’s lost prehistories with the dark cosmology of his good friend and fellow writer, H.P. Lovecraft. Full-color hardcover, 112 pages.

Here's the temporary cover by the incredible Simon Bisley - this is from a recent cover he did but he's going to be painting a classic for us!

Finally, I'd like to ask what pledge you would most like to see us create? Post in the comments please!


Chris, Modiphius

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    1. Chris Birch, Modiphius 7-time creator on

      @Thomas you got your wish :-) We're now offering 3 Player's Guides instead of the Conqueror's Edition

    2. Thomas LaMaster on

      @Chris, if I was able to choose between the Conqueror's Edition and 3 player books there's a good chance that I'd up my pledge because I'm a sucker for Conan stuff!

    3. Chris Birch, Modiphius 7-time creator on

      @Matthew it's something we'll certainly highlight and give advice for the GM in the core book. We've got some cute ideas for the play area so bear with us :-)

    4. Matthew Widener on

      And maybe I'll get an add on for a Stygian Doom Pool tray for the players to toss their Momentum tokens into. I'll paint a Phoenix symbol on it, or something. :)

    5. Matthew Widener on

      Great news!

      Since there's a max 6 banked momentum, you probably wouldn't need many tokens for that.

      And FANTASTIC point about momentum spends and dreaming up cinematic actions. My Edge of the Empire game opened up in the most beautiful way after we started ignoring the advantage chart. Crazy cinematic stuff that took the story in new directions. It's just that in Conan it seems like there are some very important tactics tied into the Momentum economy, and I wonder if players will "dare to dream" and ignore the very real benefits of the chart. Please emphasize in the rulebook this point, because it wasn't obvious to me until I heard Jay Little explicitly say it in a podcast.

      Maybe you're already doing this, but a formula would be helpful for GMs, to "translate" player narrative ideas into simple mechanics, so they don't have to. A "describe first" mentality, let the GM worry about balancing mechanical effects.

    6. Chris Birch, Modiphius 7-time creator on

      @Matthew wait till you see the Stygian Doom Pool it's a fantastic leather dice tray covered in heirectic script with the stygian snake sigil. Perfect for Doom token pools.

      Good point on the Momentum tokens we might look at that as an option. We likely will be doing an NPC sheet (Infinity had one with 4 npc's to a page) but more on that later.

      We actually have an idea for a reference - though the main thing is we want players not to be looking up Momentum spends but dreaming up cinematic actions they can do with their momentum.

    7. Matthew Widener on

      I'm going to be using the Fortune tokens to represent the Momentum pool. The back and forth banking of group Momentum could benefit from tokens way more than the less spent Fortune. (Hunting for number faces on a d6 to represent the constant spending of Momentum sounds like 3.2 seconds I could shave off each round, if you know what I mean. Tokens are more tactile too.) So if you're looking for things to create...unique stone MOMENTUM TOKEN packs would be awesome.

      I'm going to find wide stone ashtrays or shallow old-looking goblets for the Doom and Momentum pools, but if you're eager to make new cool stuff...official POOL GOBLETS would be neat. They could be plastic, stone-looking type things. You could even stamp Momentum spend costs in the lip, something helpful like that.

      I sometimes like to tack convenient combat charts on the player-facing side of the GM screen to help cut down player seek time in books, but I wouldn't want to cover the amazing Brom artwork for this game. So how about a sturdy (thin cardstock?) laminated OPTIONS PLACARD for the players? Ideally it would be narrow so as not to take up too much space on the table, maybe as tall as a character sheet and half as wide. Double sided. All the Momentum spend charts listed, the action costs, etc. Could take a wet/dry erase pen. Put all the helpful options there like a box to arrange your Fortune tokens, and a way to track how many Reactions and Parries you've done in a round (so you know how much Momentum you have to spend).

      GM NPC NOTEPADS. I always have to create my own, but an official simplified NPC form to list wounds and trauma would be great.

    8. Kickbacker

      @Chris Birch,
      I was hoping for that to be the case. It would have been a shame for the official GM screen, with it's awesome art, to be made of lower quality material.
      Thank you for the reply.

    9. Chris Birch, Modiphius 7-time creator on

      @Kickbacker - it's the same sturdy hard cover of a hardcover book so really strong

    10. Shane Mclean

      I would like an all the books without the Conqueror edition, as I'm not really one for limited edition books. That said, it means a second copy of the rulebook, which is useful.

      What I would like to see is a bigger dice set, like the Infinity GM dice set, as an add-on. More dice.

      Another thing I'd love, pipe-dreaming here, is for you guys to get with Fil and Paul at All Rolled Up and do some Conan RPG ARUs with the map art on them (look at the Middle Earth map "In The Third Age" Deluxe ARU in their catalogue for an idea).

    11. Kickbacker

      Is the GM screen thick and sturdy hardback/gameboard material or is it softcover/flexible material, like playing cards?

    12. KFC on

      I'd like to see standard hardcover + books subscription (and PDFs) pledge.
      Without fancy deluxe leather edition, artbook, cards and tiles (in pdf). Priced around 200-250gbp.

    13. Netobvious

      This Kickstarter just keeps on giving! GM Sreen, or yes!!

      This will all help me run some very memorable games, hopefully, next year, in the Kingdoms of Hyboria (see I no longer just call it Hyboria, so Jeffrey Shanks need not send more mercenaries my way).

    14. The JollyGM on

      I woukd be very interested in a pledge that contains all functional game books (plus pdfs) , minus all the flashy bits. The comment below, saying i can get them as add ons, is not an option at the present price point, i rather spend my money on a full pledge that contains the books.

    15. Asgo

      @daniel I meant that also for the print version. the "digital" was only referring to the maintenance overhead for the master versions in the background

    16. Bone on Bone

      +1 to a pledge level that includes only the functional bits. Currently I'm sitting at Secret, but I'm really only interested in the stuff I can use for the game. I'd like to see a new pledge level that includes everything with the following mods:

      -Remove canvas bag. I don't need it, and won't use it.
      - Remove satin map. As much as this is cool, I don't like how digital the map looks and would much prefer art that made it appear hand drawn as opposed to digital renderings. This is especially present in the font you used for the names of countries

      That's ~$200 of my $800 Secret pledge tied up in items I don't really want

      - Remove art book (I want this and would add it as an addon)
      - Increase Q-workshop dice sets. Needs to be at least 5d20s and maybe more (hate sharing dice around the table)
      - Produce Dice Tower of the Elephant with Arena Rex (Leo) mini accompaniment.

    17. FoolsBane on

      @Asgo Some peoples prefer Print over Digital you know. I maybe oldschool but nothing tmo matches a beautiful hardcover book, even if its only for rules or campaign. I never pass on a good Art Book. I own about a hundreds of them.

    18. Asgo

      on the topic of art books, I usually pass on them as long as they contain no functional aspect of the game. It's not that I don't appriciate the content as such, but I prefer the art within the context of content they depict,e.g, in the core rules or source books.
      Myself, I would distribute the ''art" and the costs over the rest of the books and call them art enriched versions. Sure, you would have to maintain more versions of your books, but in the digital age that is not that much.
      Anyhow, just an idle thought since it is a bit late for changes on that level ;)

    19. John Dominguez on

      I too would like an option to buy all the regular edition physical books at a kickstarter discount. You could subtract the pdfs even. Im a luddite when it comes to rpgs

    20. FoolsBane on

      I was Under the impression that Chris was maybe looking at modifying the existing pledges since there are so many. Sorry if I got the wrong impression.

    21. Ed on

      @Daniel, I don't think anyone is talking about removing any pledges, just offering some potential different ones tailored to slightly different wishes... I'd imagine that if a new pledge were created it wouldn't necessitate the removal of any others... which probably isn't possible anyway once people have pledged for it. :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Eric Holweck

      @Daniel: Chris doesn't want to take things from any pledge, he's been asking whether people would like a new pledge. The Hoard will stay as is. :)
      (Agree to disagree on art books being essential to games, though. I'd say it's more of a personal choice. Here, it's more of a case of not having to double-up on anything... and it's much easier to add something to a pledge (ie an art book^^) than to take something away.)

    23. FoolsBane on

      I also want to keep the Art Book in my pledge, the Hoard. I love art and want it all in the same book contrary to some. I dont want to have to go through a dozen books to look at the art pics. Art books are an Essential to ALL games. Purchased the artbook from Blood Rage, Conan boardgame, and many others.

    24. Asgo

      I agree with Brother Jim for the practical use case dice bundle. It also would be a nice/fast reference on how many you might need in a practical setting, even for those who would like to pick and choose from the smaller addons.
      and of course because: dice ;)

    25. Missing avatar

      marc braden on

      Same as many others, all the print books without the art book.

    26. FoolsBane on

      I want to keep the Conqueror's Edition in the Hoard Pledge as a collector item. I will use the other standard rulebook on a daily basis though. I would not risk to scratch that beautiful book on my gaming table due to excitement. That collector book will be for my eyes only. :)

      On another topic, the dice add-ons are bugging me. Hope to get a more complete and practical one, with dice for several players. As it is now, its very expensive to purchase.

    27. Brother Jim on

      I still like the idea of a big dice bundle add-on to fit the amounts listed in the Quick-Start to supplement the top "Mount" pledge we already have. I know this is being discussed; I just mention because the question was put out there.

      There are already some good ideas in the comments here, too: all the books in print minus the Conqueror's Edition and a Pledge designed especially for backers of the "other" Conan game. Thanks!

    28. Tom Hoefle

      im still waiting for an all in pledge including the visions option of being in the book

    29. Missing avatar

      John Potts on

      @Chris Any chance we can get some of the pdfs like the GM screen as an addon? I'm at PDF Master but there are few pdfs that aren't included that I'd like.

    30. Chris Birch, Modiphius 7-time creator on

      @Ed - you can simply choose them as Add Ons as they are unlocked. We'll have a think about this though :-)

    31. Ed on

      I think it also the fact that if you've decided that you're not in for the expensive Conqueror's edition book, there no way to go in for all the books in print. I guess there's probably a good reason for that, but we can hope... :)

    32. Nathaniel Borys on

      I'm of the same mind as Ed. I'd love to get all the books in print but I don't need duplicates of any of them.

    33. David Christopher Lee on

      just all the books in print form.

    34. Missing avatar

      Eric Holweck

      +1 Thomas & Ed to an "all-book in print" pledge level without the conqueror's edition (two core books is one too many). Also, maybe without the Art book if it's just a collection of art from the other books anyway.
      Also possibly, such a pledge level plus tiles and GM screen in print? Okay, I guess that would make two differnt pledges, then... ;)

    35. Chris Birch, Modiphius 7-time creator on

      @Thomas - what if we let people choose either the Conqueror's Edition or say three additional Player's books with the Hoard' pledge?

    36. sakari lindhen on

      just 'all the books ' in print form, and nothing else...

    37. Ed on

      +1 Thomas! Definately an "all the books" without the Conqueror, possibly even without the 2 year pdf subscription too...

    38. Thomas LaMaster on

      I would like to see a pledge level for all the books minus the Conqeuror's Edition. It's nice, but I don't need two core books especially when I like the Brom art the best. Or maybe trade the Conqueror for 3 player books?

    39. Jared Bond

      A pledge level for supporters of that *other* conan game? :)