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This is Conan roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it – savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age
This is Conan roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it – savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age
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Conan the Mercenary UNLOCKED! & Pledges Values!

Posted by Chris Birch, Modiphius (Creator)

Not bad for the start of Day 4 dog brothers! Check out what the big pledges are worth below but first...

The Conan the Mercenary 112 page full colour hardcover sourcebook is now available as a £15 Add On (just increase your pledge amount to add it)! The cover is being painted by Liam Sharp whose credits include Judge Dredd, X-Men, Hulk & Spider-Man for Marvel, Superman & Batman for DC Comics and Spawn: The Dark Ages for Todd McFarlane, Fran Frazetta's Death Dealer and Red Sonja: One More Day!

The “middle kingdoms” of the Hyborian world—Koth, Ophir, and Shem—are rife with conflict, defending their borders against enemies from within and without. Such conflict requires swords… and the hands to hold them. This sourcebook covers the path of the mercenary, those who would fight for others, in return for coin. Included are mercenary character options, including lifepaths and additional equipment, as well as expanded mass conflict rules. Full-color hardcover, 112 pages.

Remember that everyone with 'Plus Every Unlocked Book in PDF' (the PDF Master and above) now gets Conan the Barbarian in PDF as part of their pledge, whilst the Hoard of Yezdigerd and Secrets of Mount Yishma pledges both add this in hardback to their collection! Here's the full painting by Liam to inspire you!

WHAT ARE THE PLEDGES WORTH? We obviously want to make sure your support for us gets you a damned silly amount of stuff in return (if you can imagine John Cleese saying that sitting at his desk in the Ministry of Funny Walks you'll get the accent :-) So let's look quickly at the obvious pledges that people might be calculating:

£40 PDF Master - so far £40 gets you PDF's of the Core book, Art Book, Player's guide, Conan the Thief, Conan the Barbarian & Conan the Mercenary - total 806 unique pages. With each book unlocked this pledge just gets better and better, and of course there's no shipping. We always have this pledge and it typically ends up being worth about £150-£200 and 2000-3000 pages. 

Hoard of Yezdigerd - For £300 you're so far getting the following in Print: Conan Core book, Conqueror's Edition, Art Book, Player's Guide, Conan the Thief, Conan the Barbarian & Conan the Mercenary plus the printed Blessings of Mitra (so far a printed poster worth £10), the PDF Subscription AND as we have announced them you're also guaranteed to get the print books: the Book of Skelos, Jewelled Thrones of the Earth, Conan The Pirate and Beasts of the Hyborian Age as they are produced, even if for some reason we didn't hit them which is unlikely given we're only 3 days in. This is all worth £350 - so you're already saving £50 and this will rise with each book unlocked/revealed.

Secrets of Mount Yishma - For £600 you're getting the above books PLUS all the Accessories:  Conqueror's Leather & Canvas bag, Stygian Pit of Doom, Q Workshop Dice Set, Deluxe stone token set, 100cm x 70cm Map of the Hyborian Age printed full colour on luxurious soft satin, Extra set of 16 Doom Tokens, 4 Sets of Geomorphic Tiles, 4 Card Decks, Gamesmaster Screen, Large printed Map of the Hyborian age, with Brom cover printed on reverse, Character Sheet Pad - a total value so far of £745 so you're already saving £145 and this will rise with each book unlocked/revealed.

Note: yes we will be unlocking the card decks, and Gamesmaster screen shortly - you will be able to have them as separate Add Ons. 

MORE VISIONS OF THE BLACK LOTUS! I've just unlocked 2 more Art Pledges for the Core Book. There will be some more unlocked later.

Next we're working towards the Book of Skelos named for the fabled from the Conan stories. This sourcebook is the definitive expansion to the sorcery and magic system presented in the core rulebook. It includes additional spells and rituals, alchemy, necromancy, enchantments, magic items and mighty artifacts, herbalism, potions and healing remedies, curses and blessings, lore-books and scrolls, ancient scripts, as well as supernatural creatures, events, and locations aplenty.


Chris, Modiphius

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    1. Chris Birch, Modiphius 7-time creator on

      @Alberto - we're doing 3 waves of deliveries. The Core book, player's guide, Conqueror's Edition, all the accessories and 2-3 supplements will delivery in July, then most of the other main supplements in December and if we fund a lot more, they will be in March to allow time to get them all done.

      We're confirming shipping waves next week

    2. Alberto De Jesus on

      So if we increase the ammount for a unlocked book when would these unlocked addiotions delivere ?

    3. Chris Birch, Modiphius 7-time creator on

      @Kickbacker - actually no sorry that's an error, I've updated the pledge contents graphic - thanks for spotting that

    4. Kickbacker

      Does the Visions of the Black Lotus come with the PDF 2 year subscription? It doesn't say it in the pledge box on the right column, but it includes it on the table of pledge levels.

    5. Kickbacker

      Good stuff!