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This is Conan roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it – savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age
This is Conan roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it – savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age
This is Conan roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it – savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age
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    1. Missing avatar

      Rich Riddle
      about 11 hours ago

      Thanks, Chris...

    2. Chris Lites about 15 hours ago

      No update on Fantasy Grounds yet.

    3. RDP
      4 days ago

      Any word on Fantasy Grounds, for playing Conan 2d20? I know I had inquired in November but curious on it's status. Dying to get this game online in Fantasy Grounds!

    4. Jason Durall Collaborator on January 16

      @RVH - We don't have a particular plan for high-res maps, though the ones we're using in the books are at 300 dpi, the same as the art and regular content. I'll discuss with Chris whether we'll want to do a followup map pack once the regional sourcebooks are wrapped up.

      @JaFO - I think it's the end of Wave 3, which is already in progress.

    5. Missing avatar

      on January 15

      Is wave 2 the last one before the all-in-ones get shipped ?

    6. RVH
      on January 15

      I've been working my way through the books, and I have a request -- there is really some beautiful interior cartography in the sourcebooks, close-up maps of the various nations depicted there, but they aren't super high-res. Is it possible to get higher-res versions of those maps? I kind of want to print them out to use as player aids.

    7. Chris Birch, Modiphius 6-time creator on January 15

      @Morgan - yes we're considering a beautiful Conan notebook too :-)

      @Nuroch - I'm still here :-) In fact we have some great news for Conan fans... - conversion guide to let you use Conan 2d20 rules for John Carter.

    8. Nuroch_CM on January 14

      All sounds fabulous, and thank you as always for the timely and cordial response!

    9. Jason Durall Collaborator on January 14

      Hi Nuroch - Work is developing apace on all of Wave 2. We're putting PIRATE into layout this week, so bear with us. The next book you'll be seeing pieces of is RUINS, then more of the Monolith crossover.

    10. Nuroch_CM on January 14

      With Chris piloting the John Carter ship right now are there any updates on Conan the Pirate to be has over here?

    11. Nuroch_CM on January 14

      Hello Modiphius crew. It has been awesome reading through the Wave 1 books! These are definitely some of my favorite rpg products in nearly 30 years of playing and collecting.

    12. Missing avatar

      Savinien on January 14

      Finally recieved the last books of my wave one, very happy with it ( the book of skelos is definetely my favorite ).
      I want to thank modiphius for their good customer support ( thanks lloyd! )

    13. Missing avatar

      Rich Riddle
      on January 13

      Any updates on Fantasy Grounds development?

    14. Morgan Stjernstrom on January 10

      @Chris Birth or @Chris Lite
      I just saw on your John Carter kickstarter the beautiful "Prince of Helium Notebook". Please och please couldn´t you do exactly the same for Conan? Im willing to toss in an additional £10-20 each for it! Dang, that would be sooooo fitting for Conan! :)

    15. Chris Holt on January 8

      Thanks Jason!

    16. Jason Durall Collaborator on January 8

      @Chris You can always contact Lloyd ( to see about changing your shipping preferences.

    17. Chris Holt on January 7

      I realize it was called out clearly in pledgemanager, but any chance of changing to split shipments after the fact? My past self was much more patient.

    18. Jason Durall Collaborator on January 4

      @Ben The GM Screen was shipped with a 28-page full color softcover booklet with a brown cover bearing the Phoenix emblem. It would be hard to overlook. If your GM Screen wasn't packaged with one, you should get in touch with the fine folks at Modiphius customer service (

    19. Ben Turner
      on January 4

      Has the GM toolkit been delivered yet? I have the screen, and a bit of cardboard that says GM toolkit, but no actual booklet? Possibly something I've mislaid, but just wanted to check if it even exists in the first instance?!

    20. Sid Vicarious on January 4

      Thanks Jason, that is very encouraging.

    21. Jason Durall Collaborator on January 4

      @Seth I've forwarded your message over to the support folk at Modiphius. Hope this resolves issues.

      @Sid The adventure bundle is going into development once we get a few books to the printer. Due to the lead time involved for print products, we're prioritizing the books backers paid for over the "free" extras. This is also true of the social media character bundle.

      I suspect there will be another adventure anthology, and we're discussing whether we want to pursue the option of standalone adventures, perhaps as .pdf-only releases with an eventual collection. Sales of JEWELED THRONES will help guide that decision.

    22. Brian Re
      on January 2

      @ Jason Thanks!

    23. Sid Vicarious on January 2

      Any update on the Blessings of Mitra pdf adventure bundle? Other than the projected campaign books (Waves Stained Crimson etc) will there be any further scenario releases? My group has now played everything in the core book, JTotE, the quickstarts, and the Conan the Thief tie-in pdf. Have we missed anything?

    24. Missing avatar

      Seth Gordon on January 2

      I am experiencing an odd issue. The PledgeManager refuses to recognize either of the two email addresses I backed with (I did a 2nd order with a 2nd email after my original order arrived). When I click "forgot password" it states that it does not recognize either of my email addresses, but I am 100% certain they are correct because I have the confirmation and order emails still in my folders at home.

      I reached out to Lloyd a month or two ago but I still haven't received my 2nd order. I live in Nevada, US.

      Anyone else have trouble with Pledgemanager not recognizing your email?

    25. Jason Durall Collaborator on January 1

      Conan was handled through Pledge Manager, NOT BackerKit. Log into with the email you provided, so see what your mail settings and shipment preferences are.

      We've done 107 updates and many, many additional mailings, so it may be that you have notifications turned off.

      Here is the list of items, grouped by Waves:

      Depending on what items and shipping preference you picked, your stuff will be shipped when it's all done. We've all materials already for backers whose stuff all fell in Wave 1, and broke up the Wave 1 shipments to get backers materials early.

      Lloyd ( should be able to get you sorted out if there are any issues with your pledge.

      Hope this helps!

    26. Steve Hanson on December 31

      You would want to talk to lloyd you could also log into paypal and the Conan button will show you what you've ordered.

    27. Brian Re
      on December 31

      So, I've been trying to follow this, I haven't received any emails/tracking stuff, and honestly it is very confusing to me which "wave" I'm in. It has been so long since i did the backer kit that I can't honestly remember what I'm getting anymore! Is there someone I can get a hold of to figure all this out? Thanks! Brian

    28. JEVR on December 20

      @ Jason Durall: thanks for the answer.

    29. Missing avatar

      Savinien on December 20

      Drawlab* and going*

      ( damn you autocorrect. Coing is french for quince...)

    30. Missing avatar

      Savinien on December 20

      @ Jason Durall: thanks for the drawlad coin suggestion. I'm coing to order one medieval set for fortune .

    31. Bone on Bone
      on December 18


    32. Bone on Bone
      on December 18

      Can someone remind me where I can go to download the hyborian age map?

    33. Jason Durall Collaborator on December 18

      @JEVR We've only got so much bandwidth, and the current focus for the art director is on getting new art briefs and solicitations written and sent out for artwork that needs to be created, vs. work that's already done (in the case of the Monolith artwork).

    34. Jason Durall Collaborator on December 18

      @Jason I'm familiar with the Shire Post Mint ones, but the price makes them prohibitive for my needs. I like having a wide variety of cultures and coinage styles represented for the Fortune points, and the Drawlab ones hit the spot for me.

    35. Missing avatar

      Jason Staiert on December 18

      @Jason @Joris - Shire Post Mint makes licensed Conan the Barbarian coins. I have some, they are expensive but very nice. The “Crom Skull Set” and “Stygian Scroll Set” would work well as Fortune and Doom tokens.

    36. Jason Durall Collaborator on December 17

      @Joris For Momentum I use the Fortune tokens. They have a Mitra symbol and it makes more sense to me that the two equivalent currencies are stones.

      For Fortune I use an assortment of "ancient" and fantasy coins from Drawlab Entertainment. Coins = Fortune also seems more intuitive.

    37. Shane Mclean
      on December 17

      I got some big exotic-looking coins from Amazon (UK). They were half the price when I got them, though. They are big, meaty, and a good fit, I think.

    38. Joris Van der Vorst
      on December 16

      Hey guys & gals, something a bit different: what have you been using to track Momentum? I was thinking of buying a set of fantasy-esque coins, but I'm curious to see what everyone else is doing. :)

    39. Morgan Stjernstrom on December 16

      @Bob, check under the corebook folder.
      @Ryan send an email to and you will get help.

    40. Missing avatar

      Ryan on December 15

      How can I tell if I asked for one shipment or multiple? I don't remember what I chose and I don't see it on the Pledge Manager page. Now I'm not if I should be getting a package now or not.

    41. Bob Freeman on December 15

      Am I missing something? I thought Pirate was supposed to be uploaded today? Not showing up on my page.

    42. JEVR on December 15

      No progress in the Monolith tie-in since last update? I understand it is not the next line, but if the next step is to assemble a list of art requests for Monolith, perhaps it doesn't need to be delayed.

    43. Jason Durall Collaborator on December 12

      Damn you, autocorrect! It's

    44. Jason Durall Collaborator on December 12

      @Justin Please email Lloyd ( with your backer info. He can track down your package.

    45. Justin DuPont on December 12

      So.. could I find an update as to when I can expect the Conqueror's Collection in Canada? There seems to be images popping up all over the globe of people reciving various materials from the game. My flgs even has books and dice in stock now.

    46. Jason Durall Collaborator on December 8

      @Raymond You could also send feedback directly to me at

    47. Jason Durall Collaborator on December 7

      @Raymond - You can report them here. I get every comment posted here, and if we need additional information, we can work it out.

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