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This is Conan roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it – savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age
This is Conan roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it – savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age
This is Conan roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it – savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age
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    1. Christopher Young
      13 minutes ago

      I think to be fair Chris B the original KS campaign shipping dates were July 16 December 16 and finally March 17 with locked books to be printed in 2017

      It’s been a long road and we are running about two years late on progress so whilst the content of the book might be great and deserving of enemies the delivery delays can be somewhat annoying and sour the overall experience.
      A year between shipments is quite a time.

      Looking first to my wave two landing before the end of 2018 cheers

    2. Bob Freeman about 1 hour ago

      @Chris Birch, you're a class act, mate.

    3. Chris Birch, Modiphius 7-time creator about 5 hours ago

      @Dustin sorry you feel that, the entire Wave 1 shipped in the autumn last year and we've already delivered a lot of pdf's from wave 2. Checking your account I can see you decided to save money with a single shipment but it looks like you're only waiting on the boardgame sourcebook which is in review now so will be one of the next items to be printed shortly. I can also see you've not yet downloaded any of the PDF's we've provided such as the Tile sets and core book so do remember you have access to everything in the pledgemanager - there's been pdf's to download there since last year.

      Now the Ennies are not so much for us, they're very much for all the people involved in making these games happen who work so hard. If we pick up an award it means everyone who worked on that book can say they worked on an award winning product and this is really important for the team and this is why we push the voting so much.

    4. Missing avatar

      Dustin Dennewitz about 12 hours ago

      Got an email from Modiphius, asking for me to vote for them to win an ENnie, some of the categories are for this game. How in the HELL do you have the nerve to ask me to vote for you to get an award for a game that I don't even have yet, that you said you would deliver WAY back in December of 2016?!?! I mean seriously, WTF?! How can you feel any kind of pride in receiving an award for a game you having even fulfilled delivery on? I do my best to just be patient about how late you are at getting this games delivered, but when you think you deserve an award for it and have the nerve to ask me to vote for you, that is just being ridiculously insulting. Modiphius, you have proven yourself completely shameless and without any honor, after this email. If I ever finally received the items from my pledge, it will be the last business I ever give you.

    5. Missing avatar

      Andrew James Roberts 1 day ago

      Thanks KFC. I’ll look into this

    6. KFC 2 days ago

      Andrew, the Wave 1 books were shipped, Waves 2 & 3 are expected by the end of the year.

    7. Missing avatar

      Andrew James Roberts 3 days ago

      Have the secrets of mount yshima shipped. Haven’t followed much due to real life. Thanks

    8. Chris Lites 5 days ago

      @Damien Smith The tiles are all complete. The book should follow shortly.

    9. Netobvious

      In case you missed it, Phroilan Gardner's evocative cover artwork for the sourcebook of "Conan the Barbarian" is up for a vote at the ENnies today (winners revealed at GenCon 2018).…

    10. Asgo

      @Nigel, easiest way is to use the link given in the pledgemanager email from mid may 2016.
      title "NAME , your Robert E. Howard's Conan Roleplaying Game pledgemanager is ready!"

    11. Nigel Phillips

      Played my first game of this at STABCON this weekend - worked really well. I can’t work out how to access the pledge manager folder to get to the pdfs. Can anyone assist me?

    12. Damien Smith on

      @Jason Durall - Thanks. What is the situation with the maps?

    13. Jason Durall Collaborator on

      @Damien THE MONOLITH SOURCEBOOK should be through layout soon, then will go to backers and to the team for internal review, then it's off to the printer.

    14. Damien Smith on

      I paid for the physical maps and the conan tie in. Both are coming in my wave 2 order, correct? When is the ETA for this again?

    15. Jason Durall Collaborator on

      @CodyC Please send an email to

    16. CodyC

      Is there any way to update our shipping address? I've moved twice since wave 1 shipped.

    17. Missing avatar

      J on

      @Modiphius - Looks like I’m just behind on updates, you’ve already been sending out preview notifications as I described. Thank you.

    18. The Gleeful Grognard on

      Any chance of us getting the gm screen as a part of the drivethroughrpg collection.
      It feels weird to have to go to the pledge manager to download it.

    19. Missing avatar

      J on

      @Modiphius - I suspect you are already horribly busy, but would you please consider releasing a standalone update when a book goes into final review before printing? The latest, and apparently final, versions of both Nameless Cults and Ancient Ruins have some very obvious typos. Something as simple as ‘Book X in final review, all backer corrections due by date Y.’ followed by a link to the latest revision would draw more attention than having that hidden in a general status update. I’m asking because I missed the backer review window for both of these roducts because the information was burried in a larger status update without clear indicator of which document/file I should be reviewing. I’m clearly partly to blame, but also I am willing to work for Modiphius for free, so a small accommodation to make it as easy as possible to be involved is not unreasonable. Love both products regardless.

    20. Jason Durall Collaborator on

      Darren - Thanks for your patience. All Wave 2 and 3 books will be out by the end of the year, if not much earlier.

    21. Missing avatar

      Darren Benford-Brown on

      I ordered the RPG starter set, all for wave 2 shipping. It's been so long tbh I can't even remember the 3 books I chose. Regardless,
      when will this all ship out as I'm fast losing hope of even seeing it this year...

    22. Netobvious

      Yes, the Nameless Cults are available including none other than the great Cthulhu making an appearance.

    23. Missing avatar

      Raymond Hale on

      I just checked, and it is now available for download. Thanks for getting it all sorted out!

    24. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      Nope, Nameless Cults is still not available but I'm told by Modiphius customer service is working on the issue.

    25. Bob Freeman on

      @Raymond: I don't see it either. Just the old one from March.

    26. Missing avatar

      Raymond Hale on

      Is anyone able to see the Nameless Cults download? I still do not see it.

    27. Bob Freeman on

      Nameless Cults update? Still not seeing it.

    28. Sid Vicarious on

      I'm hanging out for "Horrors", there the Mi-go stats will allow for the running of the mi-go mine scenario.

    29. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      @Sid, Sounds excellent. Can't wait to see what was implemented. Still want to see Nameless Cults to get an appraisal of that title. Love books on clandestine organizations.

    30. Sid Vicarious on

      @Tom In regards to AR&CC, the most recent update specifically states "backer feedback implemented". Hopefully this means lots of great maps.

    31. Bob Freeman on

      Still no Nameless Cults. Any word?

    32. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      Much appreciated Jason. Keep turning out those awesome books!

    33. Jason Durall Collaborator on

      Chris Birch is re-uploading the book now.

    34. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      @Sid. Agreed, great background fluff but while I have no issue with doing a little work to engage my players and using the content to flesh out my adventures the maps I was expecting would have been key to any exploration my PCs did in those cool locations.

    35. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      Has anyone else not located the pdf for Nameless Cults in their Pledgemanager downloads? I haven't been able to track that one.

    36. KFC on

      Yes. I've got mine shipped with the Wave 1 books BUT it was not unlocked nor included in any pledge, you should have added it and paid separately. If you did, and still did not get it probably you should contact Master Lloyd [] ;)

    37. Graham Spearing on

      I've been checking my Wave 1 books and I don't think I got the GM screen. Did that get released?

    38. Netobvious

      @JasonDurall, thanks for the update of the Monolith sourcebook. Can hardly wait to try out the cross-adventures between the RPG and the miniatures and tilesets of the boardgame.

    39. Jason Durall Collaborator on

      An update should be coming soon (it's in Chris' hands and he's got to add a few bits) but I'd like to let folks know that THE MONOLITH SOURCEBOOK is back (early!) from editing and has just been handed over to production for layout. Thought folks might want to know that.

    40. Sid Vicarious on

      Like Tom, l was a bit surprised at the lack of maps in AR&CC. This will limit my groups use of the product.

      Any chance of map pack PDF supplement?

    41. Jason Durall Collaborator on

      The AGE OF CONAN tie-in is Wave 4 and is in progress.

      A new update should be appearing shortly.

    42. Whatisbestinlife? on

      It was stated in Update #23
      (March 3, 2016)...
      Which Wave will it be in?

    43. Whatisbestinlife? on

      @Jason Durall or @Chris Birch:
      I see the list of upcoming titles below and we were told in an old update and I think the campaign page about an Age of Conan Unchained MMO Sourcebook. However, I don't see it on the products by Wave comment Jason did below, only Conan Exiles and Conan Monolith are mentioned as far as tie-ins. You are still doing the Age of Conan MMO Sourcebook, correct?

    44. Mike Hobbs on

      hi Jason
      as the pdf's of the Geomorphic Tiles are now available on your store, does that mean you'll be sending out download links to all the CONAN BOARDGAME SOURCEBOOK & TILES pledgers

    45. Jason Durall Collaborator on

      @KFC While your concern is justified, the reality is that the books in Wave 2 and 3 are coming along quite quickly behind the scenes, and books included in Wave 4 are also in varying degrees of development.

      Just today I'm reviewing a completed manuscript for one of the Wave 4 books.

    46. KFC on

      @ Jason G. & Jason D. while Chris's March comment was kind of assuring: " we always ensure subscription holders get a good deal so don't worry there - there's plenty of books planned after the KS funded books are completed, and with the new Conan TV series in development it means there will be lots of cool stuff coming. Bear with us on this - we'll make an announcement closer to Wave 3 once we can see further from that but we will ensure your subscription deal was worthwhile :-) "

      Now the message is: "We do not guarantee them as they were not unlocked and paid for by the kickstarter."

      Realistically I see Wave 2 going to backers by the end of this year and Wave 3 somewhere in the first of second Q of 2019, what leaves us with no extra stuff at all or a book or three from Wave Next. To be honest not such a great deal as at the Kickstarter there was at least 10 books announced beyond the Wave 3...

    47. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      Excuse me, I meant AR & CC...Ancient Ruins & Cursed Cities.

    48. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      I'm a bit surprised at the lack of map content in AC & CR. A supplement like that seems to scream out for maps, even if they are only generic, high altitude affairs.

    49. Jason Durall Collaborator on

      @Jason You'll realistically have everything from Wave 2, 3, and some books from the next wave, many of which are already in development (or manuscript-complete).

    50. Missing avatar

      Jason Geis on

      So, going through the old updates, I’m guessing May 24 2017 is the date for the core book as that was the date the first shipments were set to go out. So, that would mean we have less than a year left on the two year subscription. It doesn’t seem that the subscription is going to have any value considering wave 2 and 3 are still in the works.

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