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This is Conan roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it – savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age
This is Conan roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it – savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age
This is Conan roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it – savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age
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    1. John Bellando
      26 minutes ago

      I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a landscape version of the GM screen PDFs?

    2. JEVR
      3 days ago

      @Jason Durall: thanks for the clarification.

    3. Jason Durall Collaborator 3 days ago

      There's no automatic process for updates.

      I have submitted to Chris B a status on the products I'm in control of and can give status for, and he's gathering more information on products I don't oversee, and preparing everything into a proper update.

    4. JEVR
      3 days ago

      Is it normal for an update to take more than 24 hours to appear after submitted?

    5. Jason Durall Collaborator 3 days ago

      @Matt I've asked Chris B to provide info on the electronic products (Roll20, GM Tools, Fantasy Grounds, etc.) when he posts the next update.

    6. Matt
      4 days ago

      Is it possible to get a confirmation about Fantasy Grounds Conversion???? The FG site has a forum post about Conan. The FG Devs seem like they are not sure about its creation and recommend using Morecore as an alternitive.

    7. Cornelius - FORTHESHADALOO! 4 days ago

      Dark Magic prevents the update from arriving, can Mitra help us and guide the way to the status of the shipping waves. And Crom does not care when the last waves are send.

    8. Jason Durall Collaborator 4 days ago

      The update should be hitting backers soon. I've submitted it for posting.

    9. Luca Cherstich 4 days ago

      OK! It's been a month from last update...any news? I'm eager for more Conan previews!

    10. Missing avatar

      Dustin Dennewitz 5 days ago

      For Crom's sake! Starting to feel like we're never going to get our items. This went past ridiculous, quite a while back.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jason Staiert 5 days ago

      @Modiphius - Steve Brown mentioned getting content from DriveThru, has that happened for backers yet, and if so how do I go about it? I’ve even absent from here for awhile.

    12. JEVR
      5 days ago

      @Chris Lites: thanks! I hope it will be available soon.

    13. Steve Brown 7 days ago

      Apologies, ignore that last message. You did say which files were updated and I didn't read it properly. My bad.

    14. Steve Brown 7 days ago

      I've just looked at the email I received from 28th March from DriveThru saying there were updated files to download, nut when I go into my library it just lists all the files in the Conan collection and doesn't say which ones are updated. Any chance next time you update a file you can tell us which one so that we don't have to download them all to work it out. Many thanks.

      PS: Same for Infinity!

    15. Steve Hanson on April 15

      Ruben, please send an email to with your name and new address and we'll be happy to get it fixed up for you.

    16. Ruben on April 14

      Ey, I have moved from UK to Canada and I am wondering how can I have change the address and also if I had any costs associated. Thanks!

    17. Chris Lites on April 13

      JEVR, the Monolith tie-in is basically done content-wise. We're doing some final playtesting of some of the new scenarios.

    18. The Monkey on April 13

      I’m wondering if there’s a chance we can get an updated GM screen further down the line. Don’t get me wrong, I think the content on the GM’s side is just fine, but I don’t think the art on the players side is the best option, being a cropped version of the Core Book by Brom. I love that piece of art, by the way. It looks great on that cover, but it doesn’t work for me on the Screen. There’s lots of empty space between Conan and his nemesis and that space looks a bit murky. Something with a bit more action and vitality might suit better...after all, a way down the line there’ll be more art available, and a new GM Screen would maybe have updated/corrected information from players’ feedback. Just my thoughts and observations....

    19. Jason Durall Collaborator on April 11

      Just waiting for info from our contractors before posting the new update.

    20. The Gleeful Grognard on April 11

      News on Fantasygrounds?

    21. JEVR
      on April 10

      When is due the next update? I'm eager to have some news about the gameboard cross-over.

    22. Jason Durall Collaborator on April 3

      As a note, I highly recommend the G+ Conan community as a place to get answers about game mechanics, content, and even gamemaster advice. The Conan team reads it and answers questions regularly, and it's much more searchable and navigable than the Kickstarter comment threads are.

    23. Jason Durall Collaborator on April 3

      I'm not 100% sure what that's in reference to, but I'd guess they're updated versions of BARBARIAN, THIEF, MERCENARY, and BOOK OF SKELOS. Those books have gone back to print, so last week we updated them with all known errata.

      We are working on providing an errata page showing what's been fixed, though it's going to only mention mechanical and content issues rather than typos or graphical glitches. It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to sort through the electronic trail of all the minor changes that have been made, and given a choice on focusing on getting books to print, we've got to go for the latter.

    24. Luca Cherstich on April 3

      The Pledgemanager today had a "claim my downloads" active button. I usually press it and find surprises (I have everything: I'm a Ymsha-level backer) but, after I pressed it, no new download appeared.
      Anything new??

    25. The Gleeful Grognard on March 27

      Weighing in here to say, I too am a fan of Kull and am looking forward to the book.

      A weapons and armour book would probably see more use for me though... Just because I eat that sort of stuff up.

    26. Glenn Fleetwood on March 27

      World = wield btw... isn't spell check wonderful....

    27. Glenn Fleetwood on March 27

      You can also try to get inside their guard with a shorter offhand weapon without suffering a penalty for using the shorter weapon to do it.

    28. Glenn Fleetwood on March 27

      Actually there are special rules for dual wielding. The first active rule is that the extra action momentum spend reduced to 1 momentum (from 2) if used for an attack with an offhand weapon. The second benefit is that if you world a second weapon with a different reach from the primary, someone trying to use reach against you by getting inside your guard or disarming you has fewer viable choices.

    29. Chris Birch, Modiphius 6-time creator on March 23

      @Shiro - any books in the subscription would be a separate shipping charge - we would advise if they're ready and then it would be subscribers choice to ship them then (and pay for the shipment) or wait for another book to combine shipping costs

    30. Shiro the white wolf
      on March 23

      @KFC I guess I phrased that poorly. My question phrased better is that the yishma pledge was said to get all unveiled books in the stretch goals and the two year subscription. Are the unveiled books going to be part of the subscription therefore delivered after wave 3 and a separate shipping charge or will they be part of wave 3?

    31. KFC on March 23

      @Jeffrey then you should write to Lloyd or GameQuest.

      I guess books marked as Wave 3 already will be @ Wave 3 plus mayby some other but you should expect so called "Wave 4" or maybe 5 after? for the subscribers. They already said that you should cover the additional shipping costs but we will know by the end of this year as Chris Birch wrote a few comments below.

    32. Shiro the white wolf
      on March 22

      @Jason quick question. So the yishma pledge level said we get all unveiled stretch goals and all releases for two years. Does that mean we are guaranteed spear and fang, waves stained crimson, and the shadow of sorcerer books plus any others you come up with in the next year to year and a half? If so will the unveiled stretch goal books be in wave 3 while new books would be later and another shipping charge or will the unveiled books be after wave 3 .

    33. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Olsen
      on March 21

      @jason quite possibly a lot! Unfortunately, I'm not one of them... :)

    34. Jason Durall Collaborator on March 21

      @MrDL The Stygian Doom Pit was sent to backers months and months ago, along with all non-book items. I'm not sure when it goes into retail, though.

    35. MrDL on March 21

      Is there somewhere we can see the full progress and estimated shipping/production? Wondering when the Stygian Doom Pit is to be expected.

    36. Jason Durall Collaborator on March 20

      @Jeffrey 1. You have no idea how many people are enthused about KULL.
      2. SAVAGE SWORDS is still planned.

    37. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Olsen
      on March 20

      @kfc yeah, I remember the Brexit comments, but the ones I remember were all before the pledge manager - which isn't to say there were any afterwards.

      I just wish we had unlocked the weapons/equipment book rather than Kull... oh well.

    38. KFC on March 20

      Not remember exactly but it was said something that they needed that extra money for some extra shipping/art/brexit stuff or sth.

    39. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Olsen
      on March 20

      I remember it being mentioned that additional books might be unlocked with pledge manager money. As a 1 wave shipper, I have to admit I haven't been following closely. Was that the case? Thanks.

    40. KFC on March 19

      Damien there are now many good series in the works. I hope that Amazons Conan will get as much money and attention as Amazons LotR..

    41. Damien tolyeb on March 19

      A conan tv serie nice!
      If you add mega city one and if both remain faithfull and dont pander to pg13 we might have good show to watch

    42. KFC on March 19

      Thanks Chris for stating that out :)

    43. Chris Birch, Modiphius 6-time creator on March 19

      @KFC - we always ensure subscription holders get a good deal so don't worry there - there's plenty of books planned after the KS funded books are completed, and with the new Conan TV series in development it means there will be lots of cool stuff coming. Bear with us on this - we'll make an announcement closer to Wave 3 once we can see further from that but we will ensure your subscription deal was worthwhile :-)

    44. Jason Durall Collaborator on March 19

      @Ron There are no special rules for dual-wielding. Any character can hold two weapons, but must spend Momentum to perform a Swift Action in order to strike more than once in a combat round.

    45. KFC on March 19

      Ron afair there are no dual wielding rules. If you use both weapons you can choose which you use at the moment without a penalty. It is useful for example to have a weapon in one hand to parry or to keep enemies at bay and the other to deal damage with vicious, intensive, etc. qualities.
      here is the discussion:

    46. Ron Niabati on March 19

      Where can I find rules or discussions regarding dual wielding (using two melee weapons)?
      Thanks in advance.

    47. Damien tolyeb on March 19

      I m not taking the piss or anything, if any delay was put on voluntarly i could understand why.
      I know the 2y of phisical subscription was a gift iirc.
      I m just annoyed it could go to waste, annoyed might not be the right word but i m lacking in vocabulary english not being my mothertongue.

    48. Jason Durall Collaborator on March 19

      @Damien No one is delaying anything. We are a largely freelance team working as fast as we can on an immense amount of work.

      Here's the simple fact of a Kickstarter: you get a pile of money at the funding and then you're working as fast as you can to get done before your development costs eat up the funding. Postage may increase at any moment, and the same with printing costs. The faster you're done, the less you spend, meaning higher profits. The quicker you finish the sooner your product goes to backers and then into retail. The longer you take the more a chance you run out of money and take a loss.

      There is no sense whatsoever in delaying anything, and every single day this team is working to get these books completed and to our backers.

    49. KFC on March 19

      or a promise that the kickstarter subscribers will get (some of) them whenever they'll hit the shelves.

    50. KFC on March 19

      As around 10 books were promissed for the "2017 release" beyond the Wave 3 as is stated here:
      I guess we can expect some "prolongation" or something, but it is in Chris's hands..

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